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Finally I got this thing.

Posted by Paindamnation

I AM the Lone Survivor!

Posted by ShawnDC

I will survive, yeah-yeah!

Posted by Sephirenn

love it!

Posted by Paindamnation

@rockhardrooster said:


That was just lame.

Posted by rockhardrooster

@Paindamnation: Brother, I feel you.

Posted by Humanity

Brad and Patrick at it again!

Posted by Paindamnation

@rockhardrooster said:

@Paindamnation: Brother, I feel you.

Unless AWD is like Something Weapons of Destruction.

Posted by CaLe

Got bored of this after getting lost. Some confusing navigation issues.

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Antialiased graphics are not retro though.

Posted by JacDG

Complaints about Patrick being in another video this week coming in 3, 2, 1...

Posted by Paindamnation

@ShawnDC said:

I will survive, yeah-yeah!

We would have also accepted Gloria Gaynor "I will Survive!"

Posted by kollay

Nabbed this back-to-back with The Walking Dead... I regret nothing.


Posted by scalpel

Not another fucking Brad and Patrick quick look.

Posted by Animasta

he looks like he has the creepiest grin

Posted by CynageN

How dare hired staff be in these videos. What the fuck do they think they're doing?

Posted by Smokey_Earhole

Yay pixel art out the ass! Cause, indie games and shit...

Posted by AlexanderSheen

@Animasta said:

he looks like he has the creepiest grin

He looks like someone out of One Piece.

Posted by kortex

I know dude is wearing a mask, but it looks like a creepy grin.

Posted by simkas

@Animasta: Goddamnit now I can't not see that

Posted by BoG

I've been playin this. It is awesome.

Posted by Atwa

I am playing this too, its amazing!

Posted by Splodge

@scalpel said:

Not another fucking Brad and Patrick quick look.

Not another predictable whiner.

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The Meat Dimension is way scarier than I thought it would be.

Also, I can't believe they didn't "get" Chuck the plant. Shame on you.

Posted by Juda

The Silent Hill "boomp" sound when you use an item makes me chuckle.

Posted by Antihippy

The sounds are very silent hilly.

Posted by AcidBrandon18

Silent Hill 2 for the SNES?

Posted by ShaggE

@scalpel said:

Not another fucking Brad and Patrick quick look.

Aww, poor guy, having to hear Giant Bomb staff of Giant Bomb videos... need a hug? It's gotta be ever so tough endlessly bitching about everything.

Posted by ohthejawsoflife

This game looks really awesome i really need to get into PC games

Posted by Shtinky

"Talk to Chie"? Is that some sort of referential Giant Bomb humour?!

Posted by rjayb89

Chie? Looks like I'm gonna buy this game.

Posted by Enns

This game looks pretty awesome. The text strained my eyes a whole lot though. In quick looks it makes sense that the guys try to hurry to show more of the game, but for something like this I wish they had a better sense of exploration than yo let's go fast.

Posted by vikingdeath1

RadBrad anybody? Love this game!

Posted by zeddis

The soundeffects sounds exactly like Silent Hill. Even the map looks like Silent Hill style. I love this!

Posted by Veektarius

Great job on your first full-content week since the move, GiantBomb. Now, if you could just reduce Patrick to being on closer to 2/5ths of quicklooks rather than 3/4, you'll be golden and I won't have a headache.

Posted by BlackLagoon

Sigh, I was expecting a Command & Conquer spinoff.

Posted by DoctorSmashman

brb, downloading

Posted by satch919

@kortex said:

I know dude is wearing a mask, but it looks like a creepy grin.

lol, I was thinking the same thing.

Posted by CaskStrength

@Branthog: Check Jasper's site at http://superflatgames.com/wordpress/. He has all the details there about getting the Steam version if you purchased directly from him. The Steam version also has some additional content/updates.

Posted by Wes899

@zeddis said:

The soundeffects sounds exactly like Silent Hill. Even the map looks like Silent Hill style. I love this!

I believe the bro that made this is responsible for Silent Hill demakes.

Posted by Beb

I feel like I have already figured out what is going on in the game. Looks sort of cool, maybe I will pick it up to see if I guessed right.

Posted by Canteu

@Veektarius: Hey guess what!? You don't get to decide that! :D

Posted by JeanLuc

Chie's in this game?!

*buys immediately

Posted by Veektarius

@Canteu: You don't need to tell me...

Posted by Melos

Sounds, music, maps, monsters, flashlight, atmosphere, all courtesy of Silent Hill. The game seems cool, don't get me wrong. I'm just not going to award any creativity points. Also, I like the look of the sets, but the main character and the text need better design.

Any Quick Look that can reference two different Endurance Runs is great, isn't that right, Zach? Chie should have Galactic Punted that monster right in the scathach.

Posted by LobsterMobster

Military-style flashlight, obscured vision, meat monsters, strange man with a polygon for a head... Yep, Silent Hill. But it looks like it might actually be better than the recent real Silent Hill games.

Posted by Cazamalos

I really like Patrick because he tries different kind of games but sometimes he or the game can be boring

Posted by Packie

Buy this game people. It's simply put brilliant.

Posted by Yummylee

I love everything to do with this besides the art style =( It all looks so goofy; even if the sound design sounds superb (this guy would of been a better fit to compose Downpour than Licht), the graphics do an annoyingly effective job at negating a lot of the horror.

Especially after reading this:

@Animasta said:

he looks like he has the creepiest grin

Main character now reminds me of Quagmire... that's all I see! Still, I feel like I should buy this solely to throw a little more support towards survival horror.