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Posted by TadThuggish

Yo, will this spoil anything?  Still haven't played ME2 yet, though I'm hardcore into the first.

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First, god how i hate people who do that EDIT: second, much better

Posted by Kibblez

Kasumi is alright, but I prefer Ayane.

Posted by slyspider

i want to get this but...

Posted by cap123

the DLC is meant to be pretty short but the QL is half an hour? is this going to be most of the game?

Posted by Pie
@TadThuggish: They say in first few seconds
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@TadThuggish said:

" Yo, will this spoil anything?  Still haven't played ME2 yet, though I'm hardcore into the first. "

Pretty much the first thing they say is that there may be some spoilers 
EDIT: They talk alot about ME2 endings and stuff so... yea spoilers
Posted by Dany

You have to have Mordin do something, use him to send the crew back to the ship or have him on your team. He usually dies for some reason if has no 'role'

Posted by NoXious
They say mild, but they keep on talking about their own games.
Heavy spoilers, do not watch it if you want to play ME 2.
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Is it just me or does Brad seem a lot more cheerful/energetic than usual? =p I guess this was recorded at that special time of day when the planets align and he's not tired.

Posted by Aas

You guys kept pronouncing Moradin as Morten, which is my name. Stop freaking me out!  

Posted by Red

Anyone know what that chest armor piece Bradley had? Looks pretty cool.

Posted by DBoy

I'm exactly like Brad. I need to listen to every conversation thread. I've also read every entry in the codex too. So Brad, you're not alone.

Posted by KuribosShoe

Vinny's not lying, Brad.

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Posted by Dany

Vinny is dead serious brad.

Posted by gewfienewfie

Vinny's DEAD serious Brad!

Posted by Spiral_Stars

It's Morinth! And its all trruuuuuuuuuuue!

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Feynman was a brother in my chapter of Pi Lambda Phi at MIT. It's cool to see him referenced in Mass Effect 2. Also fuck you, Star Wars is still great.
Also Spoiler

Posted by handlas

whew so boring.  Just like Mass Effect 2 was.

Posted by Du2andal

Has pool hopping been confirmed for this DLC pack?

Posted by totally_awesome

more ME is always good

Posted by Syphous

Wow, Brad, both Kelly and Mordin are dead? You screwed up pretty good, eh?

Posted by unclejohnny79

hes dead serious

Posted by ez123

Lol at Brad not believing Vinny.

Posted by dezm0nd

haha probing uranus!

Posted by comp13

Vinny is dead serious

Posted by FelixLighter

My audio cut out during that confrontation as well.  That sucked.

Posted by rohanspear345

lame but hooray for quick looks. but meh the dlc for ppl who beat the game multiple times.

Posted by MeatSim

I already beat the game twice I don't feel like going back for 1 to 2 hour DLC.

Posted by quicklookman
how much do u pay to get in a movie?
Posted by KuribosShoe

I recommend picking this up if you're still playing ME2, it's more interesting than Zaeed's mission, and you get a bitchin' SMG.  Plus there are a couple of funny references later in the mission.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Gah, I can't watch this. I havent played the DLC yet during my hardcore run of me2.. Stop tempting me! >.<

Posted by sandal_hat

Yeah that dialogue dropping out happened on both of my play throughs as well...

Posted by The_Dude_Abides

Was going to get this. But $7 for less than an hour's game-play? They can shove it up their ass.

Posted by voltan

Kinda annoyed by the way Brad plays this game. No upgrades? What the hell dude? And Brad says he's completionist.

Posted by Shibbles

Oh, hey, a quick look. Didn't think they still made these.

Posted by ElementellZ

Hah, 45 minute DLC with a 30 minute quick look.

Posted by Oriental_Jams

It's a South African accent dudes >__>

Posted by Cynic04

They really need to make that Mass Effect Technical Manual; I already pre-ordered the thing... in my mind!

Posted by zombie2011

I love me some Mass Effect 2.

Posted by Upryse

That guy has a South African accent, btw.

Posted by Pepeman

I havent touched this or the tank DLC at all, gonna enjoy them on my second playtrough as a female-renegade-Shepard named after my sister. Creepy? Yeah.

Posted by WinterSnowblind

I wouldn't overly recommend this, unless you're a really big fan of the game.  Personally, although it's not a huge amount of new content, I had to have the final character.  I think she's a pretty cool character and she's an absolute monster during fights, easily one of the best to use.
The new weapon is pretty good too, and the mission is at least fun.  But if you're only looking for more content to play through, then I wouldn't bother.

Posted by Almak

Love Vinny blowing Brads mind all over the place, dropping some ME2 knowledge on him. XD

Posted by Gregomasta

If I do a second play through, I'm buying it.

Posted by drewsdejavu

Vinny is dead seriousss!!!

Posted by NoXious
Because there were actual releases this week, besides this DLC and some terrible small time stuff?
I'm getting this DLC once I start my Insanity playthrough. This looks very interesting and not too terribly priced. The only gripe I have is that this is stuff you'd want during your initial playthrough.
Posted by vanfarley

the accent is supposed to be south african, although it does slip off into scottish at times.

Posted by samcotts

This reminds me of how fucking awesome Mass Effect 2. 
Will be buying this when ME3 approaches probably, along with everything else that has been released by then, to get a feel of how it is so I can make the comparison and prepare myself for the final game.