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Posted by HawkSE

I'm interested in seeing this...there's just something about this game that DOESN'T make me want it. Maybe it's all the NYC games I have: GTA IV (I know, LIberty City, but still), Spidey Web of Shadows and Ghostbusters upcoming. Having Prototype and all these NYC's will be a bit much. I'm hoping the Quick Look will change my mind.

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@HawkxSx: Depends which portion of the game they show, as there are parts of it where you are without some abilities and that wouldn't make you want to buy it.

I picked it up today though and it's brilliant fun, so I hope it sways you.

I hope they enjoy it too, should make for a good QL.
Posted by Daanienator

Is there a QL with Brad where he doesn't die?

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Posted by HairyMike87

I love this game!

Posted by GamingReligion

I enjoyed this game while it lasted. But then I discovered you could murder zombies with helicopter blades. Then... well, it was nothing other than true love.

Posted by Reynx

Damn, I'm torn. I need cash to buy all these games...

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Alex pulled a Brad.

"i'm just taking him into me"
"absorbing his biomass"

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Brad pulling a brad.

Posted by Brackynews
@Daanienator said:
" Is there a QL with Brad where he doesn't die? "
Oh hell no.
It's getting to the point where I cheer when Brad's player dies. :-D  It's part of a nutritious quick look!
And the more the merrier.  <3 Brad
Posted by eternaLightness

lol Brad stop dying xD

Posted by babblinmule

Probably the best sandbox game ive ever played. Found it a little funny that Im about 20 hours into the game so far, and have died twice. Whereas Brad managed to die twice in 4 minutes - made me chuckle.

Posted by Cuddy

Nice quicklook ;) i think this game is more interessting to me then infamous was... i tried to like that game... but it just aint feeling it... no idea why. its a good game.

Posted by Hector

I just started playing this game a few minutes ago too. Haha!

Posted by Daz0608

Well it wouldn't be a proper Quick Look with out Brad dying

Posted by Scarabus

Gawd damned helicopters!

Posted by Danyal

is there a discussion topic somewhere about who would win in a fight, the Infamous guy or the Prototype guy?

Posted by Dudacles

While the reviews put me off a bit, this QL made me want Prototype all over again. I'm picking that up ASAP.

Posted by MeierTheRed

The game world looks very bland, boring and lifeless

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Posted by zityz

He should have shown the ability to elbow drop a tank. or have spike come out of the ground and stab dudes vemon style.
fun game.

Posted by Pictoben

At present I've only watched a minute or so of the video, but:

Having heard a little about the game from guys at work: "I took out a tank with my fists", "I flying kicked a helecopter out of the air", I was asking them if the game was called [PROTOTYPE] because they didn't get the licencing approved to call it CHUCK NORRIS.

Anyone else?

Posted by TMThomsen

No quicklook without Brad dying :P

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@Daz0608 said:
" Well it wouldn't be a proper Quick Look with out Brad dying "
That's all I really wanted to say here lol
Posted by PosableActionFigure

Mad Brads were pulled in this QL

Posted by FlappyHands

Hey this looks neat... I need to get this and Infamous, now.

Posted by LGJ

this is the most awesoome game ever got it,complete it. awwsome!!!

Posted by Death_Burnout

I honestly dont know which one to choose...if not both...but i dunno if i can play 2 games like this at the same time, i think i have to side with this one though simply because it has more of an end-game.
Posted by Steve_C

It might be some mindless fun when actually playing it, but from just looking at it, everything seems really unsatisfying. I still need to pick up infamous though, but if i find this cheap in the future i may be inclined to try it out.

Posted by EgoCheck616

Have really been enjoying Prototype since the day after launch. Would have picked it up Day 1 but the entire mall had a power outage.
Out of the entire game. All of it. I only have two problems. The shooting mechanics are terrible, luckily there is next to no reason to use a gun. And those stupid "follow the marker" side missions. Those things can be a major pain.

Posted by Moeez

This QL has me SOLD on Prototype, WANT! 

Posted by Sarumarine

Start to Brad: 3:13 ...

Heh heh, okay. Sorry, I couldn't resist. But there's a ton of crap going on, plus holding a conversation. It doesn't look easy at all. Although it's funny all the parallells you can draw between Infamous and Prototype, even with all the differences between them.

Posted by Pibo47

LMAO!!! Taking him into me...brad makes me lol.

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Prototype Platforming = Complete Win

Prototype Combat = Complete Failure

From what I've seen, the only aspect of Prototype that beats out inFAMOUS is jumping around on buildings and flying, you know, the platforming parts.

Posted by VoodooConcept

haha, every quick look brad has done he has died.

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Cant wait to play this game!

Posted by Kazona

Poor Brad, always being laughed at when he dies in a game.

Ha Ha :P

Posted by spiceninja

Lol, Brad pulled a Brad. I love you.

Posted by Aeterna

It's also out on PC dudes. There's more than 360/PS3.

Posted by spiceninja

10 hours in the game and I never noticed that Hollywood Video there.

Posted by SenatorSpacer

Hella' awesome, totally buying this game.

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Dead three minutes and ten seconds into a Quick Look, Brad? Isn't that some kind of record? lol.

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so prototype, the word itself, has nothing to do with the game at all? thats fucktarded. 

game looks pretty fun though. 


this looks like it should have just been a Hulk sequel. 
Posted by chilipeppersman
@pornstorestiffi said:
" The game world looks very bland, boring and lifeless "
thats true, but its because it never changes. the gameplay  iteself looksl like a raunchy good time
Posted by Lazyaza
Man nothing about this game makes me want to buy it, I love the concept but just like Infamous it looks so freaking boring, still I haven't played it yet, is their a demo out?
Posted by ahoodedfigure

Pro Tip:

If you find yourself in a sandbox universe, enter a building IMMEDIATELY.  Otherwise, you WILL be murdered.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Looks like fun, even if the world looks a  bit bland. The bloody action is enough for me to play it.

Posted by ZoRzEr

Just bought this off steam. can't wait