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put it on steam and I'll buy it.

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@Dialyctic said:

Looks cool!   Wonder if any could help me out. I remember seeing a trailer somewhere - probably a year ago - of a mech simulator game. A game where you're controlling a HUGE robot in first person view from the character controlling the robot, where you can see all the HUD and whatnot. It's supposed to be very strategic and "realistic". The trailer showed two robots fighting each other in a city with a lot of skyscrapers.   I have NO IDEA what the name of this game is, and I can't find it through searching. I've looked endlessly! O____O Anyone know which game this is?

That WAS supposed to be a new MechWarrior game... and scheduled for release in 06/2010... appereantly it got scrapped... anyways... heres the video...
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@Dialyctic: could it possibly be mech-warrior reboot or Armored Core 5
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@MrMazz: its never coming to ps3 probably. its being published by microsoft
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@BombaLuigi: @nikeforces: Omg. A shame such an awesome looking game got scrapped. ;_____; 
Thanks. (:
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I hope this fills my Armored Core needs.

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Loved Costume Quest until I got hit with the fries glitch, but I guess Ill replay it in the summer.
Stacking is one of my favourite games of all time.
This should be (and looks) amazing.

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Sweet! I was stoked about this.

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Let me just add to my previous comments.  The problem with Trenched thus far is not that it isn't simply a mech game. The problem is that it is a simple tower defense game with mechs added in.  The tower defense gameplay elements and, at least, the map design have not been opened up enough to accommodate the idea of what a mech is, basically a tank with legs, and how it is used and what players' conceptions of a mech is and what it does. 
There are any number of recent titles that have provided an avatar for direct player control inside a tower defense context.  The idea is not new.  However, on the whole, those games scaled the map and the action to the size and movement capabilities of the avatar.  Trenched, from what I have seen thus far, has not.  The mechs here can traverse the entire game map in mere seconds.  Enemies were being funneled into very confined linear paths like an other tower defense game with little attention or acknowledgement of the absurdity of such a conceit at this 3D, geographic scale map. 
If I were to express a preference with respect to game map, player movement, and scale of the entire proceedings, it would be at a much larger geographic level with whole valleys and ranges providing channels and choke points, and the mechs given the full range of their abilities to move and traverse terrain.  Something more like battles in the Starship Troopers movie but with mechs, rather than Pixel Junk Monsters with mechs.

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I salute you DFManBeeff

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It's a downloadable game dude...
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slap the dude who said QL EX sucked.  This is awesome ;)

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Great QLEX. Game looks like it'd be really fun with 4 players.

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Wow, I must really have a bad taste in games, everyone seems to like it except me. ;)

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That game looks like a lot of fun. They made a lot of good decisions with how to handle the community stuff too.

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@onarum said:
@lepton:  It's a downloadable game dude...

Mr lepton needs to design his own game for disk, sounds like it would be pretty cool. But within it's parameters, so does Trenched, Though I thought it had more potential in genre preference than he states. The mechs after all, from what I saw today, tend to depend on line of sight, and to my mind blends into a shooter that deploys turrets. I suspect there are missiles, even guided missiles, but I do not believe I saw them. Machine guns, shotgun(!) cannon I saw.
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"So much for you, tube."
That's it. That right there. Either this game is the best or the worst thing ever made.

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Looks awesome, seems like a good twist on the tower defense genre (which is what you need to do if you're going to make a tower defense game in 2011...). Playing this co-op seems like it would be a blast, definitely gonna pick this up when it's released.

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Looks like a neat idea.
@RazielCuts - No.  Generally we refer to a knob as like a door knob or a rounded piece of hardware.

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I really want to play this but I need other people to have this before taking a chance on this.

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Couldn't help noticing lots of people from Area5 were playing the game when he brought up the Regiment screen. It's pretty cool when you recognize names like that, knowing all these people live in San Francisco I guess it's not too surprising. 

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Analog saluting!

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Please let this come out on steam or psn!

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I saw the main menu screen and clicked "start game". 
This paused the video. 
I am an idiot.

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This looks awesome. I love tower defence games and I'm into firing off as many guns at the same time as possible, so day 1 purchase!

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I can't accept calling a mech a 'trench'.  Call it anything you like, just don't use a word that has a different combat related meaning.  
Also, standing on top of a mech surrounded by sandbags doesn't seem like the best place to control one from. 

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definitely downloading this as soon as its available.

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Jesus christ, 12 year olds in the comment section or what. 
Game looks awesome anyway.

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I think the King cannon is supposed to be the AC20.

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happy 420 indeed

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Played it at pax east and have been wanted to play it again since.

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awww... now I really want this but it's never coming out on psn :(

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@HerbieBug said:

I can't accept calling a mech a 'trench'.  Call it anything you like, just don't use a word that has a different combat related meaning.    Also, standing on top of a mech surrounded by sandbags doesn't seem like the best place to control one from. 

pretty sure the sandbag thing was meant to be humorous. and i think calling it a trench is ok since it's an alternate universe where anything can have a different name
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Some really seriously bad menu systems in this game as far as I can tell.
Also, "So much for you, tube!". Oh my...
Anyway, I'm not too sure about the basic gameplay here, but everything else about the video had me smiling.

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Wow this is hands down one of my favorite quick looks next to that scorpion spider game for the Wii.  This game looks super fantastic and I can't wait to play it.  I'm telling everyone about it.  Great job as always guys (GB and DF)!!!

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Saluting= Best thing of 2011 so far

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Oh my god, the salutes. I need this I need this I need this.

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I got tripped out when people kept saying Brad and Jeff and it wasn't GB's Brad or Jeff.
Also Brad sounds very similar to Randy Pitchford.

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Impeccable Collection Pod is pure genius.

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I am so buying this game. I'v needed another Mech game since Mech assault.

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why does the giantbomb staff seem like they would drop to their knees and service double fine if they asked.  this game doesn't look great, and all their other games weren't that great.  i couldn't even really finish watching the quick look i was so bored with it.

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why is this Xbox only?  They are only getting half the possible profit they could make if they did it for both...

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Wow, you guys have had this in waiting for a month haven't you? Great QL. Certainly the bext EX.

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I was sold on the game before even seeing any gameplay.  I love this amount of customization in a game, and any game that emphasizes cooperative gameplay over competitive has its heart in the right place in my opinion. 
Double Fine can't be stopped!

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I really wanted to see him use fire those 2 cannons. :(

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If the Double Fine guys happen to be reading these comments, I just want to say:  You guys are head and shoulders above any other studio dudes that have come down for Quick Look EX's.  Come back any time.  

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Even though this QL had some of the dumbest stuff going on,  they were still able to show all the different parts of the game and I must say this game looks pretty great.  I will probably get this day one.