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Whoa. Got it. Weird.

Always do like me a Drew quick look. Especially with knights.

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I know, right

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@namesonkel said:

Whoa. Got it. Weird.

Yeah real weird that you typed one letter, entered it, then edited it right after. Weird that you got that. Weird.

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I know, right


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I kind of wish they'd get rid of that "quest." Means most of the first page of comments are full of people either trying to get first or lamenting that they missed it.

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This or War of the Roses?

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@RenMcKormack: TotalBiscuit made a really lengthy and indepth comparison video of the two which pits them against eachother in every possible aspect.

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Drew: "The combat is very visual." *cuts off guys arm*

I'll say!

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I love the "in medias res" opening.

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no vinny? :(

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Drew sounds exactly like Owen Wilson.

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thought about geting this

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This convinced me. Just bought it! We really need more Drew Looks.

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Good quicklook, thanks Drew!

I don't really play a lot of multiplayer only games and I doubt I'll touch this one, but it looks pretty cool.

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Press X to War Cry!

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Begun, the Drew wars have.

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I wonder if this game will be dead in a month..... It looks good but will people play it long enough?

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The fact the multiplayer First-Person-Slasher seems to be finally coming good as it's own genre makes me feel curiously positive about everything.

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@thebatmobile: think ill be purchasing this also

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Corpse Wagon? Need to play this!

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Looks awesome! I may end up checking it out after a discount price or something though. This is one of those games I think looks great, but I don't get into multiplayer much so I doubt I'd play it for long. Still, I'll get it once it's a little cheaper.

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filthy peasant!

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So many of these "medieval warfare" type games keep popping up, I guess there is a pretty dedicated fan base out there for them.

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you heard it here first: GOTY

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The screams are great. This game looks like dumb fun.

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btw, I really hope this is the game we're playing for TNT tonight

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b-raaaaaad is raaaaaaad

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Okay, so this is related to the old Chivalry mod. It's cool that those dudes were able to make a more complete and polished experience out of it, because it had a lot of promise - just too much jank for me to get way into. Glad to see this looks solid and worthwhile!

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@Zarile3: dude its like 25 bucks thats pretty discounted from the get go imo :)

Fun game, got this 2 days again and making heads roll is pretty schweet

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This game looks rad.

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God...damnit. I only wanted to buy ONE game this month.

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I bought this game and I must say, coming from someone who owns both this and War of the Roses - I find this to be a much more enjoyable experience, even though it lacks the "perk" system of war of the roses. Nothing is more satisfying then sneaking up behind someone and lopping their head off :)

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This dosn't look that fun. I don't think first-person-melee realy works =/

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Just bought this because Drew sold me on it.

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The gurgling sound is the literally the best thing ever. I bought this game a couple days ago, it is completely insane but a ton of fun.

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this would be better than war of the roses in every way if they added mounted combat.

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I think it's about time for Rune 2 to get made.

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I think it's about time for Rune 2 to get made.

D: i thought i was the only one who knew about rune that game is one of my favs.

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This game looks fucking great.

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Loving all the Drew quicklooks recently. Keep it up Drew!

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This dosn't look that fun. I don't think first-person-melee realy works =/

I don't think it works in a multiplayer context. But if you took Dead Island's analogue combat and put it in a single player context....wooohwee! That'd be amazing.

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Nicely done QL! The game's sound design really stands out for me. All the work that went into the taunts, screams and ambient voicework gives a unique feel I wouldn't expect from a rather lowbudget production.

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@ManlyBeast: My thoughts exactly.

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I love shouting!

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Year of the Bow continues.