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Almost like a world... gone mad.

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Age restrictions!

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Yay! Violence!

I'm glad I'm old enough to see violence ! :D:D:D:D:D

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Age gated quick look! Woo!

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Hey i was just hoping you would add this and then you totally did

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I'm old enough!

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im also old enough

so why is there no selection box?

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Finally something worth playing on the Wii.

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Jeff has a Wii.

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Hurray for age gates!

Posted by AndrewB

The first Giantbomb age gate. Totally shocked. I suppose this is probably as good a game as any to start that trend, though.

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Nooo, not the scroll down age select :(

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Quick Look?? How is 28 minutes a quick look? Love the commentary between Jeff and Ryan though.

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Age restriction eh? my kinda game.

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This game looks fantastic, it almost makes me want to purchase a Wii.....

Whenever they get a price drop...

... In 10 years...

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This game looks sick. Finally a reason to play my Wii again! Although its kind of a bummer but the guys dont really sound excited playing it, or any other game for that matter...

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hehe...*whispers* i lied about my age....hehe.

anyway, this game looks so shitty. watching this gave me a headache. the violent nature of this game looks so gimmicky. and the gameplay seems to be repetitive. MAD WORLD= FAIL.

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Is there something...weird about this game?
I dunno....I like violence....I LOVED No More Heroes....but something about this game.....I dunno.
I don't know what I am rejecting!

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This isn't the first video with an age gate on Giant Bomb. I seem to recall another one on a previous video

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I can understand age gating, just to protect the site from liability, but why does the age start at 1? How many 1 year olds do you know who can run a PC? Or 2 or even 3 year olds? Feels like a waste of digits to me.

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Man, is it me, or are you guys slowly becoming really bad at games? i'm not one to call out dumb shit like that, but it's really noticable in quick looks!

Oh and it is John DiMaggio.

I dunno, this game makes total sense to me, and it's totally awesome.

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Bada Big Boom. Big! Boom! Leeloo Dallas Multipass.... She knows it's a multipass.

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And that *is* Greg Proops.

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I'm totally picking this up to play over spring break. Because I have no life.

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Totally mad, totally.

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I won't be watching the video till after I've play through Madworld, as I don't want to spoil anything.

The games sounding really good though and thanks for the video, I'm looking forward to seeing it in the future.

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Tip of the Day; Do not punch the Death Press.

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Spoiler! - The sponsor is ...

David Duchovny!

get it! cause he did the voice for XIII....ya thats funny and you know it!

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I just watched some seriously messed up Russian "reanimation of dead matter" video from 1940.  Nothing on this is even remotely disturbing by comparison, and is sorta soothing, to be honest.

I'd like to see this aesthetic in a new ZPC game, maybe. 

The moves seem a bit repetitive, is that all you can do with a sign?

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Oh im suddenly 42

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LOL,at around the 21:45 mark in the backround the announcer says
"NO means YES, and YES means ANAL"
made me laugh.

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Rule Number Two: DON'T! punch the deathpress!

I still find this extremely hard to look at. While the first level of this was fascinatingly entertaining, the second one felt like "been there, done that".

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The word "stupid" seems to fit this game perfectly. 

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I thought this kinda game would be up jeffs street but he seemed totally down on the game. Maybe if it was on 360 it would of been a more excited quick look. >.>

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Age gates? Weeeeeak, dude. I suppose if it protects you guys from legal bullshit then it's okay, but still...
Game looks neat! I do like the monochrome artstyle.

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There's a problem with the age gate in Firefox 3.0.7 running in Ubuntu, it just comes up with the text 'How old are you' with nowhere to choose.

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Well that looks like a fine way to spend an afternoon.

But hey, listen GB. Do me a favour and remember my age, would ya? It only changes once a year.
BTW I'm 80.
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This was badass.

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...don't think this game is for me.

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This game reminds me of State of Emergency. Lots of brutal violence that gets it attention. But the game play looks pretty boring to me. Dudes just seem to wait around to be murdered. Maybe it's on a easier difficulty setting?

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Kinda surprised with the negative tone in this quick look, looking forward to the full review!

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Aw, I feel a little let down, it looks so shallow. =/

Still, it reminded me I was gonna play through God Hand again, some of the basic mechanics are the same.

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Killian! Here is Sub-Zero! Now just plain zero!

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I'm pretty sure there was an age gate for another video as well.
Great vid!!

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Doesn't actually look all that interesting, which is surprising to say the least.

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This game is pretty rad looking. What if someone was 81 years old though? They can't watch the video?

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Giant Bomb should ask "How old are you" and have 2 choice given: Old Enough, and Not Old Enough.

Posted by EvilDingo

I don't know... I differently like the art-style, but I don't know about the fighting mechanic.

Can you just pick everybody up and walk around with them without anybody else intervening?
Seems kind of stupid easy and not really satisfying at all.