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I'd stick with RE4, even that had its enemies bodies stay on the ground instead of disappearing

Posted by Yzzerdd

It reminds me of one of those unofficial NES ports.

Posted by prinny_god

hey its dead riseing minus the good parts

Posted by Foxillusion

Don't get why everyone hammers on this game so much. Dudes that don't have a 360 but do have a wii could get into this. Considering it's the wii, they didn't do too terrible a job porting it over. They changed it enough so that it'll actually play decently on the wii.

I still just play it on the 360 but this isn't as bad as all that, come on. Of course it's better on the 360, anyone that actually expected the wii version to be anything more than this from the second it was announced is crazy.

Posted by Kowalski

Capcom has been getting alot of flack for this lackluster port (to say the least). I hope that criticism keeps coming, and nobody in their right mind purchases this game and Capcom get's as much crap as they deserve with this shit!

Posted by Synister_Gamer

IDK, I hated the first Dead Rising because it was so damn hard, might pick this on Gamefly. I'm looking forward to Deadly Creatures.

Posted by PercyChuggs

Hey, we all do things we are ashamed of for money. This is Capcoms.

Posted by Afroman269

Man if I played this I bet that within 5 min I'll be ready to go play my original copy. Good job Capcom you just showed how much of a weak ass bitch the Wii really is.

Posted by Nets

These graphics look so photo realistic! I'm almost afraid to buy the game because I don't know if I'm ready for this next gen experience! 10/10! And I haven't even played it yet!

Posted by zityz

As a Wii game, it's not bad! As a Dead Rising game though, aside form a few things, its not that great.

Posted by alConn

"As a Wii game, it's not bad!"

Which is why I HATE the Wii...best thing for a friend to have to mess around with for an hour a two every once an a while, but TERRIBLE to own...unless you like the balance board a bit TOO much.

Posted by Sabata

Jesus, they ruined it.

Posted by iplaybassthebest

it bothers me that capcom ripped the RE4 fighting engine(they even used the same gun models) and are charging double than what the original costs

Posted by Scooper

Why do people say "good for a Wii game", they should just say what it is compared to all console games in the same price range, like the 360. Compared to most 360 games this is absolute trash-hole.

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I'm sorry, but watching this video makes me truly sad. This game is a joke. I'm sure all of the comments on this video are going to be along those lines, but it really has to be said.

When I first heard that Dead Rising was coming to the Wii, I was obviously skeptical. Then I saw some screenshots, and remember thinking "all right, the graphics are a little dumbed down, but that obviously has to be the case to make the transition to the Wii," and I was okay with it. Then, little by little, information on the game started to trickle out. The biggest dissapointment was hearing that there would be far fewer zombies in any given area. That pretty much ensured that the game would be nothing like its bigger brother on the 360, because the most interesting thing about that game was navigating around and through hordes of zombies.

Zombie parrots? Really? That was the point where it became simply a joke. It's almost like Capcom wanted to make the most ludicrous version of Dead Rising and see if Wii owners were stupid enough to fall for the bait. Well I can tell you this much: I have used my Wii console very little in the time that I've owned it, comparably to every other console I've ever owned, and Dead Rising for the Wii will certainly not change that.

I'm just happy they though it popular enough to make a true sequel in Dead Rising 2, though they did pass it off to another developer, so I have to keep my expectations down on that one, too.

Posted by Waffles13

Animations and reticule are totally from RE4. What a lazy-ass game.

Posted by SpikeDelight

Not available in stores.

Looks like a piece of shit. I feel sorry for anybody who plays this and didn't first play DEAD RISING for real.
Posted by DavidSnakes

Love the sound effects recycled from Resident Evil 4, which came out in 2005.

Posted by goodwood

This game looks way too easy compared to the 360 version. They are hurting the dead rising name with this stripped down version.

Posted by PJ

that looks absolutly terrible! I would recomend that you buy a 360 and Dead Rising instead of this. Wii owners got boned on this one.Just by seeing a video you can already tell thats a bad version of a amazing game. Played DR 4 times through and then played alot of the infinite time mode or whaterer its called.

Im pumped for Dead Rising 2, this not even a single bit.

Posted by Sarumarine

Man, the dissapointment is almost palpable from the other side of the internet. I wonder if they kept the manequin torso as the boss killer. That weapon messed up everything early on. Huge chunks of lifebars gone. All in all, the Wii version of Dead Rising just looks confusing. I saw how they blocked off parts of the mall so you have to take the long way around simple corridors. Strange. Just strange.

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LOL @ "SlapChop: In stores now. Not available in stores. As seen on TV."


Another great Quick Look. I won't be picking it up, but I guess this is a decent alternative for Wii owners who want some more zambie-killin' action.
Posted by DorianBlack

Looks awful. I don't think I will ever take the Wii seriously.

Posted by BlackIrish05

Nice quick look. The game on the other hand, unimpressive.

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I'm more sold on the Slap Chop (with the graty!) than the game. No ofence, but I do not wish to eat more boring tuna. Your also gonna love my nuts.

Posted by stephengotlost

I knew Jeff was going to say Slap Chop

Posted by Zounds

This game is a lot of fun. Very different on Wii, not really the same experience.

Posted by zoozilla

Why, Capcom....just WHY?

Posted by Brackynews

Se hobble español?

Posted by LordAndrew

Aside from the improved save system, this looks kind of bad. The zombies don't even move until they're shot!

Posted by AspiringAndy

Wow Cletus can take ALOT of shotgun bullets.

What would you expect from a wii port, I was hoping for a lower res version of the original.
Posted by btk88

Cool quick look

Posted by Doonee63

I never played the original. Kinda want to.
Zombies have really itchy necks, I can see.
This wii version is really gray and empty...

Posted by Tarsier


Posted by joey

So this is a worse version of Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition taking place in a mall.

Posted by Predasus

this looks terrible ...

Posted by IceColdGamer

That looked pretty bad. Actually, it looked really bad.

Posted by clubsandwich

who ever buys this is an idiot, the Xbox 360 version is sooooooooooooo much better and is half the price.

Posted by clarke0

Don't Wii fans cite Capcom as one of the best 3rd-party developers on the Wii? Yeah... about that.

Posted by Ben_H

Anyone notice how puny the park is compared to the real Dead Rising.

Posted by Seedofpower

Higggggggggggh budget

Posted by Geno

Looks completely dumbed down and ugly.

Posted by strangeling

Ugh... that looks terrible.  Zombie parrots & poodles?

Good thing I just won an auction for the 360 version for $15 all in.
Posted by Bucketdeth

"I was a poodle model growing up, got mixed up with the wrong crowds"
haha nice video guys.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

looks pretty bad

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Wow, you have got to be kidding me!

Posted by Richlough

PP = parrot points ?

Posted by ZombieHunterOG

that was so crappy looking 

Posted by CaptainTightPants

lol Not only does it sound exactly like it,he reloads and shoots the shotgun exactly like leon from resident evil 4
Thats just lazy capcom  :P

Posted by Yelix

Whats with the change from the smooth movement of the 360 version to the RE4-style tank controls?
And did they seriously take the jump button out of the game?
I love you Capcom. Why would you do this to us?