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Edited by Tiwi

It's up! I saw this coming! ha see what i did there?

Edit: and it's down... i didn't see that.

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Posted by trophyhunter


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Posted by baba2

It may be up, but there's no video yet. ;)

Looks like we've just gotta sit tight for a little while.

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Edited by Coltonio7

Whoah, love the new aspect ratio. Tech problems are fun.

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Posted by Bubahula

hmm im seeing the future of me looking at the duder its over screen..if that makes any sense

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Posted by Tiwi

duder, it's 1:30 here and i have exams tomorrow, i want now!

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Edited by Death_Burnout

Yeah well, all i can see, is a black screen...again!

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Posted by Vorbis

The future is over? :(

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Posted by RoboRobb

Meow Meow Meow... We LOVE VINNY! 8D

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Edited by MacGyver

the future of Fable 2 is black screens!!! jk

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Posted by REDRUN

the future is nigh

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Posted by shadowwolf9


Get bent.

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Posted by spiceninja

This is the first time I've had trouble viewing videos on the site. I must be really early and you guys must have just posted it and it's not done uploading. That's never happened to me before.

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Posted by volcane2004

the future looks bleak!

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Posted by Vinny

sorry about that. have some aspect ratio issues but those should be fixed soon. had to tweak some compression settings and they are acting funky.

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Posted by mrfluke

Fable 2 quick look GO!!!!!!!!

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Edited by TripMasterMunky

I don't like these new aspect ratios for GB videos. Quality also doesn't seem that great.

Edit - nvm, I didn't see Vinny's post. No problem V-dawg.

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Posted by DeanJParker

Quickest quick look eva

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Posted by ManMadeGod

Quick looks for DLC = win.

This download looks great.

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Posted by Scooper

Whoa! Look at that dude's styyyyle. Albion never seen such a player.

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Posted by Sick_Sick_Sick

yay arrested development reference!

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Posted by Cammy

funky student doesn't approve!

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Posted by GUnitVer1

Hold up, I'm seeing the future?

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Posted by Nizzleworth

the future is cropped funny. :(

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Posted by Serker

that was boring.

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Edited by Stephen_Von_Cloud

You can't complain too much about the combat when you don't even use any of what's there.  No flourishes, mixing of styles or anything.  I mean the good thing about Fable 2's combat was it was a little deep and fun if you wanted it to be.

Anyways, that DLC is visually incredibly boring.  Can't believe that seemed like a good idea to them.  All the Fable II DLC has seemed half assed.

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Posted by raikoh05

what the fuck aspect ratio

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Posted by MasturbatingBear


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Posted by ValkyrieGoddess

Just finished this a few minutes ago. It was Okay but i wish it was a little longer.

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Posted by MltvBlackmail

Man, with style like that, why do you even need a crossbow? I also love the fact that there is no attempt to trick you into buying the snowglobe. "This snowglobe's cursed..look, uh, you're gonna buy it, and some freaky shit is probably gonna happen but you'll be fine...your pants are made of metal! You'll be fine!"  I will probably download this at some point though, looks pretty cool.

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Posted by Diamond

I thought Fable 2 was a pretty good & fun game, but this DLC looks hella lame and bad.  Glad I didn't blind buy it.  I heard the DLC is also very short.

I appreciate the quick look, and funny comments.

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Posted by VibratingDonkey

I do not like these here Fable DLC packagings. Knothole Island had some neat stuff, but the actual quest was rather super-boring. This seems to be the same, more or less. Nah, I think I'm done with the Fabling. But at least the pricing is more reasonable this time around. It's actually 540 MIcrosoft bones, not 800.

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Posted by Brydello

I lol'd at the ICP reference.

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Posted by GioVANNI

I liked Fable, but... This just looks awful.

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Posted by Rain_1

Oh dear god Vinny, the new video quality is ATROCIOUS.
Buy a new 1.5tb harddrive, they cost less than 199 these days... :D

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Posted by MacGyver

I really need to play Fable 2

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Edited by Death_Burnout

You can't go through Fable II without collecting everything as far as im concerned. My Character does not look that Goofy let me tell ya!

Dont tell me you aint got no flourish action!

This might of been the most painful uninformed QL. Oakvale damnit!

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Posted by HatKing

Actually only costs 570 Microsoft Bones.  I am considering buying it just because it seems like they priced it a little lower as a bit of an apology for the overpriced Knothole Island.  I enjoyed Fable 2 overall, but there were about five things in that game that bothered me to no end.  The ending of the game sucked, the economy was promised to be realistic and it was just as broken as any other video game's, the dog became annoying when you couldn't walk ten feet without him barking to dig something up, the menus are horrendous and the social interactions are less refined than some I've seen on the NES.  Somehow the game is still enjoyable, but probably only because of the character customization and freedom.

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Posted by Sarumarine

Bugs Bunny electric dance for 800 Microsoft bones! Oh and you can drop some funky fresh beats. Word.

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Posted by corgorav

Worst looking character ever :D

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Posted by Intrepid

I haven't played any of the Fable series, but it looks pretty cool!

This quick look was hilarious.  It'd be awesome to just sit back with a beer and play a game with these guys, I'd be laughing my ass off the entire time.

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Posted by ICF_19XX

Aspect ratio issues still? Ah geez.... Why is this in 4:3? For Christ's sake!

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Posted by mr_registered

The future is Tron? ...makes sense I guess

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Posted by Asurastrike

Damn, I just downloaded this DLC so I have to skip this QL for now. :(

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Posted by InfiniteGeass

It is only 560 microsoft points though.

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Posted by skilzlost

wish i couold play fable2

only xbox360 tho :(

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Edited by galerian

The future is where the aspect ratio is skewed,

and fixed in the later future:P

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Posted by Claude

I still have my save, but felt so sad because of how I ended the game. I miss them... sold the game.

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Posted by hungrynun

The pack is actually 560 MS points.

I don't know why.

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Posted by Tarsier

what the frig was going on with those noises

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