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Posted by Veektarius

My mind has trouble with the idea that a game that looks like it should cost 5 bucks can be on anything other than a PC.

Posted by fisk0

@Dark_Lord_Spam said:

I don't have a DS, but I sure as hell would buy a soundtrack for the game.

@Colourful_Hippie said:

I gotta have this soundtrack.

I just read the Kickstarter description, while they made a compilation/remix soundtrack for early backers, the actual in-game music is procedurally generated (probably a bunch of music loops that the game dynamically splices together and layers) depending on what happens when you play, so there isn't a traditional soundtrack which you could easily convert to mp3 or press to a CD.

Tom Bailey's interactive music changes based on what's going on in the game, but it also functions in an "endless music generation" mode if you close the lid and plug in headphones or speakers. Never the same music twice, and you can listen for many hours before you'll hear all the great moments that his music has to offer.

Posted by fisk0

Maybe a dumb decision, but I just ordered a copy of this despite not owning a DS or 3DS. Will probably pick a 3DS XL or one of those GBA compatible original DSes up in the future though.

Posted by ashogo

Seems like a lot of fun, but 30 bucks is a bit steep.

Posted by gabha

First time I ever stopped a non-ex Quick Look.

Posted by BisonHero

Despite spending a bunch of time explaining how the game works (which I didn't find very clear), it doesn't seem like Patrick had really any idea how the salary and bribe system worked.