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ooo bond time!
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It doesn't say Quick Look in the title!

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Oh wow Bond's face looked messed in that shot. Also I was hoping this would be more like Everything or Nothing but that game did go REALLY off the rails and I guess they tried to keep this one semi-realistic.

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It's like a Quick Look.. only it isn't!

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You only quick look twice.

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I haven't seen a Vinny/Jeff Quick Look in forever! 
Is it bad that I want an impromptu Endurance Run? 

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Undercover quicklook

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o_o I hadn't even heard of this until it magically popped up on Steam...

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@oatz: Like the "Ten Minutes of Vanquish" vid!
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What a shitty implementation of "detective" mode. 

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That cellphone must have an awesome battery in it!!!
Look how long he can use it for!

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Is it really China? The signs are in Thai...

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I beat this game last night and spent about 98% of the time outside of that smartphone mode. As much as the information presented is useful, the time Jeff is spending with that phone is excessive.

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So is this a QL or an Ask me Anything? Confused am I

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Shame. I had high hopes for this game considering that it's coming from the guys who made the great Blur. 
Guess they should stick with racing games.

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Honestly, so far its actually not bad Bond game, even if it doesnt really excel in any one specific area. Will admit tho that you will have the same issue with playing Batman AA. You will stick to that phone mode alot simply because its more conveniant.

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At 11:05 an NPC drops from the sky onto the street. That's bizarre 

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@Sleepy_Insomniac:  yeah I'm finding it hard to watch this QL because of how much Jeff is using it and how annoying the whole screen-fuzz effect is going in and out of that mode. The part on the roof-tops where he has to jump from one to the next kills me especially.Do you really need it for that spot?
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Never Say Quick Look Again.

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This looks like the definition of average.

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Its a Stealth-look!

Also, the cell phone filter transition is annoying as fuck.

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Looks like the type of game where I would want to melee everyone to death, looks like fun :).

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I love bringing my twitter on when I'm getting shot at

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Yeah I don't understand the super extreme cell phone use. I didn't play Arkham Asylum in detective mode, and it doesn't seem like you NEED to play this game in cell phone mode. If the transition and the filter is annoying, don't use it!

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Quick Look Another Day

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oh well, doesn't look anything special but I enjoyed Quantum of Solace enough to pick this up when I see it cheap enough. Cheap enough was $4 for Quantum of Solace so I guess 'll be waiting for a while.
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Bangkok China
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I had high hopes for this game...

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@Venatio:  It looks to me that they made a mistake with this one and forgot to put "Quick Look" at the beginning of the title and also mistakenly put the "Video Feature" animation at the start of the video.  This video is in the Quick Looks tab and Jeff mentions "Quick Look-itis" in the video implying that this is in fact a Quick Look.
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One could say that is Quick Look is...undercover?

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`Everything or Nothing` was one of the best bond games to come out. This looks too much like The Bourne Splinter Cell to me and i hated both of those. The Smartphone thing is just dumb, nearly every tip in the loading screen was `use the smartphone to do...`  Bond is about guns, gadgets and badass bad guys with underground lairs wanting to take over the world!

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looks better than I expected, still not good enough to buy.

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It reminded me a lot of the Bourne game, which I actually liked so might at least check this out. 
Not at all keen on the telephone digital informational mechanic.

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Tune in and tune out, i's Quick Look time!

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@Korolev:  I'm glad someone else noticed that. lol. Bizarre Creations living up to their name.
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Looks like a decent game. Might pick it up when it comes down in price.

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@Soulblitz said:
" It doesn't say Quick Look in the title! "
This. I almost decided not to click.
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Not a quick look. 

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@abdo said:
"Is it really China? The signs are in Thai... "

Yeah, it's totally Thai. Bangkok = Thailand, not China.
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>entire level designed for stealth and takeouts 
>play with reckless abandon, shoot everyone in every situation, effectively breaking the purpose of the level

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@ParaParaKing said:
" You only quick look twice. "
I see what you did there, sir.
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See....the multiplayer doesn't look bad.....and he kinda sucks at campaign....zoom in and out? lol what

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@Vinny Cops do have to get shot by taser guns before they can carry them. My brother in law says its painful.

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Quick Looks Are Forever
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quick look another day

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Quick Look and let Die