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Love Bad Dudes!

Give me the quest!

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Edit: math homework until one, or this until one? Why must life be so unfair...?

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Eh, I was never fond of Data East myself.

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So THIS is why Jeff talked about burgers on ILM!!

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Cool Beans.

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Nice Bad Dudes
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Blargh, this be a bad collection. Magical Drop III is the clear gem (lolol) here.

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An especially late Quick Look... I'm down!

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A 50 minute quick look posted at 2AM. I must watch.

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Bad Dudes!
I'd recognize that train anywhere.

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"I'm bad!"

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50 minutes long??? Oh man... do I dare stay up til 3:30 watching this despite having class tomorrow? 
Who am I kidding if I don't watch it now... I'll be watching it before class. :P 
Hmm... now to decide if I'd rather watch it now or in the morning. :/ hmm
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It's the Bad Dudes quick look I've always dreamed of!

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Bad Dudes
okay after watching this quick look I have had my fill of Bad Dudes
I never need it again
thanks guys

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Noooo duder! 

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Woot, Bad Dudes Endurance Run complete, you guys did it! Way to go!

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@Ishatawk said:
" Y'ALL ARE SUCH BAD DUDES  Edit: math homework until one, or this until one? Why must life be so unfair...? "
1 + 1 = 2 Bad Dudes. Aww yeah. Problem solved!
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I'm bad!
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@jefrim said:
" "I'm bad!" "
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There was the 2010 one episode Bad Dudes endurance run.

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That was totally not Pac-Man.

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Decided watching this at night was a good idea... now I get to force myself up for class tomorrow. :)
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Ahhhhh... this is my childhood, right here.
If I remember rightly, quite a few Data East games ended up getting published on the C-64 by Ocean.

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I think I am officially addicted to quick looks. Who am I kidding? I got addicted a long time ago. 

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Never knew about bad dudes untill this QL. GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME.

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I am destined to not sleep early it seems.

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Sweet 2nd endurance run, Bad Dudes. I highly approve.

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@Ishatawk:  Study for engineering midterm or this until 3am?
Edit: I'm not bad enough to do both =(
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quote of QL;

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I so want 'Golden Axe: Revenge of Black Adder' to come out for... whatever platform, man!
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Oh man. Bad Dudes.
It never ceases to amaze me how my memory does a great job of upscaling old games.

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These old beat 'em ups sure did suck ass.  But I pumped more than my share of coins into them back in the day.

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The menus look pretty hideous!

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I'm still totally waiting for a reimagined co-op version of SILKWORM.

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That's not secret agent! At least not the *real* secret agent :(
Grew up with that and power pete mainly :-p Not many video games around here at that time :(

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Nice ..and I was just waking up to smoke..
Data East games always bring me back

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 DAMIT! i wanted you to play Street Hoops!!! it was my all time favorite game and you guys didnt play it :(

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keep the quick looks coming.... they are great

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Interesting time for a quicklook but I'm awake anyway so I'll watch it.
 Weird, I just watched the whole bad dudes game...

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You know that thing people always say about spitting what you were drinking at your computer, yea At 12:46 when Vinny says "I;m Bad" I really did that, its not as fun as I though cause now my keyboard is all sticky...

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Wizard Fire seems kind of cool.
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"Sorry lady, I like your fishnet arms but..." - Vinny 2010 
If there was only a way to still say that in the real world.
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Totally had time to watch this before going to work, I could see myself buying this for the hell of it, lol.

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Yeah. I played Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja recently. I had just bought an Amiga 600, and this game is just one of those games I guess you might as well play all the way through, when you turn on an old system.

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not enough joe and mac!

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Awesome, but  $20 is too much.

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Burger Time Rules!!!!! 
Only time i've played it was on an old 98 in 1 game boy game, that i got from greece. And it was called Macdonalds burgers.

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Instant Endurance Run! Sweet!