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Posted by Diamond

I dreamed about giant monsters completely destroying cities with powers like fireballs.  And there were 2 tornadoes.

Posted by tourgen

two 2600 golf games in one week.  *sigh*  what the hell game room.

Posted by Evercaptor

Game Room is like a bad joke gone on too long.

Posted by buzz_clik

I like to picture the real life version of that first Golf game as Jeff running and hollering down the fairway, knocking the ball along with his club like some horseless, senseless game of polo.

Posted by Tordah

That Golf game is hilarious.

Posted by Yzzerdd

Game Room Man is the best new character of 2010

Posted by Slaneesh

Yes gameroom. The biggest game of the year. HELL YEAAAAHHH!!!

Posted by Milpool

Oh man, VInny and Jeff!  Re-united at last.  And it feels so good.

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Posted by Wandering_Idiot

 Clearly, Vinny's dream means he is secretly a member of the Chartered Society of Designers (their logo is a Minerva head).  What dark deeds have you and your fellow art majors been up to that haunt you in your dreams, Vinny?  Huh?

Posted by Poorman4444

I enjoy the way they describe Ryan flipping off them and game room

Posted by confideration

Never noticed you can see the avatar playing the game in the background and what you see on the screen is what is on that screen. Amazing tech.

Posted by HowDire

"Golf" had me in stitches

Posted by onarum

Man, these guys cheesing scores on game room are so pathetic.

Posted by Capum15

One of the best parts of the video was Vinny retelling that dream.

Posted by error5305

I love these, maybe Vinny should do these more so Ryan doesn't kill himself.

Posted by HerbieBug

It's like they made a game about what it would be like if you tried to golf with a water noodle. 

Posted by Echo

Sounds like Vinny should totally start up a dreamlog. I'd dig it.

Posted by beef_melody

Oh my god.  Drunk Golf is goddamn amazing.

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You do wonder what would happen if this came alive:  


Although this one would be more scary: 

Posted by KuribosShoe

Game Room is the best endurance run.

Posted by Gabriel

Just play Jackal every week.

Posted by Box3ru13

I've totally have had that same dream man...

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I hope Game Room never dies, so we can keep getting these hilarious videos. 
Jeff: "I hate myself, I want to die." That's what Game Room does to people.

Posted by deerokus

That Golf game may be the worst game ever made.

Posted by gakon

I hope they can find a way to fit some element of Game Room into a GOTY award.

Posted by is343

double number ones

Posted by strangeling

So, Jeff is one of those people who gets a running start to tee off in golf in real life? 

Posted by Nick

Wow Vinny's dream was awesome!
Posted by Kraznor

Nice to see these are still happening. Hope it never ends.

Posted by rjayb89

I'm sorry I had to say this but Jeff is a terrible golfer!  Does Jeff even know how to play games?  This is ridiculous!  He should learn how to play games!  I mean he reviews games!  How can we trust someone who isn't good at them!?  Ridiculous!

Posted by Tricky69

Seems the Avatars in Game Room haven't changed after the update...
Posted by core1065

I think Vinny's dream was a preview of of FEAR 4 or the new Bayonetta.

Posted by Homeslice

Jackal STILL holds up. Awesome.

Posted by Nert

"Golf" is amazingly funny. 

Posted by bkbroiler

Glad to see more Jackal. So delicious. 

Posted by wwfundertaker

I remember playing these games in a compilation cartridge.

Posted by karmaghost

Golf had me wondering if I was colorblind.