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Looks pretty cool, I wish it was on pc too... 
EDIT: It is :D.

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Anon? Really? Is his friend /b/ also there?

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@drewmaw: It won't affect anything. If it would they probably would decide to not review it at all. If it's bad, they probably will rate it depending on that, it's not like this is the first time they play a game where they know someone who is involved in the development. That's what Johnny would've wanted.
I don't think it looks so bad, not a great game but for licensed game it looks like they atleast made a solid game.
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Nolan North is in the game 
'nuff said

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hands down the best, most enjoyable quicklook EX I've ever seen =)

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This looks very good but I think I've seen all I want from this game in this video.

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Cool video.

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i have to say that gianbomb seem like the only site where video game's producers/executives are interviewed properly to the audience/industry

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I'm not expecting the greatest game ever.. but this looks pretty good

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Great quicklook EX. I'm always happy to see the crew and developers having a good time, rather than being awkwardly talking to one another while playing the game.

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@Daawisss said:
" The game play looks like Price of Persia "
Indeed, which could be cool.
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Looks solid, at times.

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Platforming looks to be interesting but I'm afraid of the combat just being throwing the disc's and punching fellows.
Also, I can't help but be sad for Armada of the Damned if Disney's development funding could only go to one project, considering what Tron has to be.

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I will play this just because its all Tronny. 

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@Rattle618 said:
"Looks pretty cool, I wish it was on pc too...  EDIT: It is :D. "

It's inside the PC!
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34 minutes of cinematics... Huh. Still, not too bad I guess.
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20 seconds in and its already awsome
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A less hand-holdy Prince of Persia with cooler looking combat and light-cycles with a Daft Punk soundtrack (right?), also it's Tron.  This game looks kind of cool.  With the music turned on, I bet it's cool as hell.

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Probably the best QL EX and mr Vignocchi is always a success. In spots it still sounded very scripted though.
"So, do you have a lot of cinematics in the game...?"
"Did you find QA testers speedrunning stuff...?

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Looks better than the most recent PoP game.

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Looks interesting. Definitely looking forward to seeing how this turns out, and whether the multiplayer's any good.

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@cazamalos said:
" i have to say that gianbomb seem like the only site where video game's producers/executives are interviewed properly to the audience/industry "
One of the things I really love about GB too. They really have a skill for this sort of thing.
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I loved that lightcycle part, but the actual platforming/combat sections were kinda... blah to me!  I guess it's more a problem with the licensed setting being full of vast empty areas with the same light-colouring theming everywhere, because despite being based on videogames and computers, it really doesn't make for an entertaining videogame itself. 
Then again, I never really found the platforming in 3D Prince of Persia games to be that compelling either...

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why would you show the end level of your game, or how long (or short) it even is in a quick look? 
this looks decent i guess, the camera gets real bad near walls it seems.

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Great quicklook that totally got me pumped for the game. 

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That Xbox hasn't been updated to the new dashboard! I kinda miss the older stuff now...

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Very cool QL EX. Its interesting hearing dev's reasons for doing things rather than them just trying to some lame infomercial sell to us. 
Oh yeah, Nolan North confirmed. Win.

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 Johnny V - the next Wizard.

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@Mr_Skeleton said:

" @Rattle618 said:

"Looks pretty cool, I wish it was on pc too...  EDIT: It is :D. "
It's inside the PC! "
IN the computer??
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"pretty damn good for a game based on a movie"... Interesting way of setting expectations!

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Base: 3 stars, with Nolan North + death from fall platforming + no health regen (albeit with stupid health strips) + high profile soundtrack give them one extra star; pretty swell looking for a movie license game, does the property plenty of justice. 
The color-coded concept gives everything a bland, drab look to all of the levels and set pieces showcased in the quick-look, but at least the art direction is consistent. Perhaps they scaled back the graphics to accommodate the PS3 3D mode, but locking the framerate at 30fps is not optimal for an action game imo. 

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This game would look amazing in 3D, I'm sure of it.

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Never thought I'd be excited about a Tron game lol. December couldnt come fast enough.

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@Frigogidaire said:
" "pretty damn good for a game based on a movie"... Interesting way of setting expectations! "
No, that's pretty usual for anything with a movie by the same name.
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wait, so that was a videogame and not a motion comic?

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Would it not have been better if the levels were decimal and you advance in tenths (ie version 2.6 etc.) so the level cap would be version 5.0?

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Before this quick look EX, i wouldnt have given this a second glance. After watching this and hearing how the devs actually seem to give a crap (which isnt a common thing in movie-games), I am actually interested in playing this!

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This looks pretty cool.

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Hmmm ... I may give this a try after all

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Wicked cool QL, glad to see more of this game.

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Jonny V needs to do more Quick Looks.  I'm more looking forward to Disney Interactives next game to see Jonny Demo it again.  But I think they did TRON a great service by making this game the way they did.  I think this is probably the best that the director and his team can do with the source material.  Would love to see what they do with a blank canvas instead next time.

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Looks decent, I don't know -- I'm not really interested in the Tron universe to be honest. 
I'm more interested in what score Giant Bomb will give the game, as Johnny V is working on it. If GB were to give it 3 stars or less (not predicting they will), hilarity would ensue.

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I'm getting a very Prince of Persia 2008 vibe from the platforming which I really like.

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V for Vignocchi.
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Now more interested in the game than the movie

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Very pleasant surpise to see a QLEX that largely feels like a regular GB video. The banter is very entertaining and works way better than most of the other entries in this feature (not that those were terrible or anything!). I had a lot of fun with it and the game looks at the very least interesting. Now that I know it's actually out on PC too, I'll consider getting it. 

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The Video Game?

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Looks better than I thought it would, but doesn't interest me.

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so.. uh... does it come with a daft punk cd?