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@triple07 said:
" Yay Vinny and Jeff quick look! "

Objection! It's Vinny and Ryan, not Vinny and Jeff.
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Yay Vinny and Ryan quick look!

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I have no objection to this QL

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PW is one of my favorite series of all time.

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A port of a DS game that was a port of a GBA game. This seems like it could be done well, but was very lazily executed. I guess if you don't have a DS it's better than nothing, but GBA graphics weren't meant to be seen on a high def screen.
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Slow quick look, might be good if you wanna go to sleep.

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One of the games that makes me wish I had a Wii.
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I loooove these games so much!

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What a fantastic way to enhance a Tuesday.

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I find myself guilty of watching this quicklook

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If I were a Japanophile, I would be simply ecstatic right now.

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Ah, the music is so good in this game.

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I want this for the PSP!

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Man Phoenix Wright is so awesome. Though I'd prefer to still play it on the DS. Shouting OBJECTION into the DS mic is far superior to the Wii-mote pointing.

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Still waiting for The 40th Day quick look...if there is one....

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Bah. This game could have been so much better, but it's a lame copy/paste job of the DS version.

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@Daryl said:
" 8 "
When I first saw this, you were the 8th comment counting from the top and from the bottom. 
You sir, have won.
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They talk about what Phoenix Wright would sound like if he had voice acting and whenever I imagine it, I always picture Phoenix having the same voice as Yosuke from Persona 4. :)

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Oh no, I got the duder of death!

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Woo! More AA lovin'. <3

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I love Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban, but not for the Wii. 
Much like the Trauma Center series, I love the series but find it far superior on the DS.

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I bet Phoenix Wright sounds like Nolan North...

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Still my favorite series on the DS.  Not sure how much I like how they are handling it selling each individual episode (5th episode no longer available?!). They are pretty cheap on the DS as you can find them for 15$ or less if you look hard enough, so I'm not sure I'd want them in this format depending on the cost. Watching quick look now.

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When they picked the passport for the final evidence in my head I was thinking god how could they be so stupid hah. I was so sure that the power outage made the clock run slow, but now I realize that makes no sense :P.

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well I have to say it I would love to see those guys play more of that,

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i LOVE Phoenix Wright! But this belongs on DS... and should stay there.

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Do the Bombers know that Phoenix's voice is Ben Judd?

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fantastic game.

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I loved those sudden "camera" changes... They were so dramatic.
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How awesome would it be if Ryan and Vinny could do an endurance run of all the phoenix wright games?

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Gotta love that music!

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Smell this passport.

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I already own the first three games on DS so no thanks.

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Vinny is damn disgusting lmao

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I've never come across a PW game before, as I've never been a Nintendo dude, but I really really really want to  now :(

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Love these games.

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I would pay money to watch Ryan and Vinny QL the Furio Tigre case in Tribulations.  That dude is one mean fucker.
@Zaapp1 said:

" I bet Phoenix Wright sounds like Nolan North... "
Actually he sounds like Ben Judd because it is Ben Judd. :)
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 I appreciate  the craziness that is Phoenix Wright but I don't have the patience to read through all that text.

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@Brackynews: Just logged in to say that ;) Ben Judd = Phoenix Wright. I love that fact. He will live on forever!
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one of the most entertaining QLs in a long time. When Mia butted in when all, hope was lost, i laughed so hard!

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@DrHorrible256 said:
" i LOVE Phoenix Wright! But this belongs on DS... and should stay there. "
No, this belongs on the GBA and should stay there.
That's what it was originally released on back in 2001 after all.
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So many good memories. I'm sure this will get said a billion times but this would make a fun endurance run.

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@Ninja said:
" @triple07 said:
" Yay Vinny and Jeff quick look! "
Objection! It's Vinny and Ryan, not Vinny and Jeff. "
Hold it! That's not thematically consistent! Neither is it alphabetically correct in order!
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Phoenix Wright endurance run!

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i really need to get these games on DS

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Ryan-Vinny Quick Looks are the best.

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Lmao, anime games always make for the funniest quick looks. Vinny's mocking speciality.