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Posted by naeblis213

Technology + Necromancer = Technomancer?

Posted by BeachThunder

Yes, finally a QL of this :D

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Ziggy Stardust? No idea what this is but I guess we'll find out together.

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Three man QL?

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war loggin'

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Behold the logs of war. Three way yo

Posted by AlexanderSheen

A 50 minute QL of a game I have never heard of? That sounds promising.

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What level unlocks the Ostrich Hammer?

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Sweet, I've been hoping for a QL of this!

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As soon as I saw the menus I thought of Of Orcs and Men... and guess what, same developer. Looks like it's pretty much the same game with a new skin and story.

Posted by joeshabadoo

wow, super rough around the edges and needlessly offensive at times, but makes for a great QL

Posted by SolongWrex

Cry "havoc" and let slip the logs of war.

Posted by datarez

This sure looks like the Doom 3 engine.

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50 minutes of Jeff and Vinny with an immediate David Bowie reference. My body is ready.

EDIT: Oh man. This voice acting and dialogue. I'm fucking dying here.

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The combat in this kind of reminds of the Witcher 2.

Actually this whole game looks like the Witcher 2 in really obvious ways.

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Is that Harvey Keitel?

Posted by Rirse

Remember what Big Jeffery says....Drop Em

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A day on Mars is 24 hours, 39 minutes, and 35 seconds.

Posted by KirkDouglas

This is certainly some bad voice acting.

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Posted by redelectric

I'm digging the grimy feel of this game. Had I an acceptable PC to run this on, I believe I'd give it a buy.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

I played a fair share of this game ... it has some very rough edges (especially the voice acting), but this is the perfect example of a decent B-Tier game. For it's price its fine and fun enough to play. This is the kind of game we lost with all those AAA titles from big publishers. Imagine it as a B-Tier Witcher 2.

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Posted by vikingdeath1

Spiders from mars..... a new fear...

Posted by BasketSnake

That Jack fella is one tough badass.

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QL Post credits scene, say whaaat?

Posted by BaconGames

"There's something Deadly Premonition about this" is absolutely right.

Posted by ViktorWithAK


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Posted by Torrim

This reminds me of those old PS2 mid-budget games that they don't make anymore. Good thing there's still a place for them.

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The sign points to the right what to do? Go straight forward ofc. the age of GPS dumbness is here...

Posted by Sen0r_Awes0me

Anyone else think Brad's "Naaaaaaaailgun" was a WKUK reference?

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I'm getting a Escape from Butcher Bay vibe from this.

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This actually looks really fun. It looks like a B-tier imitation of some of the older Bioware games like KOTOR and Jade Empire. The voice acting is pretty "great" and the world looks pretty interesting for the most part. I do think it's kind of funny they're supposed to be in a P.O.W. camp though because they seem to have a fair amount of freedom for something like that. Most lenient P.O.W. camp I've seen.

Posted by bogusdd

I think this is secretly the KOTOR 2 Restoration

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Posted by LackingSaint

@rethla said:

The sign points to the right what to do? Go straight forward ofc. the age of GPS dumbness is here...

The sign pointed to the right. Immediately to their right, there was a door, so they went through the door. Seems pretty self-explanatory to me.

This game reminds me a ton of the original Witcher. Anyone else get that vibe?

Posted by SupberUber

Yes. If you're thinking about buying a scifi RPG, fez should be taken into account. Wait, what?

Posted by jakonovski

If I saw a Spider from Mars, I'd make a war log too.

Posted by drevilbones

Shit, this game looks bad, but shit, in kindof a fun Deadly Premonition sort of way, and shit, I think I might buy this on an eventual shit sale. I mean steam sale. Shit.

Posted by spiceninja

You may be on Mars but that doesn't mean that dogs turn into alien hybrid creatures. Evolution doesn't work that way. What even is this weird ass game.

Posted by gschmidl
Posted by Chris2KLee

I give the developer points for trying, but their ambition seems to have fallen short of the goal. The dialogue is trying WAY too hard to be gritty and dark, and flat lines readings are not helping things.

Posted by MeatSim

Spiders are learning! if they can make a low budget Sci-Fi RPG then soon there will be no stopping them!

I could see myself getting this game when it's only 5 bucks during a Steam sale.

Posted by Rapid

Oh man the voice acting is terrible lol

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This is your new Endurance Run.... it has to be...

Posted by aku88

If I saw a Spider from Mars, I'd make a war log too.

*slow clap*

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That spacedog looks more like a space shrimp.

Posted by Rox360

A little bit disappointed that this didn't turn out to be about extra-terrestrial lumberjack conflicts, but the actual game made up for that pretty quickly!

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