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Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Who's there? Another creepy, confounding game from the creators of Cargo! The Quest for Gravity.


Posted by HerbieBug

Hmm. I was initially interested, but if this whole thing revolves around figuring out what the fuck you're actually supposed to be doing, I'll pass. That kind of gameplay is never enjoyable for me. I just get frustrated and irritable and feel shitty when I'm done playing. :/

Posted by tourgen

love it

super weird but fun.

The Void has been on my list a while now. I think I'll check both of these out this weekend.

Posted by Neonie

You thought about it, and now, it is inside.

Posted by Wonloong

Oh my god. The sound effects for this this is great! I love it!

Posted by MoonwalkSA

this is fucking weird

Posted by das9000

This seems like a good Spooking with Scoops game.

Posted by alwaysbebombing

This is creepy as FUCK.

Posted by MeatSim

It would be nice to know what your suppose to be doing, but this certainly looks cool.

Edited by paulunga

Cargo! is the wrong game to reference here. Pathologic or The Void should have been the one.

Edited by dr_mantas
Posted by sawtooth


Posted by benderunit22

This game seems to poorly explain its mechanics, objectives or really anything.

Posted by itspizza

spookin with brad

Posted by S0ndor
Posted by Bam_Boozilled

Voices started whispering to me in my headphones about not being afraid, and I couldn't help but become quite afraid. Then I got a strange message about courage and hiding and seeking and I don't even know anymore.

Posted by NekuSakuraba

Oh hey, the guys who made The Void and Cargo! have made a really weird and creepy game.

Who would've thought?

Posted by thomasonfa

This game is eerie. I jumped so many times just watching Vinny play. It reminds me of my favorite scary game, Clock Tower. I enjoyed that QL.

Posted by beatnik11

After 30 minutes I still have no idea what you are supposed to do in the game. The art looks fantastic, but this game looks way too creepy for me to handle

Posted by Thoseposers

So it's like legend of the hidden temple?

Posted by Bartz

Interesting game, but definitely not for me.

Edited by danimal_furry

Uhmmmm. I wanted to sleep tonight. Not gonna happen.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

Much like Gravity or The Void, this looks like an awesome thing that I would never figure out how to play.

Good on Ice Pick for keepin' it weird, though. Fly that flag!

Edited by mlarrabee

The style is terrific!

Maybe I'll play this for Halloween...

Posted by Bam_Boozilled

This game is genuinely disturbing me.

Posted by MemphisSlim

This seems great!

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