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Posted by Mumfordthetruth

Wow, Jeff and Brad really missed out not plugging in that second controller for Triple Action. I remember playing this back in the day with my brother and it is a total blast... but you need 2 players. The ricocheting shots in tanks is crazy and the physics in biplanes was a total hoot!
Posted by Mumfordthetruth
Utopia? Awesome! Though I don't see it getting a good run through on Quicklook... Its next to impossible to just pick up and play. If you don't have any experience with it or Intellivision in general you're not going to know whats going on... especially if you don't pick up the second controller. Not to mention the keypad on the controller is tough to use in Gameroom.
Posted by PipeAndSlippers

they need to change the site layout, i had no idea this video existed

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@beatlebrainiac said:
" Black Widow looks an awful lot like Geometry Wars. Or should I say, Geometry Wars looks an awful lot like Black Widow. "
And they all look like robo tron, i think Idk when robo tron came out
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Fuck yeah 36 minuets of Game Room!

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I love these Game Room QLs. 
Oh man, hero was my all time favorite, as you can tell by my avatar. 

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just played some mk2 because of this :D

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Is it weird that I desperately want a dedicated MK-Kast from these guys? 

Posted by BatmanBatman

oh my god jeff playing laser blast!!! I was checking screened and was just hearing the audio and it kept going forever....

Posted by solidlife

really enjoyed this QL
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20 minutes of Laser Blast. Awesome.!
Hero looked pretty cool.

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wow. lazerz endurance runz

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i want a laser blast endurance run podcast!

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there is a difficulty in Laser Blast. At the beginning you CAN move up and down, but as the levels progress you slowly loose how far dewn you can move! Yes i played laser blast when i was young!  
p.s Love the Game room quick looks    
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Can I has this week's Game Room update?

Posted by Kraznor

Really enjoy these regular Game Room updates. Laser Blast initially looked neat, but looking at that leaderboard was kind of soul crushing. No sense in buying it now.

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Weekly Game Room quick looks is my favourite part of the site, next to the bombcast, of course.

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I was wondering why this was 36 minutes long... 
This is my favorite Game Room Quick Look, though, solely due to Laser Blast.

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I can't believe I watched this whole endurance run

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I'm definitely with Jeff on the pricing thing. They were charging $3 for that Skiing game a few videos ago where you just do a single 20-flag slalom and try to get the best time, and meanwhile I picked up Hitman: Blood Money last night on the Steam sale for $2.49.

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I love Brad's story about waiting to play MK3. Classic stuff.

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that laser blaster er was hypnotizing

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... Pow. Pow. Pow. ... Pow. Pow. Pow. ...

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I cannot believe I watched the whole ufo shooting segment. At midnight.

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lol, that tank doesn't have tank controls.

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I just went back and looked up the Game Informer MK article, turns out it was written by none other than Dan Ryckert. Good to know Jeff's been hating Dan's opinions since long before he even knew who Dan was.