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This looks promising.

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Is it weird that the word "Annihilation" just makes me think of this:

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Nega bombs!

Those buildings and trees are either extremely large or those planets are very tiny.

Posted by DougCL

wooooo Brad Nicholson is the reason i first came to this site!

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Oh man it's even got the same cursor as Total Annihilation, I want this to be finished so badly, I don't want to play it before it's done ><

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OTHER BRAD returns.

Posted by year199X

I backed the KS, and it's surreal to see a QL for it!

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Supreme Commander is BACK!

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Bow! Smash it! Bow to the valley below!

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Other Brad was always alright in my book.

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Now this is a game after my heart. I love it.

It's kind of hard to believe this came from the devs behind Super Monday Night Combat.

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I also wanted to wait until it is done to dive in. Instead I bought it when it was in alpha and gave it a whirl. Totally is fun now and I cannot wait for it to be finished.

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I think "Unfinished EX" is a more accurate title.

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so this is what it's like when worlds collide

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Invert the planet so that you play on the inside of it...and the camera can't show you anything. I call it Annihlisibility.

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Brad Nicholson has manly arms that make me feel like I'll never be a real man, like Brad Nicholson.

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Well well well... if it isn't Evil Brad. We meet again!

Posted by CrazyBagMan

@gongzero said:

I think "Unfinished EX" is a more accurate title.

Unless I'm mistaken, that's more or less what QL EX's have always been.

Posted by Gaff

Wait, so Brad Nicholson is a "taxi driver" nowadays?

Posted by Zevvion

The only game I played more than Total Annihilation when I was a kid was Yuri's Revenge. I'm totally down for this. The only thing I don't particularly like about these 'new' Annihilation games (Supreme Commander) is that if you're playing it 'right' you're basically constantly looking at icons instead of insanely awesome machines destroying each other.

Other than that, yeah, I'll get this for sure.

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Can't wait for this to get abandoned.

I hope they did the rocket planet thing because of Invader Zim

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Brad should play this on some streams. Actually seems like it would be fun to watch

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Not enough Quick Hits

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yeah other brad!

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I've been playing the Early Access version for a while now. It's pretty fantastic. If you liked Total Annihilation and / or Supreme Commander, you'll be right at home. I don't really ever bite on Early Access games, but I'm glad I did in this case.

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Brads MS paint news articles were the best.

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I'm stoked about this game, but since it's an Early Access title shouldn't this video be an Unfinished rather than a Quick Look EX?

EDIT: What @gongzero said.

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@ravelle: oooh! I mentioned that song too! We're cool!

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The scale is what interests me the most about this game.

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Aren't the other two planets at the start moons? Moon Annihilation

Posted by DesktopMan

Shouldn't this be Unfinished EX?

Posted by Slax

"There's no tech tree" "There's super a tech tree"

Seems interesting though. I do love macro.

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I like how they say "That's our WYSIWYG principle" when it's really just "That's how TA worked".

AFAIK people who played both PA and Zero K ( http://zero-k.info/ , Opensource) said that PA is far more primitive. 0K got greenlit last week so it'll probably show up on Steam soon.

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This looks great! Great they showed something that actually looks like a game. All those alpha vids didn't interest me at all. Pretty excited about this now.

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yay Brad Nicholson!

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I completely forgot about other Brad. Huh.

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There were community tensions with Brad Nicholson? I don't even remember that.

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I like Brad Nicholson. Dude is funny. Just wish he kept the long hair.

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O cool, totally jumping into the new galactic mode. Haven't played this since it hit early access, looks like it has come a long way since then.

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This seems potentially overwhelming to control even with all the tools they implemented to help.

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@kdr_11k said:

I like how they say "That's our WYSIWYG principle" when it's really just "That's how TA worked".

AFAIK people who played both PA and Zero K ( http://zero-k.info/ , Opensource) said that PA is far more primitive. 0K got greenlit last week so it'll probably show up on Steam soon.

You must be the developer of the game, because no sane person I know would link to that on this of all videos. That looks like a crappy RTS from 1998. Production values aren't everything, but it's good to invest at least fifty bucks to make your game not look 16 years old.

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psht, come back to me when they drop Side 5 on those Feddie bastards.

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@majid: Dude was getting more hate than Patrick :P

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Brad Nicholson, Giant Bomb Alumnus and WARRIOR OF THE ARCTIC