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Edited by tinodz
Thanks for all the great content during the day GB. Awesome work    
Posted by Anwar

finally I missed that when it was live

Posted by snetErz

Go coonce!

Edited by MarkWahlberg
@tinodz: jerk. 
How hard can funkytown be indeed.
Posted by RyxEuclie

Looks alright. Not sure if I like this or the ouendan/eba clone one more.

Posted by FalseDeity

I was here.

Posted by FoogleSmoogle

Why is the audio in every quick look so low?

Posted by Darkstar_KoP

Cant wait for Rock Band integration. My dreams of maikng my own boy band are just inches away.

Edited by tinodz
@FoogleSmoogle:  I guess it may have something to do with the fact it was recorded when the livestream was running, so different equipment would have been used. That would result in different quality audio/video
Posted by m2cks

Vinny dancing?! My dream's complete.

Posted by smitty86

crank dat
crank dat
lean & rock
lean & rock
supah man

Posted by Gammashoo

Vinny, you're my hero.

Posted by Anwar

clapping commands by coonce 
'fucking awesome' Jeff Gerstmann Giantbomb.com 

Posted by gizmo88

Comicvine must thrive entirely on Sara's hotness.

Posted by Mister_Snig

Dip it Low? Holy crap, I forgot about that song.

Posted by ghostNPC

Damn, Sara.

Posted by DukesT3
@tinodz said:
" Thanks for all the great content during the day GB. Awesome work     "
Posted by JustinNotJason

Sean Kounce freestyling going to be next week's I love mondays background?

Posted by golguin

The Whiskey Media Happy Hour is going to have to have more Dance Central right? RIGHT?!

Posted by pwnmachine

lol I love how baked Vinny always is.

Posted by kitsune_conundrum

I see the awesome potential. Its gonna be more awesome as the tech progresses.

Posted by WerewolfGuy

This has to be on tommorow's happy hour.

Posted by zyn

Coonce in the house!

Posted by Dan_CiTi

These graphics are amazing to me for some reason...

Posted by FoxxFireArt
@gizmo88 said:
" Comicvine must thrive entirely on Sara's hotness. "
I guess that might be true, but you'd have to completely forget her qualities as an insightful writer, in depth comic knowledge, and her college degrees. -_-
As the saying goes, "You can not give eyes to those that do not wish to see.".
Posted by Ratfoot
@FoxxFireArt: White Knight
Posted by FoxxFireArt
Well, Dark Knight sounds cooler, but I'll take that as a compliment.
Posted by MachoFantastico

The Coonce's bringing the moves! :D

Posted by Mrskidders
@pwnmachine: Vinnie is too cool to smoke weed.
Posted by Kajaah117

I wish Harmonix went with Bad Romance instead of Poker Face. I actually really like Lady Gaga despite being a metal head, but Poker Face is a boring song... unless it's the Eric Cartman version of course.

Posted by MysteriousBob

Lady Gaga makes my fucking ears bleed. Why would anyone choose to endure it?

Posted by Addfwyn

I may be the only person that thinks this is as dumb as the rest of the Kinect stuff, but there it is.  I really don't see the appeal, maybe as a novelty if a friend has it, but it'd grow thin very fast.
Though it does have some merits as being an amusing party game to watch people play while they are drunk.  Except for the bit where you have to leave the club where people are actually dancing to come home and play this.  

Posted by MayorFeedback

Played this for three hours last night. Eventually a little Xbox pop-up appeared telling me to take a break. I ignored it.

Posted by smcn

Does this game have penetration?

Posted by OneManX

...Needed more Dance Central.

Posted by SenorTrampoline
@drhans: Hey man, you can dance when you want to.
Edited by Rox360

I was.. kinda waving along with Sara on the second one she did, and... I think I'd be doing pretty well at that game. That depresses me a little.
If this game had a songlist I actually cared for, even a little tiny bit, I might actually be tempted to play it! But I'm utterly indifferent or worse to almost every single song in the game, so...
Coonce freestyle bringing the heat, though! Hot damn. Between that, Ted's freestyle and all that, the Whiskey Media crew easily has what it takes to put together the best song and music video ever made. Get Brad in on the falsetto somewhere, too. Jeff laying the beat. Sara can be Coonce's backup dancer...

Posted by MegaMetaTurtle
@SenorTrampoline: Yeah, he can leave his friends behind!
Posted by drag

Should have let Ana have a go.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

The term "Pulling a Vinny" is when you don't really wanna dance and then don't understand why you don't get any points in the end.
Jeff "You have to move your feet as well"
Vinny "I don't wanna..."

Posted by Rasta_Zergling

The more I see this game the more I want it

Posted by ep_explorer

Great choice for the first guest dancer.

Posted by MormonWarrior

Oh yes...I enjoy watching Sara dance, that's for sure.

Posted by Piranesi

Can't wait for the 10th now ...
Posted by AndrewB

The freestyling is the best part. 

Posted by MrLetsPlay

I wanna now buy kinect just to play this game

Posted by edeo

Are there any avatars in Dance Central who aren't dressed like complete tools?? 
Ugh, wearing scarves indoors.  Especially with it hanging like a drapery valance.

Posted by darkjester74

Pro tip: Do NOT watch this video whilst drinking a tasty beverage!

Posted by Crono

The one I have been waiting for.

Posted by Peacemaker

I really wish I had 200 bones for this right now.

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