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Holy god, NEVER AGAIN!!!!
@ Jade, sry dude  :-/

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I hope this game is good, i loved the other prince of persia games

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I've been looking forward to seeing what this game is like. I just doubt it's gonna give me the same awesome feeling that "The Sands of Time" did :(

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I just wish they would have made a sequel to the 2008 PoP.

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His face....

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@CyleMoore:  Yeah, I actually liked that game too.
Although this looks ok.. I guess.
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Lets see see if this is any good.

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Me want RDR QL!

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@jadeskye said:
" yes "
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The voice actor for the prince is Yuri Lowenthall i think.
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Sweet. I'm looking forward to seeing this.

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jesus brad sucks, this game sud cost 10 bux

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I'm impressed by the camera as he was jumping across the cages. Functional enough to see where you are going, but conveying a feeling of being high up.

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Looks very rushed :(

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at least i made it onto the first 2 pages

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That "You're using the water power!" effect seems a bit OTT.

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This quicklook has spiked my intrigue in this game. At least it seems more like the sands of time. I am now more interested in playing it. Adding to my Gamefly que.
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It does look rushed. Some of the moves feel too quick and not completely animated. Just don't know.

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I'd have rather seen the continuation of PoP 2008, it had a much more interesting look than anything I've seen in this game.

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I don't why ubisoft changes the prince's face every game... the games looks like it's better than the 2008 game so I'm still hoping...
And this game has different environments, it's not only brown so shut up haters. Sequel to the 2008 game.... hell no! 
By quality...
1. Warrior With
2. Sands of Time
3. Two Thrones
4. PoP(2008)

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already sick of the water mechanic.

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Huge Prince of Persia fan. I'm REALLY excited about this game.

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Nice, getting it!

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Cool, was waiting for this Quick Look!

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This just sucks, I mean, he doesn't look like the Prince from either PoP series and not even like Gyllenhaal
And also, I don't really care about this, I am a huge fan of both PoP series, the new and old, but I would much rather have a sequel for PoP 2008, the artstyle and gameplay in that was awesome, I loved it
The sands of time TRILOGY is done, just leave it alone Ubisoft
EDIT: Well it's cool that they atleast bothered to get the old voice actor back, he's good

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@Robitt said:
" @CyleMoore:  Yeah, I actually liked that game too.  Although this looks ok.. I guess. "
Thirded. I'm really hoping they'll make a sequel.
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Weird, I thought this shit was Wii exclusive.
Also, Mr. Davis completely nailed it: "Because of colonialism, let's be honest."

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That water bends all sorts of funny.

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dont like how there is water poring but its going nowhere it just evaporates??? only liked the 2008 PoP though so don't think i will get this...

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The animation and menus feel a lot like the Nolan North Prince of Persia game. I imagine it must be the same engine, since I remember hearing it was a lot of the same team on this one.

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@EpicBenjamin:  Yes it is Yuri Lowenthall. He also voiced Yosuke Hanamura.
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Nah, PoP '08 doesn't need a true sequel, because the ending was perfect.  The art style of '08 was incredible though, and this seems... not so incredible.


This game just looks.... Bleh.

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his face is HORRIBLE
anyway where's my sequel to PoP 2008 dammit

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At 7:15am May 18th 2010 - Brad flubs a jump on purpous

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Wow, does this look unappealing, especially after how gorgeous POP2008 was. It almost looks like a fan-made sequel to SoT. And, the quicklook makes it seem like the only new mechanic is the water-platforms, which just seem really gimmicky. No thank you.

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@lolak47 said:
" jesus brad sucks, this game sud cost 10 bux "
So says Mr. Stewart.
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Prince of Persia: Gaiden
Because why the fuck not.

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Looks like more Sands of Time, which is always a good thing.   
Will probably end up getting the Wii version though, since the PC version is my only other option and that has Ubisoft's ridiculous DRM attached.  My connection isn't quite stable enough for that nonsense.  

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I am ok with the bad water effects for gameplay reasons, but I HATE the slight wall run after landing on the wall. It was in PoP 2008, but even then, it didn't feel great. In this game, with no claw hand, it just seems way out of place and very unintuitive.  
Combat looks cool, but I wish time mechanics were used more.

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I expected this to be some cheap movie tie in but it actually looks pretty cool. I liked Sands of Time a lot so this intrigues me.

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This game looks so dull, I really hope they go back to the reboot.... sure it wasn't perfect but at least it wasn't generic.

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Looks ho-hum compared to the last PoP games and if Brad had only seen that environment and gameplay for 4 hours, I would be a fair bit annoyed too. The movie license has hurt the development and sucked the life out of the game. Not sure why they went backwards, the 2008 version wasn't perfect by any means but it had spirit and momentum.
SMG has so much variety in 20 minutes, it would never get stuck in the same situation because it knows the gamer would get bored. More importantly, they know they can do far more. It's the same platform logic but with a much greater respect for the player, sense of humour and intelligence. 
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Is the combat well represented in this video? I remember in the past PoP games in the Sands of Time universe, the combat seemed far more acrobatic with aerial moves and such, where this seems to be a lot of just hack and slash on the ground with a couple special moves.
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looks like a good pop game to me