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Holy shit what!?

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looks ok

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Yeah! This game is awesomely bad.

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is this a dream

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What could be better than a game that is ONLY escort missions?

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Haha, this is just great.

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Finally I've been holding off all year to see if its worth buying.

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The best quick looks are the ones of games we don't want to play.

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The world truly did end in 2012, because there is noway in living fuck that GiantBomb have done this in a pre-apocalyptic world!

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Looks like a Grasshopper game...

EDIT: Well, the whole roll-around-as-a-head thing sounds cool but it seems like something that would get real old, real quick.

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Jesus Christ, I love Giant Bomb so much.

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It's like Zynga made a Suda 51 / Grasshopper game.

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My dreams have come true.

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Oh my god! First Duke Nukem Forever gets released and now this!

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Rolling head with arms shooting puppies, go!

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It's an hour. Good.

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The people have spoken!

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@Yuccadude: To be fair it looks more like Enslaved than a typical escort mission. The partner looks decently tough. The main character is oddly the weak one. Though it still seems quite bad.

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Ha, wow. So how about a Naughty Bear quicklook next?

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I wonder at what point they do that whole reveal about Bryce - I saw it in trailers so it can't be like a big secret at the end can it?

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This is the best birthday present ever! I hope this is super long just to spite us!

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oh god, i have this game and it is so shitty

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Yes, finally. 

Thanks for doing this one, guys.

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Also bit of trivia: Bryce is voiced by the same guy who voices Dojima in Persona 4.

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Never thought it would happen.

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Was that a Primus reference from you when those puppies showed up? Good show, dude.

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Couldn't stop laughing when I saw this on the main page. And it's over an hour. And just referenced Primus.

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Oh you fools! What have you done?!?

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About time!

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Oh god the joke went too far, they've actually played it holy shit.

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"And that band… is Megadeth!"

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Man I got the exact same headachey feeling vinny mentioned. It's odd.

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And i thought the first month of 2013 would be boring. So glad i was wrong.

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In the words of Queen: Is this the real life....or just a fantasy?

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Seaserpent had this QL is 2012. Kappa

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Weird.. Knew the Megadeth song but never put it in connection with this game.

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Dreams can come true.

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This is just amazing! and it's a long one too =D

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holy shit!

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