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Posted by JJOR64

I might get this.  I'm not sure yet.

Posted by troyx

already downloading it :)

Posted by Ouroboros

Thank you for this preview/walkthrough.  I really enjoyed it and it encouraged me to get the expansion, looks exciting.

Posted by lukusluke

I hope this game gets harder than the little black dudes and bugs, cause ryan was standing right next to them and they were just looking at him as he slashed up their buddies.

Posted by Jackel2072

Yeah, thanks Ryan! this little preview has spiked my interest. I'm gona go check out the Marketplace.

Posted by Death_Burnout

This convinced me to get it, i was on board for it last year, but eventually lost interest, i'll definately buy it now.

And where were the flourishes man? haha

Posted by Tirrandir

This DLC is hella short, I powered through in two hours or so, getting everything.  The problem is that it isn't scaled to an end-game character.  I basically shot everything dead in the face with no problem.  That said, if you haven't beaten Fable, it'd be good to have these quests (there are three of them) integrated into your playthrough. 

Posted by Johanz

Good stuff, I wondered how this DLC is, and I can't find that much info about it, this was excellent.

Posted by zityz

Good playthrough. I already bought the DLC cause I'm a nut for Fable.

Ryan, you and the boys need to do more stuff like this, it's always cool to see you play through stuff like this, with your own personal comentary and thoughts as you guys play though, always makes for a good watch. Kudos.

Posted by Kush

The fact that you can bring your dog back to life may have just sold me on buying this DLC...I feel dirty for saying that.

Posted by dtran1212

hope they do this for the GTA4 DLC

Posted by Rotnac

ill wait to see how fallout 3's DLC is.

Posted by Geno

Lmao the speech was pretty funny.

Posted by Carlos1408
Posted by Doublechops

Just bought this, took just over an hour to get through the three dungeons, and another half an hour for each of the collection quests, however as Kush,s comment  said there is one other main reason for getting the pack, your dog, I will leave it at that for those who have not played through the end quests yet.  Also the dungeons were some of the best seen in the game so far.

Edited by Oni

I was completely happy ignoring Knothole Island DLC until this video reminded me that Fable 2 was actually pretty sweet and I could go for some more of that. Thanks a lot, Ryan!

Edit: Also, If you guys could do this for the Fallout 3 DLC as well, that would be super sweet.

Posted by Hector

I got bored really quickly playing this. I just gave up. :/

Posted by ElectricHaggis

I kind of want to get this just to revive my dog, the game isn't the same without him.

Posted by gzl5000

Thanks for the preview! Looks like more of the same stuff though.

Posted by WEGGLES

Thanks to the preview, I'm definitely considering getting this DLC.

I think I may make an evil character to tide me over for now. It'll be neat to see how the world is different if I'm pure rotten evil, as opposed to a goodie 2 shoes.

Posted by Sharpshooter

I may rent out Fable 2, just to see if its worth buying (I ain't exactly a big RPG fan but this video has peaked my interest)

Posted by Rio

yeh I went through it once already and had a lot of fun.  I was pretty excited to see content like this already coming out and plan on going back through it with my other heroes.

Edited by enigma

Great  video guys! I love these previews. It would be great to see more of these in the future. Keep up the good work Giantbomb!

Posted by Scooper

Thanks Ryan I like these voice over run arounds.

Posted by PLWolf

I don't want to be spoiled anymore than I already have, so I'll wait to watch this after I've completed the main storyline.

Posted by Ryan
Tirrandir, Knothole Island absolutely scales. I played a bit with a fairly early hero before switching to my end-game hero, and the difficulty adjusted accordingly. What tipped me off was the size of the XP orbs that felled enemies would drop.

The bottom line is that Fable II is an incredibly easy game, all the time.
Posted by AndrewB

I kind of hate the Fable II DLC. It craps all over the "meaningful decisions" you made in the main story.

Posted by TomA

Thank you so much for posting this Ryan,i have been looking for a solid review of this content to decide whether or not i was going to buy this DLC. So thanks again Ryan.Keep it realz!!!!

Posted by Lukeweizer

I was going to start a new game to keep my dog and not kill it. But now I'll just pay 10 dollars.

Posted by joslop500

Awesome DLC, I bought it and enjoyed it very much.

Posted by giyanks22

This looks good. I met get Fable II...the entire game now lol .

Posted by Cyborg

I would almost just want my dog to die so that i could sacrafise human after human:) yeah that is a little twisted but oh well 

Posted by HatKing

Man this got me back into Fable...I was pretty ticked at the game for killing my dog, but now that he is back I think I've forgiven it a bit.  I love all of the cool and weird stuff you can get too...I want more expansions with stuff like this.

Posted by HiroSeven

Thanks for the video!

I rented Fable II and beat it in the 5 days that I had it for... but I didn't really do any of the side quests. So, time to buy Fable II soon and download this; looks very fun for an already fun game. =)

Posted by zityz

Also, the Knights amour is pretty awesome looking I think. That's what my dudes got on, and it's not comming off. Best looking clothes I think.

Posted by chebba

its the bomb..well worth your 800 points

Posted by Hexpane

What's more boring than playing Fable 2?  Watching someone else play.  At least now I know I don't need to rush out and buy this.  Biker jackets and bow ties??? wow that's pointless

Posted by pandemic

This looks great.  thanks for the video guys!

Posted by coonce


Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Thanks alot for the spoiler warning. I would've been pissed!

Posted by jyurakyumihawk

You guys never did a proper gameplay marathon since that GTA IV stream through Justin TV a while ago. Could Giant Bomb throw us a bone and do one? I don't care if it's for Killzone 2 or Hotel for Dogs, your running commentaries are priceless. 

Posted by RedSox8933

"there's your first look, AAHH!, at Knothole Island for Fable II."

Posted by RHCPfan24

Good job guys.  I was surprised I watched all of that; it went over quicker than I thought. I actually think I may buy this DLC now, I wanted a look at it first before I actually bought it, and it looks sweet.  Good commentary as always.

Posted by bornagain888

Fable II was my favorite game I played in 08.

Posted by Moeez

Spoilers? No thanks. 

Thanks for the heads-up, though.
Posted by mcdrew77

Bloomin' Onions!!!

Posted by PapaLazarou

That voice acting is so spot on and perfect :D I'd buy it just for that if it was on Steam for the PC.

Posted by spiceninja

Knothole Island was very short but very sweet. The main story wasn't that interesting or great but all the extra stuff you get was well worth the $10.

Posted by VibratingDonkey

This add-on is totally almost pretty much definitely worth it potentially perhaps absolutely maybe. The quests themselves are sort of...eehh, particularly the stupid orb things which are rather prevalent. It's more the other stuff that's interesting. Such as the items you can acquire, the drastic visual changes. The spoiler in particular.

Posted by Media_Master


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