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Edited by DiGiTaL_SiN

Another Army of Two? No thank you!

Posted by grossblood

this one is way better....

Posted by Edin899

Looks good!
Posted by KowalskiTakePoint

controls look stiff and awkward
Posted by EpicBenjamin

The weapon customization in the first AO2 was great fun, but this looks freaking awesome!
Posted by Daryl

My turn on was killed when he announced the EA producer.

Posted by MythDarK

Nice, Army of Two two.

Posted by Delta_Ass

Isn't the bayonet kinda blocking the grenade launcher?

Posted by Vinchenzo

No thanks. I learned my lesson after the first Army of Two.

Posted by cuzintheboss

i didn't like the first game so i m going to pass on this one.

Posted by ZeroCast
I don't know how the hell you always get to be the first to comment, do you just sit there and keep hitting refresh until the video shows up?
Posted by Dynamitekyle

The first one was meh, checkin out teh vid now.

Posted by Earthborn
@Delta_Ass said:
" Isn't the bayonet kinda blocking the grenade launcher? "
Not in the magical world of Army of Two!
Edited by Earthborn

I wish developers would stop touting their "customization" systems as though they were gameplay.
Anyway, this game seems a bit old hat now. Enemies invading Shanghai? Really? Why Shanghai?

and, geez, talk about shooting a dead elephant, Ryan!

Posted by myslead

'playing coop with someone who's a noob'

Posted by dinoroar

Oh I call iffy instantly

Posted by Tuggah

Looks cool, I like the gun customising and there is still some nice safe bro-ing so that sounds good.

Posted by PsychedelicET

I like all the weapon customization options - that was a good design choice.  The environment looks detailed and unique, which is also a plus.  And the shooting action seems improved over the first game too.  Maybe this could be a decent game??

Posted by Zoombini

For all the flaws the first game had, it was still a ton of fun playing through with mates. I am definitely looking forward to this.

Posted by FlamingHobo

Looks alright, probably would be fun with a buddy.

Posted by Grimmy616

I liked the first one. Game looks pretty cool.

Edited by Scooper

Let's see some fistbumps!...... let's see some framerate ;/  
Lol @ 5:35. Giraffe neck.
Oh. It's out next year, that explains it.

Posted by Jedted

I'm glad they still have fist bumping in the game.  I was disapointed when they were all serious and said "no more fist bumping". 
Posted by zombie2011
@Earthborn said:
"   Anyway, this game seems a bit old hat now. Enemies invading Shanghai? Really? Why Shanghai?] "
I bet if you play the game you will find out. Like why are dudes fighting in Brazil in MW2 you have to play to find out.
Posted by HawkSE

Damn it, I played through the first one - ended up not liking it. Now...I want to play this one!

Posted by DylanMMc

Looks very meh

Posted by nail1080

Oh dear o dear, another 3rd person shooter using the same old unreal engine and not doing a very good job of it. Game lucks dull, been there done that already, hit that switch a 1000 times. Whoever is playing the game doesn't do a good job selling it, although I can't blame him. I wish there were less games like this on the market, I see nothing innovative at all. It's all been done before.
I mean come on, the dude even says now you can move left and right while in cover!! Wow...just throw in a copy of Gears 1 which you can buy for around 10 bucks and you'll have yourself a game which is so much more polished, more fun, and cheaper.

Posted by D_W

Hrmm. I didn't not think that there would be squel to the frist game. This one doesn't look all that bad.
Posted by TheMustacheHero

Looks cool >_> I will probably get it just because of Co-op.

Posted by Almak

I'm sure that weapon customization they implemented seemed awesome on paper but man! It manages to produce some of the worst looking, unlikely working, most impractical guns I ever saw!

Edited by Brutopian

i hate these quick looks with a dude from the company in em. they are a lot less fun and i feel too much like something is being sold to me.

Posted by Kajaah117

Something tells me that the fist bumps have not doubled. I want my money back.

Posted by spazmaster666

Obviously the game isn't finished but the framerate seemed really dodgy, which is strange since Unreal engine has been around for a while and can definitely run smoothly on 360. Also looking at the various component combos shown, they didn't seem to change the stats of the weapon very much which leads me to think that weapon customization may be more of a cosmetic feature rather than a truly game-changing feature.

Posted by Evilsbane

I didn't play much of the first one (Didn't seem like anything special) but they were trying to be cocky as hell saying it was 10x better than Gears... sorry guys not so much, release a demo that will sway me then we will talk.

Posted by Kenny

Is it just me or do the graphics in this build look awful?

Posted by ZoDD

 hahaha...  And Bradley gives 'em the dig of the week: 
"heh.. he didnt seem to concerned when you shot his head the first time. " 

Posted by Shabran

this game looks amazing

Posted by joelalfaro

I'd give it a shot.

Posted by Warchief

I do not see what has changed form the first game? The AI seems a dumb as a box of hammers. sorry there are too many new IP's / games coming out this fall to bother with Army Of Two 2.

Posted by Keeng

I didn't like the original but this looks pretty fun. I appreciate the guy doing the quicklook giving reasons behind certain changes and things of that nature. It looks a helluva lot better than Gears 2 which it's basically emulating from a framework perspective. I'll give it a shot. 

Posted by Meltbrain
@Earthborn said:
" @Delta_Ass said:
" Isn't the bayonet kinda blocking the grenade launcher? "
Not in the magical world of Army of Two! "
Yeah, surely in that situation in reality you either lose the bayonet or you side-mount the bayonet rather than under.
Posted by Ventilator

*sniper bullet to the chest*
Nope, I'm good

Posted by HarrySound

...maybe if I was 14. 
I'm 29....this an't for me.
Posted by frans130

Looks a lot better than the first one. Especially the more focused gameplay and colourfull scenarioes looks promosing. The customazition-part seems like a complete waste of time though, and the AI is so far garbage
Posted by Reverseface

Bro-ing out of combat only ?? WEAKKKKKKKKK
Posted by Druminator

Looks good. First one wasn't too bad.

Posted by AURON570

environment and style looks nice but gameplay looks linear.

Posted by BrockSampson
@AURON570 said:
" environment and style looks nice but gameplay looks linear. "
It is OK for some games to be linear.
Posted by Sticky_Pennies

Looks okay, but the framerate did not.

Posted by Pantalooney

I enjoyed the first one, i will probably check his one out, it doesnt look like it is ready yet though.

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