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Posted by PoisonJam7

Ugh, no thanks. This isn't the Forza I know and love.


oooh geez that first minute is brutal *_*

Posted by Gamer_152

I shouldn't have watched this video. Now I really, really, really want Forza Horizon.

Posted by Sourcery

Can not wait for this game!

Posted by calumlittle

Only an Audi? Quattro Class B Rally legend, that you couldn't even beat a Soccer Mum truck with, you suck at driving dude, ever go to Convoy to race asian chicks, cos even they would fuck you up, lol

Posted by mustardfacial

I've never liked the Ferrari F40. The way the headlights and front grill are shaped always made it look like a retarded child to me.

Posted by falling_fast

shaunsavestokyo is a pretty cool name

Posted by MachoFantastico

@mustardfacial: How dare thee! :D The F40 is a creation like no other.

Posted by Vextroid

Oh man, if this was on PC I would totally buy it!

Posted by Drebin_893

@Vextroid said:

Oh man, if this was on PC I would totally buy it!
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This actually looks like a game for me.

(Not a huge racing fan)

Posted by TekZero

Me, last night after buying the game and my last Forza game was FM2:

"Auto upgrade? I'd never be that lazy"

By the time I got my second car, I auto upgraded.

Posted by David_Spiral

Personally, I think this is the best racing game of last generation.