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Posted by Humanity

A strange sense of deja-vu here..

Posted by Winternet

Wait what

Posted by MeAuntieNora

I made

a game

with zombieees in it!

Posted by Zabant

Man, I appreciate new content but I literally dozed off during this QL. I know releases are slim right now, but maaan. Perhaps some Multi-Persona encyclopaedia Bombastica's would be better use of time.

Posted by EveretteScott
Edited by LarryDavis

@zabant: I would be interested in a Xenonauts QL but it doesn't look like that's in the cards. But I guess this 1998 flash game is.

e: this QL contains Broken Arrow quoting. Therefore, it is redeemed.

Edited by MeAuntieNora

I'm impressed Jeff knows about bombardier beetles. They excrete two separate chemicals that mix and literally explode.

There are also mantis shrimp, which cause cavitation bubbles from their extremely rapid claw strikes. These are luminous implosions.

As for shooting, the horned lizard shoots blood from its eyes as a defense mechanism.

Posted by AMyggen

@meauntienora: Hehe, yeah. But I think this game originally came out before that game?

Posted by paulunga

@amyggen: It's also good as opposed to a stupid joke that you can experience during the duration of the Xbox Indie Games demo timer.

Posted by falling_fast

loving all these drew quick looks

Posted by Hailinel

@amyggen said:

@meauntienora: Hehe, yeah. But I think this game originally came out before that game?

Thus the joke about the year 2003. Crimsonland is an eleven-year-old game.

Posted by Gnubberen

I should really get this. I played the shit out of the demo back in the day, but never got the full game.

Edited by falling_fast
@larrydavis said:

@zabant: I would be interested in a Xenonauts QL but it doesn't look like that's in the cards. But I guess this 1998 flash game is.

yeah that would be cool. but jeff's always been more of an arcade game guy than a pc strategy/sim guy (hmm, maybe drew will quick look xenonauts, actually)

Posted by Fruger

jeff is like the only other person i know who loves crimsonland fuck yes

Edited by Hassun

Jeff thinking nuclear explosions happen in nuclear reactors is hilarious.

@drewbert You should have joined in on the fun!

Posted by BrianP

Jeff gets excited about the weirdest shit

Posted by AMyggen

@paulunga: Indeed. I think this game looks awesome for what it is. Wasn't on my radar at all, but seems like the kind of shit I'd be into.

Posted by AMyggen

@larrydavis: Well, you would really need to put some time into that game to QL it, and I don't think it's a game that'll interest any of the the GB crew. Drew might be your only hope here.

Posted by Sjupp

God damn I played this game so much as a kid. Even at 50% it's kind of a stretch but fuck it. The nostalgia is too strong.

Edited by necomata

Nice Broken Arrow reference!

Posted by pinner458

This game looks TERRIBLE.

Posted by toschi2222

What?! I love Crimsonland! Where did this come from all of a sudden?

Posted by SomeJerk

€7 on Steam right now. I don't think I can wait for the PS4 version.

And check that out, it's an indie game from 2003 and no pretentious hipster ironic pixel-shart graphics anywhere to be seen.

Learn from the masters, indies.

Posted by bybeach

I'm in. Everything has been so serious for a while....

Posted by KDR_11k

Spiders can't shoot webs (well, I think some can swing a string like a lasso) but the fuzzy ones can throw their barbed hairs at people.

Posted by Supercancer

Fucking-A, Crimsonland!

Posted by LarryDavis

@amyggen: Yeah, that's why I said it probably isn't in the cards. I might just have to dump the cash on it... Not like there's much else coming out this year. But also, jumping into a complicated game and knowing nothing about it, resulting in a horrible QL, isn't totally uncommon.

Posted by Mr_Creeper

I was unimpressed with this until they hit the survival mode. Seems kinda cool; for a few rounds, at least.

Posted by Quantical

Nope, I ain't playing this old ass game again.

Posted by Fistfulofmetal

Quality Die Hard and Broken Arrow quoting going on in this QL.

Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab

Jeff is literally the only person I've heard mention Crimsonland with any regularity since 2003. I'm pleased as flipping PUNCH that they're giving this a quick look. It doesn't look like much, but holy crap is it addictive.

Posted by coolowlbro

I remember this game and it makes me want to play EDF again.

Posted by Dave_Tacitus

Awsome game, and if you happen to have proof of purchase for the original you'll be sent a Steam key after you contact the devs, who seem to be answering emails personally.

Posted by Wes899

Yes this game. Yes this game.

Posted by BenderUnit22

I don't see it, it looks bland as hell and moves at a snail's pace. It's also 13 bucks on Steam (currently 50% off), why wouldn't I just get Geometry Wars for 4 (2 right now)?

Posted by ShaggE

Fuck yeah, Crimsonland! Crazy to see a QL of it.

Regarding tiny nukes: See MDK.

Posted by hollitz

@brianp said:

Jeff gets excited about the weirdest shit

Mostly games with simple graphics and one mechanic that gets old after three minutes.

Posted by ganz32

is it sad that i instantly caught that Broken Arrow reference?? I dont know, I guess it was an ok movie. Its been a while tho...

Posted by Yummylee

Jeff's enthusiastic about a game that features zombies (& enemies that basically function as zombies) and heavy metal, while also using a shotgun... ?!

All it needs now is for a playable little green dinosaur character to just so happen to be Jeff's favourite Crimsonland avatar and then my theory that this in fact Bizarro Jeff can be finalised.

Posted by stumpsock

I'm so glad they re-released this game. It's still better than pretty much every similar game that's come out since except maybe the Geometry Wars games.

Posted by Evilsbane

Come with me baby and ill show you how to create some Nuclear fission OOOOWW!

Posted by Spoonman671

Hey, I wonder why this is called Crims--OhMyGod!

Posted by LTSmash

Where's the quick look for Soldat?

Posted by RedHatDrew

Man, this was a good one. It's also bears mentioning that Nation Red came to Steam before this, and bears a striking similarity.

Edited by Vuud

It's the Jeff n' Drew Show all this week!

Posted by zerdune

This game is still my favorite arena shooter.

Posted by Teoball

I like that if Jeff likes a game I very often won't, and vice versa. I do enjoy the content though.

Posted by beatnik11

This game looks way more fun than I ever expected it to be.

Posted by thebigJ_A

Get Infested Planet instead. It's on Steam Flash Sale right now for practically no moneys and is better.

Way better.

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