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Game of the year!

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Well this should be uhhhhh....yeah.

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Oh no...

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Oh yes, this is gonna be great. Just amazing, I can't wait to be on the sidelines and watch this.

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Ain't no fight like a girl fight.

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"You like my downtempo grooves?"

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Girls fighting girls!

Not fighting you!

This game has the best ending of any game of the year.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Oh Japan, you so cray-cray.

Wait a minute...

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Future girl bar fight.

Posted by Zevvion

This seems better than I expected. Which isn't saying much because I was expecting a terrible game that tried to make a sale of scarcely dressed girls. It still seems like the latter part, but it doesn't seem terrible. Not more than mediocre either though.

And you know what? If you want to play a game just because it features half naked girls, go for it. We're all nasty in some way or another. I'd say if this is your thing, that's still pretty mild.

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I really hate the sound effect of the hits...

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@excast: SHHH! Don't use the M-word. thumblr has a google alert every time someone mentions it.

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I think I need an adult!

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This is a game for perverts with no sense of shame. Have some shame!

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The truly worst thing about this game is that Warchild's arm-patch flag is backwards. Completely unacceptable.

Edit: I take that back, the worst part is that 'reward' picture for beating the boss. Ugh.

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It either takes huge balls or really shitty luck to release a game like this in today's current climate. Also this game looks preeeeeeeety bad.

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I'm waiting for the inevitable Brooke Valentine DLC.

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What the eff! That's one Mad Cat MKII looking Mech walking in the background at 13:45!

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Don't worry, guys, this will generate little to no controversy. People only tend to target well known games.

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Now this is what I'm talking about. Why couldn't Rockstar be more inclusive like Girl Fight? This game has playable female characters all over it.

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The background for the third fight is possibly the most boring I have ever seen.

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@excast said:


That's not what misogyny is. What is it is pandering. The two don't always come together.

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That's one game better than Brothers this year

Posted by RVonE

In motion it looks like a poor man's Dead or Alive.

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wait, was that a OSA that i just saw?


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@rvone: I'm poor and I am a man so this is the perfect game for me

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That was a real good prize for putting up with that incredible story.

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What if I told you, I've been looking forward to this game?

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Oh man. That moment where jeff beat arcade mode. Funniest quick look moment in months.

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@hero_swe said:

What the eff! That's one Mad Cat MKII looking Mech walking in the background at 13:45!

Yes that does. Of course it looked like its misslle pods had boob jiggle which was weird.

But still best part of the game.

Posted by BabyChooChoo

I'm not necessarily opposed to a dumb, pandering fighting game with a bunch of girls in skimpy outfits, but this game looks, at best, completely mediocre. That wouldn't be so bad either, but it's a fighting game and these days, the average fighting game is at least pretty damn good.

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OMG, a new Endurance Run! Thanks guys!

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This game looks like garbage. Who even cares about its characters?

On second thought it looks a bit like how someone would make a fake video game that the nerd character plays in a movie.

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That mech is borderline copyright infringing.

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That soundtrack is pretty sick, not gonna lie.

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Don't tell Polygon!

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Looks better than DOA5 at least.

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Even ignoring the stupid fucking premise, this game's mechanics look terrible and not fun at all. Just a poorly made product in every respect.

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The first rule of stripper fight club is

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@scarabus: I fully agree with you.
I personally have no problems what so ever with sexy girls in games, but this game is just pathetic, a ugly game, with a horrible story (if you can call that story), and on top of that it seams like it plays like utter junk, and they want cash for that?

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You don't bring guns to a girl fight everyone knows that, plus not realistic enough no hair pulling or scratching = no sale.

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Future bar fight music for girls may be one of the smallest genres of music, but i wouldn't be surprised if it existed somewhere, somehow.

This game doesn't look good.

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How dare you criticize this game the developers have the freedom of speech and being a meanie head to it is censorship.

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How long has this game been in development? It looks, sounds and is thematically like an early PS2 game.