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@Termite said:
" YEAH!!!  EDIT: Brad pulls a Brad with unprecedented speed in this one. "
He wouldn't be Brad if he didn't pull a brad in the first 10 seconds.
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Brad and platforming man, Brad and platforming

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this is the reason I love this site

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i'm having Chip and Dales NES flashbacks here, I gotta say

Posted by MarkWahlberg

This is possibly one of, if not THE best and funniest Quick Looks so far.

Posted by supalink

great QL lol "i like coin battle"

Posted by Six

Quick Look of the Year.  
thanks, I laughed a lot.

Posted by Paulrus

Nintendo is just giving out 1ups in this game. Hopefully that "OMFG" difficulty is the reason.

Posted by cstrang

This was hilarious.  "Where are we?" "The Land of Assholes"

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Once again, Brad, pulled a Brad.

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The A button does do something, at least in multiplayer. It allows a player to put themselves in a bubble if the part of the level is too hard for them to pass, and they can stay in the bubble as a more experienced player finishes the part. 

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Funniest Quick Look in a while! Also made me excited to maybe pick up a Wii game again.

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Best quick look in a while. Really funny!

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@Brendan said:
" @FireBurger said:
" @Delta_Ass said:
" This game looks awful. There's no way it's gonna outsell Modern Warfare 2 on the 360.  And I'm not exactly a fan of Call of Duty games in the first place. "
Wait, what? "
What the deuce?! "
Reggie made a bet saying that NSMBW would outsell the 360 version of MW2.
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Damn, that Mario formula never gets old!
Posted by AleeN634

Wow that's crazy chaotic! But it looks fun. Can't wait to try this game out.

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That was an amazing quick look. Just listening to how crazy and how fun that looked makes me want a Wii again.

Posted by teh_destroyer

Awesome stuff, might have convinced me to buy a wii :|

Posted by MichaelBach

Longest and best QL ever!

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Best quick look EVER lol

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OMG what a great quick look!  My face hurts cause I laughed so much.

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Looks like a Mario game done right.  Only took them 15 years.  Looks like fun, just to bad its on the most worthless system since Sega CD.  

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@Crushed said:

" @Roy42 said:

" Looking forward to the review of what I will always refer to it by just to save my breath from having to say the official name, Super Mario Bros 4. "


The Japanese box art for Super Mario World
So? That's Japan, which has already shown to have different rules in basically everything. The numbering and releases of their Super Mario Bros. games (Recall SMB2?) mean practically nothing over here, and just to save you finding the boxart of the NTSC/PAL versions of Super Mario World, I'll just say that without a number on the end of the official title, Super Mario Bros. 4 is still up for grabs and is what I assign to this.
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This is their job. I know there are hard days and a lot to review...but really? This was an amazing video. I could watch the four of them kill each other for hours.

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Am I the only one who hates the style of the New Super Mario Bros games? It feels so sterile and bland compared to the classic games and the music is terrible(especially that "ah-ah" bit)

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This made me giggle like a schoolgirl. This is the reason we come here. :)

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@Crushed: WHOA! That was epic.
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that was hilarious. brad: "no. NO! NO! oh, ok" made me laugh. the whole thing was hilarious though, really. if i had three friends who were willing to put down MW2 and borderlands for a few days i'd pick this up, but sadly this is not the case.

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I can't watch more than 15 seconds at a time before breaking up in laughter. Well done, gentlemen.

Posted by billysea

This game looks so fun.  Could probably be the best multiplayer game this generation.

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BEST quick-look ever!
You guys should do more 4player games. :D

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Fuck. I mean, this is why Giantbomb is great. POWBLOCK

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Thanks, that was a very enjoyable watch.   
You can play very Cooperatively once you learn the skills: 

Posted by billysea

The last coin battle look so insane!

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5 Stars
Can't beat 100% hilarity

Posted by Beomoose

New Endurance run idea: New Super Mario Bros Wii 4-player Endurance Run.

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Super Skills Trailer 

Posted by drew327

That was one of the best quick looks ever for me.  Laughing/tearing occasionally.

Posted by TheHT

lmao ironic that this brings out the inner asshole in everyone who plays it coop.

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Too many "Brads" to handle!

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Man, this game has really sort of come out of its shell in this past few weeks.  I don't feel like the showing at E3 really showed this game in its best light.  Looks totally awesome.

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Great, really enjoyed this. I would like to see them play more.
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I’m reading through every comment just to smile that others also feel this is the best quicklook ever.

Posted by kenichi_san

Best quicklook ever! *dries away tears of joy*
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@Linkyshinks: "You can play very Cooperatively once you learn the skills:"
Hahah, I guarantee you no one, except maybe the people who made that video, will be playing this game like that. I would like to see a more realistic cooperative demonstration though.
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! ! ! !

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Two deaths in the first minute. I love it.

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Ryan you ass!