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no time to finish typing a commen

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Is this video long enough or will there be NO TIME TO EXPLAIN?

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Funny game but a game ending bug ruined the experience for me.

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29 minutes and 20 seconds to explain.

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Vinny, alright I'm in.

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I_smell an interesting quicklook coming in from the west.

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Justin Timerlake would beg to differ.

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Holy shit . You've outdone yourself here.

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Not fun.

Not fun.

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This is awesome. Also, I love the dance animation on top of the exploding laser jetpack.

Also, I love how every single one of Vinny's grunts comes straight out of a Quake II soundpack.

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lmao, vinny is awesome.

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Wasn't this game made by someone from the forums?

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Flash games, pshaw.

HTML5, haven't you heard?

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30 seconds into this I realized why Vinny should be in every Quicklook.

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Who's gonna post that NASA Vinny gif?

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I love Vinny's video producer skills, but I'm also bummed he doesn't have enough time to be in every Quick Look. This was a great watch.

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Aw man, they must have recorded this yesterday, so we all missed Patrick's birthday.

Happy late birthday, @patrickklepek !!

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Patrick and Vinny make an awesome quicklook team.

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awesome quick look. thanks, patrick and vinny !

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This game is perfect for Patrick and Vinny

great Quick Look

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18:20 is the best part

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Wow. This was a really fun Quicklook!

Reminded me of Brad freaking out in Super Meat Boy´s harder levels. Great fun to watch!

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Vinny & this game look delightfully hysterical together. Definitely sold on getting this game.

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omg hearing Vinny say "fFFUCK YOU!" near the 17min mark was hilarious!

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Early contender for quick look of the year?

EDIT: @SimplyCheese:

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Ok, this QL was awesome!

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Happy birthday Patrick!

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That had to be one of my favorite Quick Looks of all time. I supported this game back in it's Kickstarter days and I am very glad that I did. Thanks Patrick and Vinny for an entertaining half hour!

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@joshthebear said:

Early contender for quick look of the year?

EDIT: @SimplyCheese:

Vinny is a go?! YEEEEAH

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This looks like so much goddamn fun.

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The couple of reviews that are out for this game are really bad, just a warning.

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Damn I have no time to type down what I wanted to say about this game.

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Any quick look that makes me laugh out loud is A OK in my book.

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I bet that ugly guy is a developer.

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Every game needs a Dance button

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So far, this is the funniest Quick Look of 2013.

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Pretty cool music!

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Patrick talking all this crap to Vinny is why he broke his collarbone.


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I remember why I hated the flash version of this game and it seems like the full retail game is no different: there doesn't seem to be consistent momentum. Hence all the frustration.

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lol this game looks really interesting^^

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At 9:55 Patrick comments on the good music, and I immediately noticed the melody for the level was from Top Gear on the SNES. Huh.

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No Time to Explain taught me what playing Super Meat Boy must be like for people who really, really hate Super Meat Boy. Thank you, No Time to Explain. But also screw you.

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everything about the game itself seems randumb. patrick and vinny are what's good about this video

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There's no part of me that doesn't want to see Breaking Vinny: No Time To Explain.

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@Kyodra: THANK YOU!!! That was driving me crazy trying to think of what it was. Love that music!

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Patrick quick looks are always the best, but with Vinny in the mix? AMAZING!

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Great job Patrick and Vinny!!!!

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Best quick look in a while, and this game looks amazing!

Also bonus points for being a Breaking Vinny.

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Okay, you had me at the dancing with Fox hat.