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That "Car vs. Airplane" event reminded me a bit of Split/Second's fantastic, though often infuriating Air Strike event. Sans missiles of course.

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The first time I laid hands on this game with the demo, I was immediately put off by the whole "Destruction rewards? This isn't Forza!" thing, but by the end of the demo I'd been totally sold. Horizon seems fucking rad from what I've played of it and I can't wait to pick it up.

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This doesn't seem as appealing to me as the loosely similar Test Drive Unlimited 2. As weirdly broken as that game was/is. Still, it has something about it that tempts me.

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A full priced game filled with advertisements? No thanks.

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Wow. This game just oozes Codemasters in the menus, radio, sponsorship stuff... I kind of want it.

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Entirely forgot about this game... seriously looks cool.

Have to check out the demo! Ferrari F40.... all time favourite car.

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Something about this game looks very sterile, looks nice atleast.

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oh man i know that Mord Fustang song!!! i was addicted to it all last year. Now i need to go listen to it

LICK THE RAINBOW @22:20 if u wanna here in the ql

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Seems pretty good, must let my bro know to get it because he is big into racing games

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@Meltac said:

Looks good, but Most Wanted is coming out a week after. I'll get that instead.

It was stupid to release this game when they are.

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I'm in the same camp of "crap, another game I want that I wasn't expecting."

DiRT 4 is going to need about 200% less Ken Block and none of his Gymkhana garbage to make me as interested as I am in Forza Horizon right now.

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I wonder if there will be a Red Barchetta in one of those barns.

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Looks awesome.

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I like how the first few seconds let you know how awesome the game is.

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As a Coloradoan, I am unsure how I feel about fake Colorado. Nah, I feel fine.

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Awesome video. Game itself looks pretty fun, too.

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Forza soundtrack borrowing from Dirt 3, I like it!

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Best cold intro for a QL ever.

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Man, it's like forty minutes of two people trying to convince themselves that this game isn't super simulation-style racing, and neither person seems entirely convinced at the end, even though it obviously isn't. Weird.

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This looks pretty darn good - can't wait for the Quick Look for Most Wanted.

I'll only get one of the two, but I think I'll wait on the QL for Most Wanted before I make my final decision. Regardless, this looks much better than I thought it would be.

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game looks alright if your into open world racers, I personally hate open world racing games.

@Pr1mus said:

Open world racing games are wrong, always.

I know where you guys are coming from. As a fan of Burnout 1-4, I never got into Paradise because the open world annoyed the hell out of me. However, I was okay with Hot Pursuit's open world because it wasn't riddled with cross-roads, 90° turns, ramps, pillars, tunnels and all that shit, instead it consisted of long-winded, awesome roads. So basically for me a countryside open world is fine, open cities are not. That's the reason why I'm not interested at all in the upcoming NFS Most Wanted whereas I'm really intrigued by this game.

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ET:QW was suuuuch a flop, and then they went on to make a game you might remember called BRINK.

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Jeff, there's a stamp feature and also copy for keeping vinyls the same size for different spots on the car

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@rebgav: Hahaha, and amen to that :D
GT5 got better with patches but I ragequit because of the forced grind, which I still managed a lot of. And those license tests, my poor dualshock..
I'd commit crimes for what would be a proper new Ridge Racer game in my book, #1 #2 and Revolution, and maybe a new Midnight Club done like MC2 but improved, and less argh-inducing. Sometimes going checkpoint to checkpoint gets dull.  It's me, I'm the guy who thought GTA4 PC once patched up had a perfectly fine driving model!
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@Qblivion: Yup

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Here is a spotify playlist with the soundtrack:

EDIT: or two of the radiostations in the game rather, Source.

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Those crazy photorealistic paint jobs are basically just traced. People get capture cards, and then put the game screen transparently over whatever picture they're trying to recreate and then it's just a matter of time. Really lazy stuff.

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This game looks AWESOME!

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@Dandalf said:

This looks pretty darn good - can't wait for the Quick Look for Most Wanted.

I'll only get one of the two, but I think I'll wait on the QL for Most Wanted before I make my final decision. Regardless, this looks much better than I thought it would be.

I feel the same way. I hope there is a demo for Most Wanted.

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Reviews are not what I expected for this at all. Guess it's not for me... looks super bland. Watching video reviews and hearing them rave about it and I'm trying to psyche myself up into liking it but it's not happening. I'll stick with proper Forza games.

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Oh man, this game makes me not want this game so hard. Sweet.

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Battlefield 3's season passy thing is as much as the game too. Premium that is.

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@Forcen: well done, thank you.

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I don't have much interest in this game unfortunately, I think I kind of burned myself out on racing games with all of the Burnout Paradise I played. This does look really nice though, maybe I'll pick it up when I come back around on racing games. That being said...

This quick look, for some reason, threw me into a Giant Bomb music finding frenzy. There was one song that reminded me of that Party Hard song so I had to search for that for a half hour, which then led me to the whistling songs, and now I just keep going deeper and deeper.

Stupid Giant Bomb and your stupid awful great taste in music.

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So, somehow they made a ripoff of the the original Need for Speed a boring game? Man, that's something else. The cars seem to have no physics applied to them. That's great... What a missed opportunity.

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The menu and UI design looks Codemasters as fuck.

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*openworld driving game. Does doughnuts to dubstep*

Dat opening.

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that game looks fucking gorgeous

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15 minutes in and I hear Yuck in the background. I've had my fill of Forza games after 3, but if anything I have to give 'em credit for having great soundtracks.

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Autotune your car.

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The framerate seems a little rough, but it looks good otherwise. I think I might wait for Most Wanted.

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@Qblivion said:

Open world was awesome when it was new

Shit, now you've got me thinking about NFSU 2.

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@wrecks said:

As a Coloradoan, I am unsure how I feel about fake Colorado. Nah, I feel fine.

Yeah, they get the feeling down fine. The map sorta looks like a squished version of the area inside C-470/I-25/I-70, just because of redrocks (Morrison area) in the lower left and springs in the lower right. It's really odd they put the mountains on the east side, though, and I would've liked to see a LoDo area, or at least more buildings.

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@Fattony12000 said:

Wasn't the auto-upgrade thing in Forza games available since the first or second one? The tuning thing that Brad keeps going on about is the whole 'dive into the tire options and adjust camber angles' and shit. That is the stuff that GT brought to console racers originally, and what Forza has always had.

I think the auto auto upgrading to a certain level was a Fora 3 thing, but yeah tuning and upgrading are completely different things.

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Sure looks pretty.

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This game looks great but seriously what an amazing soundtrack

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At no point was the amount of cars mentioned. Why? A game branded Forza is assumed to include close to every car released in Forza 4 to date, it is one of THE selling point.

The fear is that the season pass will be for content already available in Forza 4 for the most part, it's one thing to pay for licensing fees, but to pay for cars being carried over.

If we are getting screwed, GiantBomb is the place I expect to be informed about it. A good place to start would be to mention the number of cars. But then you drop the ball when you think Forza's DLCs are good value at more than 0.50$ per car. Is every DLC weighted against Street Fighter's costumes in this industry? Am I the only one who remember the 20$ expansion packs era? StarCraft BroodWar selling at 20$, the price Microsoft sells 30 Porsches, almost all of which are copy-pasted from Forza 3, which doesn't seem to bother Brad.

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I should buy a driving wheel.