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edit: I'm sorry I had a few beers.

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I hope Jeremy Clarkson is still in the game :)

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Oh, just what I needed in this desperate time of --11pm and nothing to do-- we've all been there, I'm sure. First you try putting your shoes on and find out they are not the ones with the wheels on them so you can't even slip around the floor, which means you then take them off and find the floor is too cold to do it with just socks. Just an all round shit show. Anyway, I'm glad this Quick Look got posted, I bought an Xbox One for this game.

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now that is a good looking vehicle

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Based on the reviews, this game is the best next-gen launch title (excluding Mario 3D Land). Sadly, its another racing game and I don't see how that makes much of an impression of the overall launch lineup, except for the people whom are big fans of racing games.

I enjoy them after long in-between segments of a lot of other gaming genres.

More money grabbing features I see.

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Oh yeah... tease me a little more.

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Fonza 5 looks pretty.

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I would get this game for that detailing option alone.

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It's kind of wild to listen to people that have almost no idea who Jeremeny Clarkson is or the Stig for that matter.

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What do I do guys!? Do I watch this or wait til tomorrow!?

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long loading screens for next gen, pushing micro-transactions, bizarre soundtrack...super meh

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So purdy

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Xbox: Watch Forza Motorsport 5 Giantbomb quicklook.

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What's with the "epic" music?

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edit: I'm sorry I had a few beers.

Actual first post ever that brought a smile to my face.

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Alright, these microtransactions are pushing it too far. The two currency thing is straight out of a phone game, but you are paying $60 for this.

Also, they can make these cars as pretty as they want, but there is still a lot of aliasing, which kind of ruins it for me. /rant

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haha yes! snuck the "never" lady in here


You don't care about this, but my one recommendation is to use the analog ability of the gas and brake. Applying the pressure gradually helps prevent spins / brake lockup etc.

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Screw Top Gear for faking that Tesla episode. I can never forgive them for that.

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This is not the Jeremy Clarkson I want. I want Jeremy Clarkson to be yelling about something while accidentally lighting it on fire.

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Awful game.

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a bit drewless for my taste

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"Pay to not play the game you paid for!"

OK, that was ugly of me.

"Hey, be glad we didn't increase the grind four-fold!"

There we go, perfect.

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Man, I just want another Horizon game now.

And that Shaun McInnis drivatar is ruthless.

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Funny to listen to dudes who aren't that into cars, including some who barely drive because of where they live, play a car enthusiasts game.

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I'd buy this if my G27 worked with XONE. I just can't buy a racer without racing wheel support. And I'm not buying another wheel that only works with one console.

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Micro transactions! Micro transactions eeeeeeeverywhere :( I agree With Patrick in that a xp boost in and of itself isn't a very intrusive micro transaction, but often the game levels slower as a result in order to get you to spend money etc. Every design decision based on micro transactions makes for a worse game, and I'd like to avoid that bullshit when paying full price.

Anyways, the game looks alright. Looks like Forza with a lot of sun up in your face.

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$60 for base game
$20 for premium car pack
$50 for season pass
$2-$135 for F2P microtransactions

This garbage has to stop.

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But does it have the Nurburgring?

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There is a lot of distracting things about this game. I can't believe that they have the reflections on the hood, but it doesn't reflect the intensity of light when you drive across shadows. Also, the music in here.... Makes me think about traffic. NOPE.

Edit: Okay, major points for the crowd.

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@trafalgarlaw said:
  • $60 for base game
  • $20 for premium car pack
  • $50 for season pass
  • $2-$135 for F2P microtransactions

This garbage has to stop.

Don't give in to early adopter tax. Wait a year or so for a GOTY going 50% off.

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Anisotropic filtering, where you at? :(

e: 30 minutes in, I'd be playing the shit outta this and DR3 if it launched this year in Sweden and I had the money for it. Mostly because I know it's not a dick about license tests like GT games, my DS3 almost bit it during GT5 license tests. Guess I'll wait until the possibly coming next year GT7 PS4 Prologue..

e: The RMT is GROSS, beyond gross. GT6 has it but more tastefully..

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Game looks good, but the business behind the content is super scummy.

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But does it have the Nurburgring?

No :(

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Pretty boring watching someone play with the bumper cam but i understand why you'd prefer it

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This looks great but that music is putting me to sleep.

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Next gen.

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So at 05:31 you clicked continue on the track and at 07:11 is when you could start race. THen after the first race you clicked continue at 13:58 and then got to the race settings screen at 14:54. WTF is up with that load times?

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$2.99 is not "two bucks." Don't propagate the psychological trickery of 99 cent marketing!

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Really wish you guys had someone who was a bit more familiar with cars in real life and had more experience with these sort of games. Not that I think their opinion of the game is wrong or anything but I think the Quick Looks for driving games would be more informed and interesting for people to watch if someone knew more about this stuff. That insight applies to Arcade (NFS) and sim-ish (GT, Forza) driving games. Also didn't mention anything about steering wheel support for Xbox One and the game as that is extremely important for these games. I don't believe Xbone supports any other wheel stuff that isn't built for Xbox One which is super stupid.

Again, don't have any problem with their opinion of the game. More just these QLs are a bit painful to watch you guys stumble and guess your way around the car stuff lol.

I hope to god that they let Drew handle GT6 and he uses the G27 wheel they have in the office as its dumb to even bother playing GT games without a wheel. And I know Jeff wouldn't bother trying the wheel out.


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Have they gotten rid of licensed music? I'm sure older forza's had actual songs in them.


"You're both going backwards..." - Drew

Was I the only one who heard the sigh after that?