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Hoping this plays great with a controller

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looking good though i don't know if it's something for me

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shake dat body

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Video's not there

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@MrOldboy: After beating it last night with Kinect and then trying it with a controller, Kinect is the way to go.

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That's a pretty lady.

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You cannot fight the internet. The internet always wins.

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Love Rez. Hope to love this...

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The "Atreyu!" thing made me bust a gut...

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Goddamn the main menu music is amazing. I need this game inside me.

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Vinny starts work so early

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Are the Genki Rockets in this game? Awesome, might have to check it out

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Look great. Sucks that PS3 version isn't out until September although should probably be glad we're getting it at all.

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@BulletproofMonk said:
Goddamn the main menu music is amazing. I need this game inside me.
It sounds like Heavenly Star
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I love you Vincent

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So even in the future, the internet will be plagued by hacks from Lulzsec.

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I'm peaking.

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Yeaaahhhh no i'm never gonna buy that.... thanks!

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That's like the best screensaver ever.

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Visually it looks interesting but... I don't like the gameplay.

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Music seems sub par, which kinda breaks this for me

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Never understood the appeal of Rez and that continues to go for Child of Eden. Visually interesting, but I think it would make a better screensaver than game.

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I love the confused and slightly agressive responses that come from people who have only ever seen video games as mario and call of duty. At the same time I feel sad they cant enjoy it as much as I do.

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omg space whale

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Gee, it's a good thing the first child born in space was not an uggo. Boy, would that have been embarrassing.

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Loved Rez, so I definitely want to play this at some point. Will probably wait until it gets a little cheaper though. Seems like it would actually be pretty awesome with Kinect, but I don't think I'll be buying one just to play one game.

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Lumi is one nice fox.

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I absolutely love how well Vinny knows the Internet. It's both amazing and sad at the same time.

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The developers obviously don't know how to time text reading very well.

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Dude, somebody call space whale's phone...
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@bearshamanbro: You can import it now for the same price as the 360 because the game is selling for cheap in Japan. Both PS3 and 360 versions are out this month there.

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This is a precursor tech to the Star Trek holodeck, or a result of LSD overdose trip.

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Vinny sounds like a bad guy from deadly premonition.

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Totally gonna buy it when it gets a little cheaper.

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It's Reaper Ryan, not reaver

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Fuck, this looks and sounds beautiful

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Heavenly Star was in No More Heroes aswell Ryan, talk about a surprise while playing around in that game

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It would be nice if that really was the future Internet, but I think Vinny's version is much more likely. :(

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Loved Rez so very much looking forward to this. Looks insane!

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A person who says that Rez wasn't about skillful play and mastering levels to perfection seems like a person who didn't play much Rez.

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This quick look has made me dig out my copy of Lumines 2, this is going to steal hours upon hours of my life again, thanks Giantbomb :)

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This is the first quick look where I disliked having a commentary over the game footage. Great music and visuals, at least from the standpoint of viewing the game for the first time.

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if this game was 15$ I would soooo buy it! but...........

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if you needed further proof that japan dosnt understand the internet

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This looks incredible. Visually, it's one of the most amazing and interesting I have seen. I just don't feel like I can justify the $50 for the time. Hopefully I can rent it...