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Posted by MutieMoe

Look at that paunch! Finally a game with protagonist that I can relate to.

Posted by Jimbo

Young Brad taking his first bike out for a spin:

Posted by siaynoq

Damn PSN exclusives! You win another round, Sony.

Posted by GeekDown

Looks cool, too bad it's a PSN exclusive.

Posted by Sayishere

This game looks really impressive, a combination of bionic commnando rearmed, portal and anti g scenes from dead space ;D

Posted by IronScimitar

Love that auto tune computer voice :D

Posted by FoxMulder

looks pretty neat, love the atmoshpere the music and art style create!

Posted by teekomeeko

I was wondering what Rochard was for a while now, but was too lazy to look it up proper. Definitely looks good.

Posted by core1065

I'm loving the music.

Posted by ProjektGill

Looks ok but I doubt I will get to play it unless it comes to another platform.

Posted by drew327

Can someone link me to the thread for reporting that video issue where the bottom 20% of the screen turns to craziness?

Posted by Froghourt

Does the music remind anyone else of The Thing?

Posted by Milpool

This looks pretty cool. Too bad it's a PSN exclusive.

Posted by FunExplosions

Dr. Katz could have talked a little more.

Posted by ch3burashka

I hope they improve the cutscene animations; during the cutscene 10 minutes in (with the boss man), the animation transitions Rochard goes through are reminiscent of Deadly Premonition. Remember those?  

Posted by outerabiz

great QLex i love when the PR aren't all up in your face with how fucking awesome everything about their game is, so props to him.

Posted by S0ndor
@rjayb89 said:

@Lanegan said:

whats the too soon reference?

I think it's more of a in-the-moment joke, kind of like the "that's racist" thing Tested has going. It could be referencing something I don't know, but it is a pretty general statement.

Betty Ford is dead as of July 8th
Posted by artofwar420

I might get it based on the art style alone, but the gameplay seems sweet.

Posted by Thompson820

I like that this PR guy isn't up in your face pushing everything hard but instead letting the game speak for itself and letting Brad experience the game naturally, which by extension, allows us to as well.

Posted by JasonR86

The control looks a little rough.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Pretty neat game, a lot of cool ideas.

Posted by Codeacious

This dude needs some serious bonus salary for his PR.

Posted by MeatSim

We need more mellow PR people like that guy.

Posted by YukoAsho

Fun fact - Jon St. Jon is also the voice of Big the Cat in the Sonic series.  Imagine THAT voice saying "Come Get Some!"

Posted by cassus

This game has a freaking amazing art style. Just struck a chord with me instantly. At first I thought "TF2" and was fine with it, but it's got way more going for it than that. Really really nice and clean.

Posted by Nentisys

Looks great, would love to get my hands on this. Too bad I don't have a PS3.

Posted by kmg90

I don't usually enjoy EX quick looks since the developers can be very uninteresting or the tigher leash of saying any critical comedic comments BUT this was very enjoyable. I'm with Brad, MUST..... GET..... FLOATING.... COLLECTABLE!