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that was hilarious, haven't laughed so hard! good vid but what is the game about? what do you do?

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So this is still, by FAR, the best video on the internet.

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Amazing! I'm getting this now!

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That... What... I don't even...

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That game looks so... WRONG.... :P

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Dude, YES! YES!!

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This is still EPIC

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.....DAM! This is......unspeakable. This and dragonball evolution are battling for the best-thing-ever award.

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I agree whole-heartedly with PlasmaBeam44.
"It's like a crackhead's version of Snake."

One of the best quicklooks ever.

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He's flippin' out. IM FLIPPIN' OUT!

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wow that game looks nuts 

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"There's no escape!" and "I wanna CHOKE 'EM" are probably in the top 10 funniest quick look lines ever.

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This continues to be my favorite Quick Look in history.

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this is the best QL ever.

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LoL favorite Quicklook by far!

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my mind was hurting watching that video
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Easily the best quick look in history.

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An amzing quick look! Definatly the on of the best I've seen, if not the best. 
"Hit the pacman pacman button! HIT THE PACMAN PACMAN BUTTON!" 
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Man i wish I has a PS3 just for this game

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legendary quick look.

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holy shit.

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I love this game, it's probably the PSN game I've played the longest.

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YES, I just stumbled this!

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Reminds me of LSD for PSX

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Haha i laughed so hard. "HOLD PACMAN PACMAN!"

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oh god what the hell is happening.

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Can't tell you how many times I wanted to phone in on this QL, and say CLICK BOTH ANALOG STICKS! lol
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Must be one of the best--if not the best--Quick Look ever.
Laughed so hard I cried! Even now, more than a year later, still cracks me up. I miss the old Ryan and Jeff Quick Looks, but I guess those two already spend a lot of time talking to each other while carpooling, it must be nice to mix things up at the office.

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This might be the most entertaining thing ever made.

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@TaoistToast said:
" This might be the most entertaining thing ever made. "
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Yep, it's still good

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Yep. Still awesome!

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"This will continue on forever, if you let it." 
-Strong Bad

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I totally missed this Quick Look at some point. I am so glad I found it.

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Some things never stop being awesome. 

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This was boring

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great quick look

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Two years since my favorite quick look. Time is a crazy thing. 

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I don't know what the fuck is going on. But I'm laughing too hard to care.

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I wish this never ended.

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hilarious, i saw a youtube vid with clips of this. I just had to watch the whole thing again.

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@super2j: Same here, ha ha ha! This Quick Look needs more views, it's a classic from beginning to end.
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We just reached Saturn by the way. I mean in this game. You're meant to stretch collectively...to reach planets.

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This is still my favorite quick look on the site.