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o god i cant wait  to watch this

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in b4 that digital sin dude.

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Family Feud is actually pretty popular for LP's on YouTube.

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'H...G...WELLS!' Its funny how Daves mind works.
Family Feud is known as Family Fortunes in the UK. 

Edit: DAMN THAT WAS ANDY!!!! He saved my GB ass before.

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HAHAHA funniest QL EVER!!!

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Dude, YES.

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It's fun fun fun with the whole team on this!

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Giant Bomb - Staff Feud, The New Weekly Endurance Run, with all your favourites, including, Vinny, Jeff, Dave, Ryan, and Brad!!

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Looks alright, some of the survey answers we're very messed up though.

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A Family Feud endurance run is needed!

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What a terrible game. That tights question was hilarious.

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I'm pretty sure that bald guy isn't a girl, Dave. :P

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YES! oh god yes! 

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funniest ql. definatley.

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Hilarious Quick Look!

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This game is SO GODDAMNED BAD. Christ.

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I could just see them all dancing to that menu music.

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That was really funny - the group Quick Looks are great!

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Best QL ever!

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Wow!! This is hilariously awesome.

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I said the Wii needs to be thrown in the garbage, but
this game makes me want to set it on fire, throw dog shit on it,
crush it with a sludge hammer and leave it for dead
in the desert.

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@Dirty_Harry said:
" Garbage-man "
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This is epic. Best weekend quick look ever.

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Best quick look ever!

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Best QL in awhile. You guys need to do more content where you just hang out and do random stuff like this.

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show me... B!

Posted by Chadster

Ryan's "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" ringtone at 5:10 is hilarious.

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Come on B!!

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One of the best QLs ever. EVER! 

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@PlasmaBeam44 said:
" I'm pretty sure that bald guy isn't a girl, Dave. "
Are you sure? I thought I noticed some, you know, melons... and I usually have a keen eye...
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@JeffGoldblum said:

" Come on B!! "

one of the greatest quick looks EVER
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Funniest Quick Look ever!

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One of the funniest QL's in a while!

Posted by erinfizz

I wasn't expecting much from this game, but the spelling errors really put it over the top.

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hahaha, this was one of the best quick looks in a long time. It may have even topped that Dragon Ball game for the PSP.

Posted by Blair

Good Quick Look!  Good Quick Look!

Posted by GunnBjorn

You can see how a God-awful game can actually be a lot of fun when played by a bunch o' dudes. 
Preferably drunk...
Posted by Davola

Are old people known for having trouble with microwaves? How hard could it be?

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A great QL.  They should do one with Scene It.

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Good answer!!

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Name a modern device that designers have trouble using: Wiimote.
Amazing QL.

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this quick look was very enjoyable

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That game looked awful.

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That was hilarious. You guys are crazy.