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Posted by Sterling

I want!

Posted by umdesch4

If somebody handed me a Vita, this is the game I'd most want to play on it out of everything I've seen so far.

Posted by buft

@umdesch4: same here, i really enjoy this style of game, the pedigree of this particular game put me off a bit but for a lower price point i would definitely grab a copy

Posted by shiftplusone

I asked this in the marathon post when this game showed up but I'll ask it again

I bought this for 7 dollars on psn like 6 months ago

is there anything that justifies it having a 40 dollar price other than "NOW ITS PORTABLE"

Great game either way, I just don't get it

Posted by Sterling

No, its the same game. Just portable.

Posted by TentPole

I enjoyed this game more than Torchlight.

Posted by paulwade1984

I just love how bored patrick looked throughout this whole quicklook series.

in my opinion, the sheer lack of enthusiasm was extremely palpable. either they really dont like the system or something more (advert oriented) sinister was occuring.

Posted by Mistzero

Looks like a decent dungeon crawler to pass my time on during commute to class.

Posted by gouldgonewild

It's not that I don't want to play this game, it's just that I don't buy Gameloft games on principle. They are kind of sickening.

Posted by fisk0

Would've been interesting if they had tied their Darksiders discussion on the bomb cast to Gameloft a little, if only to hear where they draw the line. I suppose Dungeon Hunter Alliance was the only kind-of-acclaimed game Gameloft ever did though, even though many didn't hate their Counter-Strike clone Modern Combat Domination.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

@paulwade1984 said:

I just love how bored patrick looked throughout this whole quicklook series.

Brad got out when the getting was good. I even feel bad that he dragged Dave into it. It must have been the end of a long day.

Posted by aceofspudz

When those skeletons started whaling on Jeff and he lost a bunch of health and mana, I was like "Huh, maybe this game isn't completely easy..."

Then he popped a potion and all his bars went back up. God damn, what is it with rpgs and being super easy? I'm not buying Amalur either.

Posted by Shtinky

Very impressive launch line up for the Vita. Imo, it's better than the 3DS', 360's and PS3's launch.

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Hmmm, this looks completely identical to the PS3 version I got for $10 or so. Which I'll add was pretty awful.

Oh Gameloft, so cute.

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I like that the villain of the game is your evil wife. It's about the only unique part of this game.

Posted by 13p

This game is .99¢ on the Mac App Store right now...

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So aside from this and Warrior's Lair (formerly Ruin) are there any other confirmed dungeon crawler-ish games (PSN included)?

Would love to have something of this genre when I grab my Vita next week (or soon after) but I can't see paying $40 for this.

Posted by huser

The excitement on everyone's face in this QL....

Posted by dragonaut

that was the most awkward loading screen of all time

Posted by Bread_Harrity

Champions of Borat!

Posted by StoffInator

I have this on PS3, it isn't that bad.

Posted by vizionblind

$40????? pass...........

Posted by peritus

Doesn't seem worth 40 bucks.

Not even close.

But more importantly, what movie poster is that in the background?

Posted by Tsuchikage

Looks like a generic dungeon crawler to me.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Music, graphics, and SFX are solid at least.

Posted by Rox360
What, the Cobra one?
Posted by peritus

@Rox360: @Rox360 said:

@peritus: What, the Cobra one?

Yes! Thank you!

Posted by talkingtoast

Looks cool. Absolutely love the new QL format.

Posted by rudyarr

@paulwade1984: I agree. Patrick looked extremely bored and any chance he got to knock on the system he did. I have noticed..that if one of them shows no interest in it the others just hop on board and also bash on it. Regardless I am still buying one tomorrow

Posted by kichiku_rose

I loved champions of Norrath, this game looks just as good

Posted by StoffInator

I liked this on the PS3. But it got boring after awhile.