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I can only assume that this a Snyder quick look, if it isn't I'm out. Oh and yes this was written yesterday...I'm sorry I've been on a roll on getting the first quest on both comicvine and Screened...

Although clearly I'll hit a combo break here considering the number of people coming to the site an-


ps: inb4coolstorybro

Looks like I got the first comment but not the quest...eh Dave Quicklook > 140pts

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Damn it. It signed me out. :(

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More Vinavrew??

This can only be a good thing.

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Dave and Vinny playing some super deep and crazy complex game for 70 minutes. What more could a person ask for!

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I am very excited to watch this. Dave/Drew/Vinny PC gaming QL's are always terrific fun.

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Oh god the map is calling out the history geek in me.

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Hopefully this QL will tell me what I need to know about CKII...

i.e. - what's going on.

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This game is absolutely fanfuckingtastic. So happy to see an hour long quicklook.

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Thank god a brad, vinny, dave quick look. It will actually entertain.

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This makes me want to play a Total War game. Saying that, I would love a endurance run of a TW game with Dave, Vinny and Drew.

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You had me at "William the Bastard"

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I'm already digging this QL and I'm only 5 minutes in.

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Such a dave game.

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Always down for Synder goodness.

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I don't have the patience, nor the attention span, nór the intellect to play this game.

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Big fan of Paradox's super nerdy set of historical strategy games. This one is pretty good but it gets a little repetitive after the first play through.

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David Snider almost immediately clicks the disable all hints button... this one should be good xD.

oh, and also, this:




From Anglo-Norman demeyne, demene et al., Old French demeine, demaine, demeigne, domaine (“power”) (whence French domaine (“domain”)), a noun use of an adjective, from Latin dominicus (“belonging to a lord or master”), from dominus (“master, proprietor, owner”). See dame, and compare demain, domain.


  • IPA: /ˌdɪˈmeɪn/
  • IPA: /ˌdɪˈmiːn/


demesne (pluraldemesnes)

  1. A lord’s chief manor place, with that part of the lands belonging thereto which has not been granted out in tenancy; a house, and the land adjoining, kept for the proprietor’s own use.
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Map of (Es)sex. Ha.

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Oh god are they going to play as William the Conqueror? My poor Irish brethren!!!

--Got my historical figures mixed up. Man. Fail already.

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Perfect just in time for dinner.

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This music is amazing.

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Them not knowing why they were at war with Norway was hilarious and sad.

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My body is ready for this quicklook.

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Thanks guys. Love the PC Quick Looks. And hats off to Dave for making this madness comprehensible!

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@DudeOlav said:

David Snider almost immediately clicks the disable all hints button... this one should be good xD.

@Sporkbane said:


My body is ready for this quicklook.

Amen. Also, an hour and fifteen minutes long. So stoked.

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I come from Sandwich!!!! YESSSSHHH second time it's been mentioned in a quicklook... sadly it's now just a town full of old people.

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i love quick looks, not matter how boring they are

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historic quick look!

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So, here's why I cannot play this game: it uses history but is not accurate, because it is a game.

If you have learned anything in school and have read history books for fun, you already are struggling with a fragile knowledge of the past 2500 years of European history. You know, there is not 'one' factual history, but every new book is rewriting history, building on others former work, new facts and new, 'modern' ideas of history.

Some certain events, like wars, famous people birth/death-dates, etc, etc are fairly established - but none of the relationships, the cultural differences were uniformal. There was no "Italy", "Spain", "Germany" - not all of Europe was Catholic, like on the meta-map - you had cities, towns, villages, castles, etc, etc, each having different alliances, different dialects, different economy, different coins.

The complexity of the European continent at any day of any year during let's say 1200 and 1300 (or even 1200 and 1201!) is way more complex than any game-engine or algorithm can fake to recreate.

Trying to make a game like Age of Empires, Civilization or Crusaders is always restricted by the amount of complexity it can provide. The rule book of such games can be deep - but it can never touch the complexity of two neighboring cities and their rivalry - how can it ever go so abstract to create a simulation for the whole of Europe? It really cannot.

