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Looks Great!

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I meant yeah! Stupid dutch word correction!

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Need to fix my ps3

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I hope this is spoiler free... Game looks great, picking it up in an hour.

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I want to live in Japanese Europe.

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Nice. Not sure whether I want to pick this up on release, hopefully the quick look helps me decide.

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Awesome! Was waiting for this.

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Oh fuck yeah, SHOW ME THIS GAME

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im buying a ps3 for this game.. so im not going to watch this.. but i will say i am about to spend 300 dollars for bluray capabilities and ONE game. . lol

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I'll be sure to grab my PS3 when I go back home for spring break.

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I saw this entire game being played in Japanese , it was boring for me :S

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We're not using the QL scheduler anymore? =\

edit: never mind, looks like there's another QL scheduled...

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I'm really looking forward to this. :)

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just got this in the mail today, super psyched!

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PRAISE MIYAZAKI (who did not work on this game)

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Can't wait to play this game, reminds me a lot of Tales of Vesperia which is one of my favorite games this generation, and one of the only JRPG's I've ever been able to like from start to finish.

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The comparisons to Xenogears/Saga make me worried that this is just a Studio Ghibli film with a smattering of RPG every now and then...

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Brad is a Dub-Lover? More power to ya! Unless it's horrible, it's A-Okay with me.

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Most of the reason I'm excited for this game is the story, so after skipping around a little in the Quick Look, it seems like this is a video I'll have to come back to.

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@Gunslinger0130: Why not just wait til you play it a bit if you're worried about spoilers? That's what I usually do for story based games that they quicklook.

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@Winsord said:

Most of the reason I'm excited for this game is the story, so after skipping around a little in the Quick Look, it seems like this is a video I'll have to come back to.

Yeah, I shouldn't have watched it either, they basically show the first 20 minutes :(

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Ahh, I want to watch this but I'm not up to where he is yet!

edit: Oh wait, that was the opening cut scene. I'm good!

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is that apple pie?

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Yeah Vinny.....Rouge Galaxy!! After playing the demo for Nino i was unimpressed, but after watching this QL im definitively more excited to play this

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@Heartagram: Good thinking..I put the breaks on about ten seconds in to do just that.
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Glad to see it's not a typical weeaboo-shit cash-in. I was worried. The style and general atmosphere actually reminds me quite a lot of Dragon Quest VIII, which was one of my favorite games on the PS2; with an SMT like system of monster companions. I'm not a huge fan of "active" battle systems though, although I did enjoy it in FF12, which is what the combat in this game looks the most like. I haven't bought an RPG on a console in quite a while, so I may end up picking this up.

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I wish the whole game was cell shaded, and not just the characters/enemies.

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god damn this makes me want to buy a ps3. probably wait till the ps4 announcement- i'm stupidly optimistic that they're going to announce emulation of their back catalogue via gaikai.

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My brother just bought this a few hours ago. Furthermore, from the first time I saw the word 'Ghibli' I pronounced it as gib-lee, not jib-lee. Whenever I hear anyone say jib, I just think it's weird, but since I've never heard anyone say it's one way or the other, I can't complain, but I like that there's some small debate over it, if that's what you can call it. Oh, I should also say that I was also conflicted, between the two pronunciations, though I've always ended up wanting to say gib instead of jib. Everything they've been talking about from the beginning to about 15 minutes in is exactly what I've thought for the time I was watching my brother play the game. That cloak is red, not pink...

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Want to watch this, but my copy just arrived a little bit ago and don't want to spoil anything. Hopefully when I watch this I'll be past the part that they go through.

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Two minutes in and Vinny has me dying already, God bless our lord and savior Vinny.

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I aint got no PS3

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This is the first game I've taken slowly since the first Mass Effect. There's just too much in that book!

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I encompass what I Eclipse....Fuckers!

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Japanese Europe is my favorite kind of Europe.

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Ah nothing like a bit of the old country


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"She totally dies. You... you wanna see it?"

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And I just ran out of content to watch.

Looking forward to this game eventually.

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I hope this is good, which judging by reviews, it is.

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In Full Metal Alchemist, Ed and Al tried to bring their mother back and it backfires, but it's never quite clear if it was their mother that came back or just a mass of bloody flesh. Pretty nasty either way.

EDIT: Damn, what with the whole souls concept and two worlds and stuff, there are some parallels between this and FMA.

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Hell yeah Vinny!!! Original Japanese or BUST!!!!

Also kind of rubs me the wrong way this game is getting a ton of attention for the graphical style when the Naruto: Ninja Storm games have been doing it and doing it better for a while now.

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@Flappy said:

Brad is a Dub-Lover? More power to ya! Unless it's horrible, it's A-Okay with me.

As long as they hire talented voice actors (as opposed to trying to float on the fame of 'actors'), modern dubs tend to turn out well.

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There's a small part of me ever hopeful that one of these JRPG's are gonna turn into another endurance run.

But whoooo knows...

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Mom dies, eh? Thanks for lettin' us know Brad.

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Apparently Level 5 has never made a game for the PC, in the over 20 years they've existed. :(

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Combat is ripped straight out of Final Fantasy XII

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@IronScimitar said:

Mom dies, eh? Thanks for lettin' us know Brad.

That's the entire plot of the game. It's not some huge reveal.