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Time for some expert sports commentary.

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Giant Bomb sports club is the best.

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I love foot tennis.

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dat face

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Wonder Twins activate!!

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This should be more entertaining than the real thing.

(Uhm...What happened to the Goat Simulator Quick Look?)

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Shea Stadium, Palladium, EMC squared

Posted by ottoman673

Time for this week's Best Quick Look of the Year™!

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Did they forgot how to video game?

Posted by lonestar

Giant Bomb Sports. Feel the Passion.

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These games always required an advanced level of baseball knowledge to play well. I'm hoping they have some better tutorials this year.

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As a connecticut resident, I'm gonna have to get out to a New Britain Chuck E Cheeses game someday.

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(Uhm...What happened to the Goat Simulator Quick Look?)

They played a crap load of it on the last Unprofessional Friday. No idea if that affects them making a QL.

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Shea Stadium is no longer standing, Vinny! I think they blew it up. The new stadium is in the same area, though not on the same exact spot. The diamond (is that what they call it?) from Shea is in the Citi Field parking lot.

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Looking forward to the PS4 version!

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Bartolo Colon batting this year will be a treat to baseball. What a great old large man.

Also those old home run derbys are amazing. $2,000 to the winner, way more than some razors.

Posted by ShaggE

Just started watching, and an MC Breed song I haven't heard since I was a kid starts playing in the game. Amazing start.

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Giant Bomb Sports Team back in action.

Posted by gravytrain

@germanbomber: They played it on Friday, not sure a quick look is going to happen.

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All I can see is the two people wearing green in the tiled crowd. Seems like poor decision making if you ask me.

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@gravytrain said:

@germanbomber: They played it on Friday, not sure a quick look is going to happen.

It's up on the site, right now.

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I hope they make a demo of this. What's that Saturn baseball launch title? Loved that one and I hope this kinda does it for me. First baseball game I want to buy since then.

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As someone who really enjoys sports, video games, and sports video games - I love the Giant Bomb Sports Club and their approach to sports games. I'd say I'm watching this now...but the Nats and Mets are about to start for reals.

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wonder how long until jeff realizes he's not actually fielding.

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Serious sports coverage for serious gamers.

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Get out of that baseball, baseball man!

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What a season!

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Yeah, I'm waiting for the PS4 version.

It's always entertaining to see Vinny and Jeff mess around with a sports game.

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Some of those animations looked a bit rough. Hopefully they put most of the work on the PS4 version.

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Got that Big Data.

Posted by LarryDavis

Why does this look like it's horizontally stretched or something? Weird.

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Man, I was really hoping for a bench clearing brawl.

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What was the name of the song that jeff really liked the use of?

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It's been too long! Where is the resident sports exert Sanny Franny Danny?

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What a season, what a season

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"Night game." "Snow." Classic Vinny.

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Let's Go Mets!

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Wearing a road jersey at home, Vinny? You did everything (perfectly) wrong!

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Funniest moment of this quick look, had me laughing so hard!

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After at least 3 years of covering this series, Jeff finally discovers that picking Beginner mode means he doesn't control the fielding in the game.

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Fat Bartolo Colon is the best Bartolo Colon.

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Fun Fact about the glowing hockey puck; it was branded FoxTrax, which is what Fox currently brands their pitch location tracking technology for baseball broadcasts.

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I was gonna watch the Goat Simulator QL, but I saw this one next to it and decided its thumbnail was marginally more terrifying than the pile of dead goat corpses that Goat Simulator has to offer. So, I'm watching this instead.

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Vinny is best Baseball Mans.