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Looks cool...I got a batman commercial cooL@!!!!

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its Dave.  

and Sean Connery?

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Dave is the Man!

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I thought Dave was going to stay in character for 20 minutes for a second there.

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GiantBomb with a PC game?! Shocker!

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love that russian accent

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Seems bland.
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this looks interesting

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Well....I'll watch the rest later then. Seemed interesting to some extent, though I'm mainly just glad Dave is back.

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I half remember playing the original game of this (the name rings a bell anyway). This looks really interesting and actually fun, as like Dave I hate managing units and this game seems perfect for things like that.

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In Russian RTS'  units command you!
this game looks stupid

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Dave should just do his Russian Dracula voice all the time.

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you have to pay your units to go explore the map? I'm sorry do they not want to win this war/battle/whatever? 

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I remember playing the original and the only thing I can recall bout it is the announcer/narrator dude who constantly spammed "M'lord!" 

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This actually looks really neat. I like the ideas behind it a lot, and it looks like it functions fairly well.

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I dunno! I think this game is pretty interesting. You're really playing as the king, rather than the general. That's a neat angle on the genre.

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Wow!  That game looks like it would be perfect for just a laid back good time.

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Someone create a character page for Larry Fancypants, best name ever.

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Really? A Majesty sequel? 9 years later?

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haha :D Dave is awesome. great quick look guys. this looks... interesting :o


Looks great, might pick it up.

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not gonna lie i think i could enjoy this.
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Hmmm, the sound quality in this video is lower than the rest of GB's videos. Maybe it is just me?

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It's actually pretty good. A little bland in the beginning, but it picks up later on in the game

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Looks like it could be a little bit of fun. If it dose not cost to much may have to pick it up.

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Damn you guys just made me buy this. Stupid easy to access Steam eating my money.

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Hrmm this game seems interesting. I may have to check it out.
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Im about to start my homework i refresh the page and now theres another QL, im never going to finish my homework :P

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I like it, if it gets good reviews I may check it out. 

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First Majesty is one of my all time faves. This also looks non-terrible.
Might pick it up when it drops in price some.

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Very nice QL, I kinda liked the demo of the game. It has a fantastic concept and seems to execute it rather well. Also: nice Blind Guardian reference :)

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That actually looked like a great concept.
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@kimbokasteniv said:
" Hmmm, the sound quality in this video is lower than the rest of GB's videos. Maybe it is just me? "

It's distorted.
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Solid QL.  There is an extremely generous demo of this available for anybody interested.
Having almost finished the game, I'll say the biggest problem is the repetition.  All of the missions are very similar - generally "Turtle up, clear the map to level your dudes, go kill the level boss".  I would go as far as to say, play the demo half a dozen times and you have experienced 90% of what the full game has to offer.
I don't regret buying it - it is one of the more interesting games I've played this year - it's just a bit of a one trick pony.  
I like to think of it as an MMO management sim (your units are assholes).  I'm not sure if it was intended as a commentary on MMOs and MMO players, but if it was, they were pretty smart about it.

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The first majesty was actually quite fun. I played that game like ages ago though

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looks like it plays like a fantasy world Tropico.
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Just downloaded the Demo - I personally find the Demo map a very bad one for a demo, it feels like a grind where you simply don't win [yet?].

Already preparing to buy it, since it's a lot of fun - to make sure your heroes don't die an all.

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More Dave QuickLooks. 
You know, this looks like an 'RTS' I could play. I lost it after like Age of Empires 2 because I don't like having more then maybe 2 parties of people doing stuff at one time and this gesture concept of persuading your village to carry out work instead of directaly clicking a bunch of units and telling them to mine ore or whatever is really interesting to me.

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@SquirrelGOD said:
" Wow!  That game looks like it would be perfect for just a laid back good time. "
man, ive tried many RTS games just to have that laid back good time.. it never works for me. i always get fucked up no matter how hard i try, and the AI is always one step ahead with their buildings and numbers...
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Yeah, I really liked the first game, so it wasn't surprising when this was good as well. Hate micro management...

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God, I remember the first Majesty. 
Pretty sure I've still got it, too.

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@alsnuts2 said:
" In Russian RTS'  units command you!  this game looks stupid "
How insightful...
Looks like an interesting twist on the strategy genre.
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Nice, I thought this was going to be like the darkest of days quick look, but this game looks neat

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Looks like Age of Empires meets Dungeon Keeper.

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the first one was one of my most favorite games ever

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This Quick Look is deceptive. After reading some reviews the consensus is its fun at first and quickly gets repetitive and tedious, and is short. So if you like what you saw, bear in mind, there's very little else beyond it.

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That game looks pretty cool, there's really not much out there like it.

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what the hell is this?!
it's a minotaur pyramid!
lol dude we gotta get rid of that.
lmao. game looks preeeeetyy interesting.