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MAI WAIFU! So kawaii desu-kun ^__^

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Best game

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miku miku

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20 minutes in, this quick look has been fantastic. Killer is Dead was great too. Awesome stuff, guys.

Welp, I'm pretty sure that was the hardest I've laughed this year. I thought I might die.

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I'm ashamed to play these games, but the gameplay is fun

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"Just flick, flick, flick, flick the stick!" Is that what the teens are calling it now?

I don't think I've ever heard @brad laugh as hard as during the upskirt parts.

The leek spin thing is really crazy. A shitty song using a stolen animation from a Japanese anime is now being covered by a Japanese vocaloid...

@flacracker It's not "desu-kun"! Jeeze, get it RIGHT you guys!

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Oh damn it's happening.

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Desu Desu, Hatsuni Miku. Desu Desu, the shame.

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Please tell me they ate Dominos Pizza before/during/after this

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Guess it's Niche Thursday in the GB offices.

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MY DREAMS CAME TRUE. I never thought they would do this. fyi I have over 30 hours played in this game.

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I'm glad that Jeff decided to QL Hatsune Miku. This should be hilarious.

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You can rub her face.

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The stuff of nightmares. (Actually, I'm kind of into it.)

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oh dear

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The training song, what is that, I've heard that before

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Screw shame. Like what you want to like.

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HD lag shouldn't really affect rhythm games as long as you're going by audio cues which is what you should be doing anyway. even when i played parappa on a CRT i'd go by audio over video. also as long as the lag is constant and you keep in rhythm, there should be no problem

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Hold me closer pizza dancer..........

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They played this for almost an hour. Wut.

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Every time I read "Hatsune Miku" I can only hear it in the Domino's CEO's voice.

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This is a wonderful thing to come back from work to.
Morning made.

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Depending on your equipment, you may benefit by using analogue or converting toslink to analogue audio for your HDMI display. Right now I do HDMI capturing with TOSLINK to analogue and it's flawless. And try the demo out if you found any sort of interest in this. Then practice until you get 99% close to perfects in Normal in those songs.

(the virtual idol rooms are pretty weird, but great for the MMD nuts I guess?)

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I am so looking forward to watching this.

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This is the purest form of Jeff Gerstmann's nightmares.

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50 minutes of THIS? ...AWESOME!!!

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This is the type of game some of the annoying people on my Japanese course would go nuts over.

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I laughed just from seeing the picture and the corresponding text. This has to be good.

EDIT: Don't think I've laughed as hard in years. Well worth the 50$ Jeff!
"The source of vigor comes from good man color"

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9/11 4:20, never forget

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When Vinny said "Oh, you're so close" during the cat video, my computer automatically shut down from overheating. MY COMPUTER COULDN'T HANDLE THE HATSUNE!

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So here's actually Finnish actual people singing "Ievan Polkka". Note that this might be as disturbing to some audiences as Hatsune Miku.

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This is great listening to them laugh about a lot of this stuff! I would love to see Giant Bomb do more QL's on niche japanese games!

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Three minutes to Jeff's Phantasy Star Online 2 depression.

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Ah yes, the deep and abiding shame of SONG, I know it well...

Truly the enthusiasm and energy of computer generated ladies is the most SHAMEFUL of indulgences in this 21st era. The true DEPTHS of depravity are not in Grand Theft Auto, or Spec Ops: The Line, they are in RHYTHM ACTION GAMES INCLUDING ROBOGIRLS.


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Leek spin has existed for a few years now.

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Gem of a Quick Look, really awesome and fun, thanks guys. :)

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That tutorial song was legitimately catchy.

I'm not $50 into this game, but I sort of want to check it out. I didn't have a PS1 and missed out on that era of rhythm games.

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@mechanized: Ievan Polkka. You've probably seen this at some point in 2006.

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So, this is Elite Beat Agents + cute anime characters? I'm in.

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Who is this Mike and why does he wanna be a diva?

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Wake me up when there's a new Um Jammer Lammy.

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I'm crying over here. Haha.