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Finally boob physics I can get behind!

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jeff, at the beginning, sounds like the robot from Sewer Shark

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Looks alright, but I'll pick it up when it's on sale around $5 on steam.

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Why would you not focus a game called God Mode on not being able to die? Something like Wario Land 2/3, where you're hindered by getting hit, but don't actually die.

As others have said, this seems alright with friends, but no more than that. And honestly, any game is alright when played with friends.

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What an odd product

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Not bad for $10.......

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If you want to play a 3rd person shooter which focuses on (casual) co-op, go for Warframe. I played both and where Warframe has kept me entertained for at least 35 of the 50 hours I played it, this only for 2.

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Not my thing, but looks fine if you like this sort of thing...

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Game is pretty appealing for $10

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This game looks cool. It's like if you ever wanted to get all America on Mythology. Well, actually, it looks pretty mediocre, but the idea is novel.

And the run animation is... fantastic.

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@solh0und: I don't care what anyone says, Blacklight is terrible blackhole of a game. It's blatantly pay-2-win and even the core mechanics are incredibly weak. Even the "x-ray view" thing they do is more of a "vets vs. newbs" kind of element rather than anything actually substantial that involves and real skill. Blacklight is a terrible game.

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@donpixel: Basically, it's a 3rd-person view Horde Mode game. You and other people fight in an arena to kill bad guys. There's bosses. That's it. Asides from that, it's grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind your way to the top.

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Why is this game online? You don't do anything with the other players, they just take powerups and get in your way. And they make it so it takes 7 minutes to start playing!

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victory. achievement unlocked: made daddy proud

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I wanna know where da gold'at

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For $10, it looks pretty fun.

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Seems alright for a $10 game, looks like it would be hard to find games in the future though.

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"Storm chasers. It's what we do." J-P

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I really love this lengthy film discussion.

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This is way better than R.I.P.D