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Hooray Space Sims!

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Dammit, too slow

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A wild quick look appears!

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Nice QL guys!

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Late night quick looking!

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Wondrous space! Glad to catch the live stream. While I wish you guys knew what you were doing, bumbling around space has its charms too.

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Woah, late-night Quick Look. Was staying up late to watch Double Fine's donations count up. Now I guess I'll stay up a little later.

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360p wuuuuuut ? :(

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Yes. I love these quicklooks.

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And suddenly a Quick Look! I am shocked! What a fantastic late-night treat.

Is Giant Bomb trying to appeal more to the European demographic? ;)

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Holy shit, you landed on a planet, man! That's crazy! A decade from now we're not gonna have open world games, we'll have open space games!

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i got 30 hours into this game and then lost my save in a hard drive crash.

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Looks nicely complicated.

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Did they fly past the object they were looking for like 10 times? -_-

Edit: Oh okay, thank you, they didn't. I was about to loose my mind :D

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DVD QL, YES. These are the best.

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Woah, where did this come from.

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Space trading!! Reminds me of Frontier Elite 2 only better!! Man, if I had a PC I would totally be single again. Can't believe only 1 guy made this.

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DVD will never be out.

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More content like this, please. Great stuff :)

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Drew, Snide and Vinny in one QL for an hour? I'll have to make an appointment for this one.

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This is actually NOT the newest game in the series by the dev. It's just this one got put on Steam first (for some reason I don't know).

http://www.starwraith.com/arvoch/index.htm is for the newest game from Starwraith. It's more of a space combat exploration game than sim like Evochron Merc is.

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I so loved the first Elite and Privateer. I'm not sure I love these super complex versions though. I love depth , I'm not always crazy about complexity.

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i love watching stuff like this - games I'll never play:) It's cool to watch Vinny and Dave deal with it, but I'm definitely too "Fuck this noise" to bother. If I want space flight combat - and I do - I'll hold off for another Star Fox or something. Or Star HAWK, since that's actually coming up soon and looks awesome and is nowhere near as dense with systems and fiction and trading and whatnot.

Incredibly impressive to see the engine though, especially from one guy. But seeing them go from space to ground just reminds me that Lucasarts was incredibly fucking stupid and cancelled Free Radical's Battlefront 3:

Hopefully, at this year's e3, we'll find out if all the "Spark Unlimited is secretly making Battlefront 3" rumors are all true. It's been SEVEN FUCKING YEARS since the 2005 release of Battlefront 2!!!

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Pro-tip: If you want to read anything in the game watch it in HD.

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The "Vinny, Dave and Drew making a Quick Look of a simulator" is the best feature on the site.

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I love Vinny's obsession with ejecting in flight games.

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I kind of want to buy this just because of all the work one guy clearly put into it, even though I have a Mac and couldn't play it.

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Finally the Evochron Mercenary Quicklook, thanks guys! This is great! The game deserves much more attention!

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Finally, I missed the live stream earlier. We really need more Dave, Vinny, and Drew videos as they are some of the very best videos on the site.

Edit: Holy shit there is a lot going on in this game. The sheer amount of text, buttons, and screens going on at the same time is insane.

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Impressive, I really like the music. I would buy this if was possible to walk around space port and city, even if it was in a primitive old 3d environment

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@Sin4profit said:

i got 30 hours into this game and then lost my save in a hard drive crash.

Damn, that sucks.

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Wow, this looks fun, gonna pick up this or the newest one.

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I like this game's smooth space jams. I love crazy passion projects.

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Watching this makes me yearn for another capital ship starship game (which were sadly few and far between) for some reason. While I do like the concept of this game, it's just not something I think I would find fun in actual practice. Something more along the lines of Freelancer/Privateer would be something I would want.

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Landing on the planet was pretty crazy. Imagine if space travel like that was incorporated into Mass Effect.

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Best line:

Vinny -- "Whooo, lookit all that rain, its comin' down. You should be selling umbrellas"

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@vinsanityv22 said:

i love watching stuff like this - games I'll never play:) It's cool to watch Vinny and Dave deal with it, but I'm definitely too "Fuck this noise" to bother.

I agree. I'm not going to download and install something like this then spend some time to figure out what the hell is going on or how to do even the most simple things, but I like watching the staff do all that stuff. I don't have the patience to do it myself and the frustration involved in the effort sours the experience for me. Best leave these types of game to the professionals.

In another decade this developer will have built an entire universe where you can land on any planet, get out of your space ship, walk around, talk to the created locals maybe have a space-beer. Pretty amazing for a small homegrown project.

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I know this is highly keyboard-centric, but seeing something of this complexity and depth coming to XBLA and PSN would be really awesome. What I'm really holding out for is basically Battlestar Galactica, the game (no, not the browser based MMO). I would love a story driven game that takes place in/around a fleet traveling in space. I love me some Mass Effect, but I want to have dogfights and board enemy ships.

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In regards to the small size and wondering where the assets are... My professional guess would be "procedural textures".

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music in the beginning sounds awesome.

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PC Gaming FTW.

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When it's Dave Vinny and Drew you know its gunna be a scorcher!!!

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Does Vincent and David only play games that are fringe and rad?

Answer: yes

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i love that vinny was determined to eject

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Vinny + Drew = instant watch

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Seriously though, does anyone else feel like there have been a ton of quicklooks lately, I'm pretty pumped.

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Can you imagine this game on a touch monitor and a flight stick?

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1:12:34...? Now that's a Snidrewvella sized Quick Look!

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I am seriously considering picking this game up...it looks amazing.