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I feel like Vinny's counter-attacking tactics were spot-on in the first half, it was just they struggled in the final-third.

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That "Holy Shit!" took me back in time to the year of UT2K4. Couldn't have sounded better! Great QL otherwise as well, just like with previous sports game as of late, even if I don't care for the genre enough to ever play those games myself.

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No there are almost none real teams or real players in PES. If you played FIFA, you might actually enjoy football ;-)

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All of the sacred trappings of the Meso-American ballgame have clearly transferred over to soccer.

To play a game without fully understanding it, or even to talk lightly about the sport in jest is condemned as blasphemy. I know those are only the zealots, but when that select few are holding torches and "protest" their team's loss or an official's call, the results are only rarely hilarious...

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Michael Richards: No-one would make this name up!

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that MISS....

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Pleeeeaaase do a FIFA 13 Quick Look!

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This is like watching a child with a condom. Clueless. And fucking hilarious being im from the uk. We need more foreign to the USA sport quick looks :D

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That was fucking fantastic. Please do more!

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When he field goal kicked that ball with no goal tender present was so goddamn funny.

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I bought PES 2013 because of this quicklook. Did you know that buying a digital version of this game is unnecessarily difficult? It's not on steam so that made it hard enough, haha, but seriously, I only found where to buy it because I scoured various PES forums and someone had posted a link to some site that I had never heard of that offered it digitally. Then the buying process was bizarre in that they have to validate each order before they'll send you your activation key (apparently to prevent fraud) , a process which they say can take up to 8 hours (apparently it used to be 12 hours). Mine took around 21 hours, but I got it, it works and everything turned out to be legit. Honestly, you'd think that Konami doesn't want people buying their damn game.

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Eeek, three red cards for Jeff, not good

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"Wow, that's a lot of balls." - Vinny (2012)

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Your lack of knowledge of the futebol rules is hilarious

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Jeff would pick Manchester City as his team.

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In hindsight this Quick Look needed a lot more Vangelis