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Posted by Nonentity

This game is CRAZY. I'm up to about level 20 or so on my guns and hacking duder at this point, but this game is CRAZY.

I like it kind of despite itself. You really have to wrap your head around what they are going for.

Posted by Brad

@Johntathan: We prepare as much as we can given our limited time and resources. Your other option is no Quick Look at all. Which would you prefer?

Posted by Subjugation

I love how giddy Dave is regarding this game.

Posted by Flaboere
@Brad: Dear Brad.  
Quicklook with small amount of preperation > no quicklook. 
Keep being awesome.
Posted by ThreePi

I don't think there is any amount of preperation that will be enough for this game. It took me hours to figure out that right clicking with the medkit will heal yourself. And went through dozens of failed hacks before I got a rhythm and could do it relatively consistantly. There is a learning curve, and its pretty darn steep. But if you can get past that, and look past some of the jankiness, there's a really fun, really ambitious game lying beyond.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

This is about how I played the first time I sat down with it. I was totally expecting these guys to fumble around with the mechanics, because you know, that's how they roll.

This is one PC ass PC game, and I fucking love it.

Posted by MistaSparkle

This game looks a lot like ODST...if ODST had more boobs, cyber turtles, and rpg mechanics.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

"Bullshit! Ultra-failed attack!" at 5:20.  What?

Posted by Einherjan

@Brad: I love you.

Posted by Chumm

@Brad said:

@Johntathan: We prepare as much as we can given our limited time and resources. Your other option is no Quick Look at all. Which would you prefer?

An interesting comment given that we were just surveyed on whether we felt the membership was a good value. To be clear I'm quite happy with my membership and with your content, but perhaps this tone is inconsistent with Dave's attempts to find out what the paying audience wants to see.

Given that every PC quicklook is a stumbling mess I'd love to see a PC editor on staff. It seems the majority of the PC content on the site are these one-offs in which nobody intends to actually play the game outside of a quicklook or an anecdote on the podcast. That said, if it's not profitable to do so because we're such a tiny inconsequential audience, or perhaps because we're less inclined to care about editorial coverage, so be it.

Brad I still appreciate all that you do, but naturally it's good to acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses rather than get defensive.

Posted by onarum
@fisk0 said:

It's a lot less resource intensive than the Left 4 Dead games if you play at the lowest settings. I can play it on medium high settings on my machine with integrated ATi graphics, while I have to play TF2 and Left 4 Dead at pretty low resolutions and detail levels.

The devs have said there's a demo coming up though, so if you aren't sure I'd say you should wait.

Nice, good to know, I'll wait for the demo, but by your description I think I would be able to run it with low to mid settings.
Posted by Seraphim84

Brad gets mad brouzouf, HIYOOOOO

Posted by Norusdog

why bother with a quicklook when you can't answer shit when asked? 
I wanted to see this but hearing "I don't know" from brad as an answer to every fucking question was old within the first 5 minutes. 
let's have at least a retards grasp on a game before we QL it hmm?

Posted by Mathey

So, does this make more sense in French?

Posted by Metal_Mills

@Johntathan said:

Brad really is terrible at games .....

He has beaten some seriously hard games. He's not bad.

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@Spatulalad said:

So, does this make more sense in French?

I just bought this after watching the QL, and as someone with family in France, the weird spelling and grammar mistakes and bizarre phrasing is pretty much on par with my experiences talking to my cousins there. In fact all the tutorial videos are using a french build of the game, and it looks better. When I mentally "translate" what they're trying to say back into French, it makes a lot more sense. Still... they kinda suck at getting their ideas across in English, it's too bad this is a really interesting game.

Posted by Fripplebubby

The fact that no one noticed the attack stat draining to 0 EVERY TIME during the hacking minigame bothered me. I've never played this game, but even I can tell that you need to rebuff your attack and not just hit "attack" over and over with 0 attack. 
Still looks like a pretty cool game!

Posted by Scotto

The idea of "cyber-vikings" and whatnot is interesting, but this game doesn't look very good.

- Scott

Edited by Brad

@Chumm: It's being realistic, not defensive. There's an immense amount of work required to run this website that the audience never sees, which places obvious constraints on our spare time. We have to make judgement calls about how best to serve the most number of people without losing sight of the games we want to cover and/or think are important. Couching your argument in some kind of perceived anti-PC agenda is fallacious; Steam and other PC services simply offer a ton of low-profile and indie titles that are primed for Quick Looks or other short-form coverage, more so than any of the consoles. Would you accuse us of "stumbling" through our StarCraft coverage over the last year?

In the case of EYE, we intentionally went into this video somewhat cold to show just how rough and inscrutable this game can be. Most of the people in these comments who've spent much time playing it have agreed that it's not an especially well-made game. Others complaining that we don't already know everything about EYE top to bottom are missing the point.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

I really want this game now.

