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Thats a lot of time for a arcade room quick look

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I STILL love these, can't get enough of them.

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@Pie:  What could possibly take 36 minutes... They probably just start talking about Mortal Kombat.
EDIT: Called it..
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E Run FTW!!!

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I'm convinced that Game Room quick looks are the best quick looks.

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attack of the return of the arcade

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Black Widow looks an awful lot like Geometry Wars. Or should I say, Geometry Wars looks an awful lot like Black Widow.

Posted by NeilRapalee

I hate Game Room, but I love these quick looks.


Posted by Deathpooky

How did something so promising go so wrong?

Posted by Rhaknar

that dude had a optimus prime helmet, is that a avatar reward from the new game?

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Half an hour!

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i use to play that all the time in grade school on the Apple II

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I have to ask the question...
Why would anyone spend money on old console versions of card games or billiards when they could buy a modern game with the same functionality and better graphics? I just can't even see buying those for the nostalgia value.
Edit: Oh, nevermind. They already commented on that seconds later.

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Actually Mortal Kombat will be cool because then I can play it on the PC!!! I don't have a console!!!

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@AndrewB said:
"the nostalgia value"

This is literally the only reason to buy games through Game Room. I grew up playing a little bit of Colecovision when I was very young so there are only a few of these games I know from my childhood, but all these games are here pretty much for nostalgia purchases. If you didn't grow up playing any of these games in your youth, there's a next to no chance you'll have any inclination to play them today unless you simply enjoy old arcade games.
There are only a very small handful of games that I found to be still fun and playable. Notably for me, I still enjoy Time Pilot, Shaolin's Road, and Centipede so I bought those quite easily. I kind of wish they would get Ladybug and Burger Time in there though.
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@Rhaknar said:
" that dude had a optimus prime helmet, is that a avatar reward from the new game? "
No, you have buy it.
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Brad can say that there's not a lot to these early games until the recent release of Utopia on gameroom. 
EDIT: must have been some glitch as there were a few games that popped up on wednesday (pre noon CTZ), Utopia being one of them. Maybe next week they might show up as there were a lot of arcade titles some people might enjoy.

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This is like a freakin podcast.

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I'm holding out for some Berzerk, some Vanguard, some god damn Pitfall 2. Casino? Really?

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Well this is a pleasant surprise. 

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I have no idea why they would release any of the old sports/pool/casino games from back then.  There's no nostalgia value there.  The games are terrible.  You can't play a ranked match with them.  And half of them you need to have several players to even play them. 
The only reason they'd release them is as filler to show that they're still releasing games every week.  Which is pretty shitty.

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where was Jeff on the leaderboard? 

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Not that anyone cares but the Falcon was Atari's last computer (most powerful). Let down by a 16-bit bus (32-bit processor though so could do more, just not fast enough to show its true potential) it was an excellent machine with flaws that can be removed now with modern hardware attachments. Think of it as a little known gem unlike the toilet (literally on looks) Jaguar which Atari concentrated on instead and caused them to finally go under (actually, to be fair the Jaguar was also excellent but let down by terrible developer support).
EDIT: 32-bit co-processor, I don't know exactly. The problem was something like that anyway.

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I hope Jeff is writing off all his Game Room purchases as business expenses.

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But Ryan told us on Twitter that the more request an endurance run the less likely it was you guys would do an endurance run but here you are doing another one and... and... and...

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@freecajunlove said:
" @Pie:  What could possibly take 36 minutes... They probably just start talking about Mortal Kombat. "
good guess or clairvoyance
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What's that, Zach? They shot down my last UFO?
Then I'm taking them with me.
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Goddamnit, Jeff and Brad manage to make any conversation about Mortal Kombat.

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Triple Action! Man, I used to play that game non-stop with my cousin back in the day. Might actually think about getting it.

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This is too much Lazer Blast for anyone to handle.

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Loved the Mortal Kombat conversation.

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I completely forgot about the MK games being on the PS3, but once you started talking about it I went out and watched it mid video.
Edit: Oh god I'm going to have that sound stuck in my head now.

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Let's go team J.R.!

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@DudeFromJersey said:
" Loved the Mortal Kombat conversation. "
Holy shit, that poster was right.
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Over 595,000 points in Laser Blast? Talk about tedium...

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@NeilRapalee said:

I hate Game Room, but I love these quick looks.


Same here.  If Game Room was like $1 a game, then it would be awesome.
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Yeah, I just love it when these guys talk some Mortal Kombat.
They should do a MK themed Thursday night throwdown!

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Team BJ is ace.

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@Santar: I imagine the next MK game that gets released with online play will result in some sort of massive 10 hour Thursday Night Throwdown.
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I can't believe I watched this...

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I am reminded of Al Franken & Tom Davis playing PONG on SNL in like 1975 while talking random things. Epic.

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This needs to be renamed Mortal Kombat discussion.  Screw game room.

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@freecajunlove said:
" @Pie:  What could possibly take 36 minutes... They probably just start talking about Mortal Kombat. "
You called it (well, partially)
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Oh man if I would have known that HERO was on there I would have so bought it, and Black Widow was tempting... Also I saw my avatar there, the pirate kilt wearing thing in the Konami section.

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God, its like watching a .gif image...
It was very hypnotic.

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Haha.. This is hilarious! boom-boom-boom. boom-boom-boom. boom-boom-boom.

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Jeff wants a transformer game to play like gears? Think of how silly it would look with transformers running around taking cover like in gears.

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I hadn't realized how fanatical the Giant Bomb crew were about Mortal Kombat until recent weeks.