My personal problem is twofold: you play the (limited) game mechanic - you are NOT playing history (unlike Vinny says in the QL - 22min in), but it pretends to be historical. And on top, the things I have read about historical times are all brushed aside by the fictional idea of uniformity, simplifying everything, but making stuff up as I play along, making everything meaningless, because - unlike real history - game play has no real consequences. Real history is immutable - that's why it IS history.

Historians already are having a hard time establishing #history through their facts. In some ways, modern history and the science of it, acknowledges the fictional character of academic papers written about the past. We don't really know, we assume and try to prove our thesis - sometimes with strong evidence, sometimes with less. Like forensic investigators. Playing games like these give you a small glimpse into the past, but also give you a way to simple view on it.

So I stick to the books.

(I am not saying these games are 'bad' - I am saying, I - personally - cannot play them)

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Any game with a Spymaster has got me interested.

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I love Paradox's other strategy games but I've never played a Crusader Kings game. So glad this got a QL! :D

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@buckybit: You wrote a dissertation to tell us that you don't like historical games because they cannot possibly be entirely accurate to the reality on which they were based? I am wondering why we should care. Also, cool story, bro. I guess the rest of us are able to take it for what it is - a simulation, not the real thing.

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Man I really like how Ireland was correct in this game cuz usually its just shown as part of England .

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You must miss a lot of good games because you are so uptight about these things.

I feel bad for you bro. You should try that thing that we call "fun" more often.

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I found this infinitely more interesting because it was all taking place where I live, Surrey independence woo! :D

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I've been playing Paradox games for 7 years so it's not too complicated for me but I can imagine it's quite off-putting. However I think the best way to learn is trial by fire. It took me several games in Victoria before I understood how to not make the people revolt against me but when you do learn how to play it's got so much more depth than any other strategy game. I'd say pick a small country who you know from history won't get invaded any time soon. For example playing Victoria Belgium is a good choice since you are protected by France and/or England and no one attacked Belgium during that time period, but playing Hearts of Iron it's a bad choice since that is a WWII game and Germany will start invading before long.

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This seems like the other end of the extreme strategy spectrum. Total War and Civ are more my speed.

But when there is a drought of games to play and nothing on the horizon I might consider picking this up.

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@RazielCuts: Sandwich 4lyfe.

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@Branthog said:

I pre-ordered this game and had a good deal of fun with it, right away (well, after two hours of tutorials). It's fairly involved. My only real complaint so far (and all I've done so far is the tutorial) is that the tutorial is fucking broken. As in, you get to a point in the tutorial (where you learn to perform military actions) and it just stops. There is no way to progress and you end up going into playing the actual game without a fucking clue. On top of that, a lot of the interface and dialogue/instructions are poorly written or incomplete. That said, Paradox does seem to be responding quickly to comments and reports in their forums for it.

It's Paradox... what did you expect ? This is probably their most polished game yet when it comes to the state of the game at release...

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@LordCmdrStryker: @Drakoji: thx for reading - but nobody forced you guys. I write stuff here to invite people to a discussion about subjects - not me.

Using history as a backdrop for games certainly can make video games more fun. You get a certain "flavor". But "flavor" is not historical. Flavor is not history. People mistake the one for the other?

The same applies to "historical" (fictional) novels and "historical" movies. Ridley Scott's The Gladiator is fiction - not history, yet it is all most people associate with Ancient Rome (unless they watched another movie .. or read Quo Vadis?)

I do miss the freedom to think like my 8-year old former self, being more liberate with pushing kings and soldiers to war, when I know this never happened this way. I am curious to hear, if others have the same problem ...

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1hr long quick look w/ Vinbro, Dave, and Drew? I MUST PREPARE A STEAK!!

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@buckybit: I thought we were here to comment on the video, which your doctoral thesis did not do. You could very easily put that in a blog post. Also, you basically did force me to read it - it took up the whole damn page.

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I would never be able to play this game mentally, but I would LOVE to watch Dave's TNT idea.

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Was It even England then? ...Fucking Hell.

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yo dave! for the cities on the bottom, you can just right click on them and autogenerate a vassal