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@Brad: For me, the current approach is a pretty good one. A PC-ass PC game can be inscrutable, and it's a much more interesting experience to watch someone fumble through it because it really is more akin to what a new gamer would experience. 
Okay, sometimes the fumbling can be a little over the top and has me facepalming at the screen, but I think that's just a function of being someone who plays games. Video content is wonderful, but I think it often taps into the same thing that has us playing games in the first place - the desire to be playing and controlling the experience firsthand.
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@Brad said:

@Johntathan: We prepare as much as we can given our limited time and resources. Your other option is no Quick Look at all. Which would you prefer?

Honestly? You guys are cool and all, and you don't need to completely master a game before you show it off or anything, but I find myself knowing less about this game than before I watched the quick look, and I didn't even know it existed.
Posted by Dain22

This was fascinating! I really hope Dave does get deep into it and does another video about it.

Posted by AhmadMetallic

what the fuck is it lately with the staff not knowing anything about anything about the games they're playing? 
brad didn't know what his syringe is for, why the fuck is he quicklooking this?

Posted by MisterMouse

I would love to see Snide run a quick look of this... or at least some one who knows what he is doing.

Posted by Lazyaza

God I would love this game if it weren't janky as shit, reminds me of deadly premonition in that respect.

Posted by Hef

I really hope a lot of people buy this game. I want to see what they do with more money.

Posted by PaulKemp

I know its gotten bad reviews, but damn it looks cool!

Posted by Jackel2072

What the hell are you all bitching about? other then the PC elite i think most of us had No clue what the hell this game was about. I've seen it pop up on steam and again a tiny minority talking about it. but other then that nothing.

This quick look was WAY more informative then the Hacking trailer they put out on steam. In that trailer its just a guy that what looks like clicking randomly on the interface with no context what so ever of what he is actually doing. At least when Brad was "stumbling" through the hacking i started figuring out (along with him) what the fuck was going on.

Cold Quick Looks are great and should always be a part of this site. Not only can they be hugely entertaining (Dave snider for president) they can also show you what the luring curve may be for said game.

And at the end of the day. this Quick Look did its purpose. it made me laugh and also turned me on to a game i would have completely ignored! like so many other QL before it (Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Sid Meier's Civilization V, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and so on) Now i kind of want to go pick this up and play it. even if it seems more like a mod then a full retail game.


Posted by afrofools

I sighted this on Steam last night and wondered why I hadn't heard about it. Thanks for the QL.

Posted by MiniPato

If it weren't for this quick look I wouldn't have even known this game existed or would have had any interest in it. But now I might possibly buy it. I don't think fumbling with the mechanics sells the game short. They never said outright that "this feature isn't here." They said there was a shit ton of stuff to do that they weren't sure how it all works. But from watching it I get a basic idea of what's there and want to know more and find out for myself. I don't think this quick look is a misrepresentation. If I were to get into this game, I would definitely have some trouble grasping the mechanics like they did because, face it, the UI and explanations aren't the most effective.

The Yakuza 4 quick look is still, in my opinion, the video that shows you how not to do a quick look. Completely unrepresentative of the game and only barely saved by Ryan saying, there's more to the game than cutscenes and dialogue.

Posted by Brackynews

@PulledaBrad said:

Better title? E.Y.E. Ceyebermancy

You just beat Vinny's "Two Deus Ex Experts."


Posted by B_Heart

Looks like a modern Dues Ex but with the same old school menu's and feel. I really hope a demo comes out for it, I'd like to try it myself before buying it. The quick look is interesting and got me excited to play it. Good Job guys!

Posted by zef40

For the Emperor! 
Great quick look guys, game looks interesting/potentially awesome, nice to see devs not being scared of being original or too complicated in their game :)

Posted by Origina1Penguin

I saw this game on Steam, but I knew nothing about it so I payed it no attention. Thanks to this quick look I'll probably buy the game since it's cheap.

Posted by Spoonman671

You are in Coma.

Posted by tourgen

Dave likes good games.  Pretty much confirmed with every QL I hear him in.
Can't wait to check this game out this weekend.  I wasn't sure about it, but it looks great.
Thanks for the QL guys.

Posted by prestonhedges
@Jackel2072 said:

What the hell are you all bitching about?

Hey, people are only bitching because the rest of Giant Bomb's content is so good, when they fail to live up to their own bar, it's really noticeable.
Posted by Helios1337

@Brad said:

@Johntathan: We prepare as much as we can given our limited time and resources. Your other option is no Quick Look at all. Which would you prefer?

Wow, so paying members: don't like it? Fuck off!

