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So fast D:

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Been really looking forward to this

edit: well that was just as bad as I was hoping

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I have no doubt in my mind that this will be an excellent quick look.

edit: expectations met.

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I saw the thumbnail and the only thing I can say about this video is:  Yes

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This will be fantastic

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only good can come of this

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Damn son, had to log in .. could have had a 1st! :D

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What? Yes.

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Super secret Sunday QL!

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A Sunday treat! Thanks Giant Bomb

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This is gonna be good. Bring on the digital husk of the Hulkster!

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this is the greatest game of all time OF ALL TIME!

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Now I know how to put on a bandanna. Thanks Jeff!

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Based on all the Kinect mic issues you guys seem to have in these Quick Looks, I'm guessing that you have the mic disabled through the 360 options...BROTHER!

EDIT: Oops, I guess I should've watched the whole video. GO VINNY YOU ARE SMART.

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I love how they both didn't realize the announcer was yosuke

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Poor Hulkster - I feel sad for him, in general.

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@Zabant said:

I love how they both didn't realize the announcer was yosuke

oh fuck, it is yosuke!

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I'm gonna make sweet love to em... from the back. Grrr!

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@Dany said:

@Zabant said:

I love how they both didn't realize the announcer was yosuke

oh fuck, it is yosuke!


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I prefer Jeff to Hulk. And it (the scarf) looks alright!. And yes, now even I knows how to doos dmt and wat it doz....

The more i watch this, the happiar I am. And I didn't think....Jeff can be a trip.. Sweeet, sweet luv!!!!

Words of Wisdom at the end, Brother

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Those are some sick christmas lights on that entrance door

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Jeff looks so weird reversed like that.

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Its like christmas came early, and santa is hulk hogan

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How did he not make his phrase and first interview question: "MOOOONEYYYY!"

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'Hollywood' Vinny Caravella sportin' the black and, erm, white?

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That entrance was one of the fucking funniest things I've seen on this website in 2011.

- Scott

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Weekend update! :D

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Most fun Quick Look in a while!

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Did they announce the Wrestling Wiki site?

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It's good to know that Vinny likes to laugh about Jeff's anal sex.

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Jeff lookin' sexy with his slick hair.

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This game doesn't look good.

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Hulk Hogan's alter-ego wasn't The Patriot... The Patriot was a different masked wrestler all together.

Hulk Hogan wrestled under "Mr. America" for a while though, that's where the mix up was:

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Christ, this is fucking terrible.
I want to play it.

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Do any Kinect games even have online multiplayer modes?

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Jesus Christ I haven't laughed this hard in a long while.

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It would be wrong for me to watch a QL on Sunday.

Fuck the (church) police.

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@TurboMan said:

Did they announce the Wrestling Wiki site?

It's not happening.
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Funniest QL in quite a while!

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I didn't know Jeff was that bald. Looks almost like a combover.

Edit: thanks you guys, I got a headache from all the laughing.

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Haha, I love Kinect QLs! One of the best on GB. :) It only gets better, when there is direct skeleton to avatar mapping. Jeff's lines were hilarious, though. ^^

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Vinny barely did anything in this QL, other than be sexy of course.