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Posted by BSw

@UberExplodey said:

Awesome LOG reference. gg

From Blammo!

Posted by ProfessorEss

Wow this game looks much more interesting than I thought it looked before watching this.

And it is absolutely gorgeous.

Posted by ProfessorEss

@BBAlpert said:

Vinny is very timely with his questions.

10:38 "So do you think the trees grow and get bigger?"

10:44 The tree in the lower right corner sprouts up a little bit.

Haha, yeah I chuckled.

Posted by Rox360
@Terramagi said:

A roguelike is a game like Rogue.

We really need to come up with a fucking actual genre for this kind of shit, because "oh the game has permadeath" does not make it a roguelike. It just means it has permadeath.

It's like how "Doom-clone" turned into First Person Shooter, and "DotA-like" turned into Action Real Time Strategy.

That can't happen, though, because roguelike-like is not a genre. "Roguelike" is a subset of the RPG genre, so that's already very specific (and that's why using that term to describe a platformer or shooter is wrong), but taking the elements that make Rogue unique as an RPG and applying them to another genre is what results in this wonderful blend we sometimes refer to, in shorthand, as being roguelike-like. If you want to be specific, you can say that a game has roguelike elements, or call it a roguelike platformer or shooter whatever floats your boat. Using the term in such a way detaches the "roguelike" concept from its usual genre and allows it to be applied to different types of games. At that point it's no longer a genre of its own, and can have varying degrees of severity. You could take the Rogue level generation, character system and item management and apply it to the Doom engine and have a very faithful roguelike FPS, or you could let those ideas inspire you more sparingly and sprinkle random levels and item drops in the mix in a way that, really, doesn't have much of anything to do with Rogue, but still has a few roguelike elements. That's why "roguelike-like" can't ever be a genre and why you can't use it (or "roguelike") as an umbrella term to describe a game. You can have a platformer with roguelike elements, but you can't just call it a roguelike(-like).
I wouldn't call this game a roguelike anything, though, because it just looks like plain survival to me. A survival game should, naturally, have (at least optional) permadeath and randomly generated levels anyway, to make it feel like real survival. So I think trying to shoehorn roguelike comparisons into this quick look is misguided to begin with.
Edited by Scarabus

Patrick's quick looks are so damn stoic.

"This is a game. These are things you do in it. Watch me play this game."

Posted by MythDarK

When I first heard of this game on the podcast I thought it was gonna be really hard. So far I've survived five days with no problem at all getting material and food.

@ProfessorEss said:

@BBAlpert said:

Vinny is very timely with his questions.

10:38 "So do you think the trees grow and get bigger?"

10:44 The tree in the lower right corner sprouts up a little bit.

Haha, yeah I chuckled.

I was just about to mention that. =D

Posted by peritus

I really like the Patrick-Vinny quicklooks, this was awesome :D

Posted by MrCaptain

Cool game, seems fun!

Patrick was cool in this QL too, and Vinny is always excellent.

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Hey I just bought this on steam and received a gift copy, anybody want it? send me a pm.

EDIT: And it's gone.

Posted by Duffyside

Why is there no youtube option on this? Youtube is the only player that doesn't crap out all the time...

Posted by stoppre

@Cloneslayer: Dude. I fucking LOVED those books.

Posted by MasterBrief

Looks really good. From the screenshots I thought it would have the rotating world like Deathspank but I'm interested in this now. I'm actually a bigger fan of 2D games then more stuff.

Posted by Tyrrael

I'm watching this while eating a plateful of christmas cookies. No worries here.

Posted by MachoFantastico

@Scarabus: Isn't that what a quick look should be?