Posted by Chumm

@Brad said:

@Chumm: Couching your argument in some kind of perceived anti-PC agenda is fallacious; Steam and other PC services simply offer a ton of low-profile and indie titles that are primed for Quick Looks or other short-form coverage, more so than any of the consoles. Would you accuse us of "stumbling" through our StarCraft coverage over the last year?

I'm not suggesting you're "anti-PC", just that your PC coverage is inadequate, with some notable exceptions like Starcraft and Portal. I think it's fair to note that your personal enthusiasm for Starcraft fueled the excellent coverage of the game, and again I really appreciate that sort of coverage. My suggestion is that there be someone added to the editorial staff who has that enthusiasm for PC gaming in general (this is enthusiast press, after all). When you guys play "PC-ass PC games" you tend to approach them from that outsider perspective, and it does the coverage a disservice.

E.Y.E.'s documentation is a trainwreck, and I was equally confused in my first 50 minutes with the game, but I wouldn't presume to thrust that confusion on a (partially) paying audience. Some coverage is of course better than none, but I don't think that argument agrees with one of the founding principles of the site: Foregoing comprehensive coverage in favor of focused, quality coverage. I'm not trying to be a self-entitled internet dbag, just a paying customer offering feedback on a service I'm proud to support. Cheers.

Posted by MasterMine

Love to get less brad in my quick looks get some vinny and dave to play

Posted by FlipperDesert

I would be so in love with this game's setting if I got it, but the AI detection has put me way off buying it. Maybe in the next Steam sales if it's in there.

Edited by Brackynews

I come to all QLs thinking that they are created with an attitude of "hey guys come check out this game I just got". Maybe it turns out not to be as cool a game, but that's the point, to check it out. I'm about 15 minutes into this QL and I think it's fine so far. It's not one I'm going to save and rewatch.

As far as the need for "expertise" showing off a game to its full potential, well we all see the kinds of comments posted on QLEXs. But the Darwinia+ QLEX is a perfect example of why they're useful content. Some games are impenetrable in the first 20 minutes to a new player. This also looks like one of those games, but there's no finger-snap to manifest a company rep, whether they're from the Bay area, Boston, or France.

Posted by squidracerX
@Chumm said:

@Brad said:

"I'm not suggesting you're "anti-PC", just that your PC coverage is inadequate"

Ummm the PC does not have a ton of huge exclusive games coming out for it... And many big names that do come out now come out on Xbox or PS3  (which sell better), and those console versions are out first, and those are the versions sent to them. Console games always work for them, PC games you need to have a rig to run it, any promo guy would send the console version which is what they show us. So the same game gets a Quick Look, just maybe not on PC......
WITH THAT SAID: inadequate PC coverage? Really? They have tons off PC exclusives up; they've had Stacraft, Portal, World of Warcraft update looks, end of the Matrix Online looks, they have played Mount and Blade how many times? They got on DC Universe. They had freakin' exclusive Bejeweled treatment from Jeff Green. They just played Deus Ex. They've played Frozen Synapse, Vinnie talks about nothing but the Witcher, they showed Witcher 2. DID YOU FORGET THE FARM AND TRAIN SIMULATORS!? Drew just played some airplane game. They did a Quake TNT. My god they've had Terraria and Minecraft. They have shown Penumbra and Cryostasis. Jeff was all about Vvvvvv last year! Cave Story much? Magika i think was PC? Jamestown? Cargo? Sanctum? Dino D-Day? Aquaria? Dungeons of Dredmore?  Just to name a few.
they cover enough PC games. How many times did Brad say he wanted to see the PC version of From Dust? He just didn't get sent it obviously. Dont be a dick.
Posted by thebigJ_A

Awesome Quicklook! I was curious about this. Now I know I want it, but not till a Steam sale. Thanks!

Posted by Brad

@Helios1337 said:

@Brad said:

@Johntathan: We prepare as much as we can given our limited time and resources. Your other option is no Quick Look at all. Which would you prefer?

Wow, so paying members: don't like it? Fuck off!

Maybe I phrased that poorly, but the point is, if we were expected to play through, or even nearly through, every game we do a QL with, we'd only have time to do a small fraction of the ones we're able to produce as it is.

Posted by thepotatoman

Will buy at christmas steam sale.

Posted by Majkiboy

YYESSS! most wanted quicklook in a long time

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Don't worry man, I was confused as shit when I first played this game too; now I'm level 24 and everything is clicking. The tutorial isn't great, the melee is so-so compared to the shooting (I've been using an assault rifle) and the hacking...I still don't get the hacking. I think the co-op is still kind of bugged too; some people have reported that after failing a mission with their friends they were bumped down to level one. Luckily, one of the devs (skaky on the steam forums) said that patches are on the way. No ETA on that though.
Posted by thebigJ_A

Don't listen to the nitwits. This was a perfect game to do a blind QL for.