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EDIT: woo!

Posted by KaneRobot

Muh balls, on rails, and so on.

Posted by Shirogane

Woo! Vinny QL!

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Posted by darkedhunter

All the kinect, all the time.

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Posted by PlayPaul

'If you dominate with your left hand it feels like someone else is dominating.' Oh Vinny, right off the bat.

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Posted by KaneRobot

"Horse, did you sign the whiteboard?"

Posted by thefaulconer

It's just not the same around here without you Vinny

Posted by audioBusting

Finally, some horse butt rubbing in video games.

Posted by RVonE

"This game is rich in gallops." VINNY I MISSED YOU

Posted by Yummylee

20 seconds in and... God Bless you, Vinny.

Posted by devilzrule27

Looks abysmal.

Posted by White
Posted by sixpin

From "Chicken Kicker" to "Horse Rider"

Posted by Kerned

It sure as hell looks on rails to me. It also looks like it barely works. Shocking.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

Vinny is, truly, the best.

Posted by arimajinn
Posted by Residentrevil2

Yes, this quick look is awesome! The game looks okay too, for kids, but still fun. Vinny makes the video!

Posted by algertman

Vinny is back, GB is saved!

Posted by BlackLagoon

So, not on rails... more like a busway?

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Yeah Brad, we see your bar filling up.

Posted by BananaHace

lower your hands

Posted by hollitz

I heard this game was on rails.

Posted by Eaxis

I love the look of this game, but it doesn't seem fun to play.

Posted by Sweep
"If you dominate with your left hand it feels like someone else is dominating"

- Vinny Caravella

Posted by zombie2011

Oh god Vinny's back and it is awesome.

Posted by PollySMPS

Magic sharts!

Posted by xMrSunshine

I come here for the video games, I stay because of Vinny.

Posted by zombie2011

Watching this just reminds me of how much i love the world of Albion.

Posted by Drebin_893

Best duo for a quick look.

Posted by SuperJoe

Muh fireballs

Posted by AngelN7

Magic Sharks!

Posted by Meltac

I don't know what to expect.. except for it looking like shit.

Posted by algertman

$50! It should be $30 tops! Also, it's longer than Dishonored.

Posted by Rothbart

Nice to see a Kinect game that works, and that has some meat to it. And Vinny is simply delightful, as always.

Posted by djaoni

Game looks like shit, and I'm not just talking about the graphics. What a waste of money to make this crap.

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Posted by MEATBALL

Goddamn I missed Vinny!

Posted by simkas

@algertman said:

Also, it's longer than Dishonored.

I very very very highly doubt that.

Posted by Kissedtravisc

Is that a fun thing to do?

Posted by beef_melody

Wow, no wonder Molyneux jumped ship.

Posted by NekuSakuraba

Hooray! :D

Posted by CannonGoose

I missed Vinny so much.

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yeah...this isn't on rails at all...

Also: Hobbes and Hollow men... yeah I guess this is Fable...

Posted by MAJID

It feels like Vinny's been away for months. Good to have you back I-talian Stallion!

Posted by GodlyOne

Vinny's always on the top of his game for nonchalant double entendres.

Posted by Animasta

goddamned brad spoilermaker

the most tragic bard of all