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Posted by Skeet11

That was hilarious, this game looks like and absolute blast. I'm pumped for Sunday. Plus I love the red case it comes in.

Posted by Sly_Ry

LMAO at 19:05.
Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Man, I wish this QL was a few hours longer! I could watch them play the whole game. Endurance Run!!!
I wish I had friends that lived closer. I guess I will beat it by myself, keep it, and then play with others when the time comes.

Posted by CapnThrash

man, this game looks like so much fun.
i might get a wii...

Posted by Box3ru13

I smell a new endurance run...

Posted by Linkyshinks
@Siris said:
" @Linkyshinks: "You can play very Cooperatively once you learn the skills:" Hahah, I guarantee you no one, except maybe the people who made that video, will be playing this game like that. I would like to see a more realistic cooperative demonstration though. "
Rubbish, you can expect a ton of videos on Youtube showcasing such point racking skills from players. 
Posted by MrBubbles

awesome QL i always like it when everyone at giant bomb gets involved in them

Posted by Oziriz

This was the most epic quick look ever! Very amusing :D Screaming ppl!! Chaos!

Posted by Deusoma

Oh God, this entire video had me laughing til my stomach hurt. XD
"You are the worst people ever.  I work with assholes. ಠ_ಠ"

Posted by Zindrase

Most awesome quicklook EVER

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I think Brad set the new record.

While I was a little sad with the guys after the MW2 shake-up (the "economical" comment by Brad par example), this Quick Look is the best fucking apology ever, although I know that there was no intent to it. Keep up the awesome, duders.

Posted by Ventilaator

I wanted to laugh at Brad at the start for failing so quickly, but then I realized that's how the game works.

Posted by Gamer_152

Now that is entertaining. I gotta hand it to Nintendo, they've created not only a Mario game which has the usual great single-player experience but a unique and insane multiplayer mode.

Posted by RichieJohn

gonna get this ordered as soon as my Wii turna up

Posted by SpiderX20

Oh man that was awesome.
And I fuckin love how Ryan pwns Brad in all the multiplayer quick look. That is the best!

Posted by jspill

I LOL'd.
Please play through this game with four players in weekly episodes (a la Persona).

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I'm tempted to pick this up at some point. Looks fun. 

Posted by dagas

I've not cared about Super Mario since Super Mario World, but this looks really fun. Great QL.

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Can't wait to play this with my roommates.

Posted by FiestaUnicorn

Brad pulling Brads!
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Fantastic Quick Look, Hilarious

Posted by Xymox

Fuckin' awesome 

Posted by SunKing

Initially I was super down on this game when it was announced. I thought it was a terrible idea, in all honesty.

I was totally, totally wrong.

Posted by Geno

Lol, anyone who doesn't know what "pulling a Brad" means should watch this video. 

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Best and funniest QL ever.
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I'm starting to get excited for this now. After watching more footage and seeing this quick look, it's looking better than I thought. Co-op looks to be very fun.
 That Bullet Bill part looked insane!

Posted by Nick

fucking awesome!
Posted by DefaultGen

Brad, how are you so bad at video games!

Posted by Spice

Despite what Jeff says, the A button DOES do something. It puts you back into a bubble - perfect for when someone screws up your jump before falling to your death!

Posted by Siris

I'm talking about normal gamers here, not an extreme minority of people who like to get freakishly good at one game. The videos you mentioned, will be from this minority. That's not a bad thing, however.. so please don't take it as such.

Posted by Kolonel_Kool

Mario + Pure Insanity = Me Wanting This Game Long Time

Posted by ahoodedfigure

That was hilarious :)

Posted by kidman
@big_jon: you know what? me too, but ungh.. i wish there was more game to justify purchase of the wii.. regardless, AN AWESOME QL!
Posted by bandro

achingly funny

Posted by hermes

Got to give credit to Nintendo. They sure know how to make a game that is just pure fun...
Posted by BranDong

this game looks phenomenal to play with friends....

Posted by Nictel

Fever Dream Mario!

Posted by killername

4 man mario endurance run please !!!

Posted by AllanIceman
@MyNiceIceLife said:
" I could watch them play this game all day! "
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wow, another 2D mario game......
Good QL although I really dont give a damn about Mario anymore

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looking foward to this game, I know my brothers will love it

Posted by Scooper

That was great. Hilarious quick-look!

Posted by Xpgamer7

This should be renamed "Super Mario Bros: Insane Party"
Posted by prawn

Totally the best quick look ever.
This game makes me want to buy a wii.

Posted by Valkyr

I couldn't believe how many times Brad died, jumping alone in the same place till an enemy hits him, measuring bad easy jumps like a 5 year old that is touching a gamepad for the first time, I don't know, it was funny but sad...

Posted by Lydian_Sel

I DONT KNOW WHO TO WATCH! I think I'd need to watch this 4 times to get the capture full experience.

Posted by buckybit

coop-multiplayer tactical gameplay? take that, mw2 haha...