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Posted by Shadow

 Blame my boss who requires me to be at this computer at 9:00 but doesn't give me anything to do until much later

Posted by KarlPilkington

This game should be waiting for me at home when I finish work today.

Posted by ghostchant

loving the game so far
Posted by Doctorzenz

Fuck yeah, Dirt!

Posted by Thoseposers

:D drew drew drew drew!

Posted by JoeyRavn

"My Dirt". Dunno why, but I find that option fucking hilarious.

Posted by Masha2932

Looks great

Posted by Matt

Drew and Vinny quick look? Oh my!

Posted by Roasted

That menu is amazing. Probably the best I've seen.
Game looks good too.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Fuck yeah, Drew!

Posted by Wuddel

Finally! I was waiting for this.

Posted by Sanj

The video keeps stopping for me, I don't know if anyone else is having this problem. 

Posted by viking

Touch me with your soiled hands Drew... TOUCH ME YOU DIRTY DREW! TOUCH ME!

Posted by Daryl
@Sanj: Lol @ your internet
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Cool driving bro.

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Posted by MachoFantastico

Need to get this, adored DIRT 2. 

No one does racing games like Codemasters.

Extra note: Delighted that Drew plays in cockpit mode!
Posted by TromboneTony

Cool, I was just wondering when this was going up. Looks great!

Posted by rmanthorp

racing line

Racing Line


Posted by Xdsk

This video needs more Vinny! This game looks nice, might have to pick it up on friday.

Posted by Vorbis

Vinnys flip was amazing.

Posted by Vager

I love cockpit mode. It may not be the best way to win but damn, is it ever immersive.

Posted by dropabombonit

I like the look of this, might get this when I'm done with L.A Noire

Posted by bybeach

Drew i respect your need to do it the hard way, but how do you see?? 

Posted by Jetpaction

We need more Drew QL's, they are nice to see and hear.

Gonna play this on my PC, should look amazing on a DX11 card. Who else prefers the hoodcam above other cam positions? It's the only way to roll for me!

Posted by DemiGodRaven

Is that a dubstepped out version of Good Vibrations?

Posted by shenstra

Got it this morning, along with a Driving Force GT wheel. Challenging stuff, but so much fun.

Posted by ThreeRoneC

Getting this game in a few minutes! :D
Posted by XeloX

That is dubstep you fool! <3 it

Posted by SoundChaser

I'm not normally into racing games that are not called Burnout or Flatout but this looks really fun. I remember playing the Colin McRae Rally 2 demo a lot when I didn't have any money to buy games. I think I might buy this.

Posted by abdo

50 minute quick look...

For Dirt 3...
Starring Vinny...
and Drew...

There is a god.

Posted by Scooper

Americans don't have the ability to tell the difference between an Australian and an English accent.

BTW, game looks crazy.
Posted by kollay

Sephiroth f7 is such a baller.

Fuck him.
Posted by XeloX

Yay, i am better @ dirt3 then Drew and Vinny =)

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Fuck yeah Drenny!

Holy shit, best quick look in a looong time!
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"That guy probably doesn't even know what an Esper is..." classic, Vinny.

Posted by B0nd07

Vinny's barrel-roll is going to go down as one of my favorite Quick Look moments this year.  That was great!

Posted by Pop

Played it on PC, it works so good, got exams and can't play now gotta study, gonna watch half of this first. :P

Posted by MrAriscottle

The music on this game is good :D

Posted by TiE23

Gymkhana Gymkhana Gymkhana. Watch this. It's the best video on YouTube

Posted by ghostchant

Vinny's flip had me laughing for a good 5 minutes. perfect.
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I'm playing this right now. Gymkhana online is so good :D The menus/music/vo lady really remind me of Blur. Codemasters got taste!
Also Vinny & Drew in a Quick Look? GOODNESS WHO'S MANNING THE CONTROLS?!

Posted by Franstone

It looks amazing on the PC by the way Drew!

Posted by RVonE

I disagree with Drew, I think the music in this game is a major step up from the last game. The music really flows well with the slick slow motion graphics of the game. I love it!


Though it's not available anymore, I got this game with a 10% discount on steam together with a free copy of Dirt 2; excellent deal.

Posted by RichieJohn

Chase and Status are the best! Selling my mum to get this game!

Posted by proggykins

I'm not sure what's better, the game or this quick look.

Posted by Rmack
@RVonE said:

I disagree with Drew, I think the music in this game is a major step up from the last game. The music really flows well with the slick slow motion graphics of the game. I love it!

Some of it's a little chessy, but I'm with you on that. I usually muted Dirt 2, at least this has some music I like.
Posted by Nidzumi

42:55 is the best

Posted by CosmicQueso
@TiE23: holy crapballs that is amazing
Posted by BlazeHedgehog

DiRT 2 totally had night events, and the Quicklook Drew sat in on even was a night race as I recall. :p